Point Races Intensify

Authored by Larry Jewett on January 28, 2019


Stadium Championship Series 1

Off this week

Next Stop: Tampa, FL Feb. 2

Stadium Championship Series 2

A year ago, Adam Anderson (Grave Digger®) came to Houston with a series points lead but lost that lead due to mechanical issues. Things are different this year as Anderson captured his second straight Racing win and backed it up with a Freestyle victory to take the series lead by six points over Neil Elliott (Max-DTM). Elliott nabbed a 2-Wheel Skills Challenge to keep things interesting.

Next Stop: Anaheim, CA Feb. 9-10

Stadium Championship Series 3

Jon Zimmer (DragonTM Ice) ran his consecutive race win streak to 15, falling in the final round to Grave Digger’s Charlie Pauken. In 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, Team Fire scored another win as Cory Rummell (Megalodon® Fire) prevailed for the second week in a row. A new name was added to the winner’s list in Freestyle when Cole Venard (The Black Pearl) came out on top.

Next Stop: Anaheim, CA Feb. 2

Triple Threat Series West

Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger) swept the four Freestyles and captured three Event Championships in Spokane. Menninga was not able to secure a donut win on the weekend as Tony Ochs in Soldier Fortune Black Ops took a pair. Colton Eichelberger (Max-D) captured two Racing wins and came home first on two occasions in the Speedster Obstacle Course.

Next Stop: Fargo, ND Feb. 1-2

Triple Threat Series Central

The easternmost appearance of the series took shape in Newark, NJ and four different athletes each secured an Event Championship. Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) swept the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge. Coty Saucier (Monster Energy®) won three Racing titles on the weekend while also grabbing victories in Speedster Obstacle Course and Freestyle.

Next Stop: Charleston, WV Feb. 1-2

Triple Threat Series East

Tristan England (EarthShaker®) won three Racing contests and three 2-Wheel Skills Challenges to bolster a solid weekend. Blake Granger (Max-D) rebounded from being shut out last weekend by sweeping ATV racing and claiming two Event Championships, holding onto the series lead through four weeks of competition. Four different athletes won Speedster Obstacle Course competition.

Next Stop: Providence, RI Feb. 1-3

Arena Championship Series

Randy Brown (Grave Digger) is holding on to the series point lead after a visit to the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C.  Brown was a two-time winner in 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and Donuts. Kaylyn Migues (Monster Mutt® Dalmatian) recorded her first Event Championship while also claiming her initial Freestyle title. Devin Jones (Barbarian) tripped the timer as fastest in two competitions to win Racing.

Next Stop: Florence, SC Feb. 2-3