Point Races Heat Up

Authored by Larry Jewett on February 4, 2019


Stadium Championship Series 1

Several competitors are poised to make a big move as the Stadium Championship Series 1 leaves Tampa with four drivers within 10 points of the lead. Justin Sipes (Megalodon®), who won the 2-Wheel Skills ChallengeTM, still holds the point lead. Cameron Murphy (Bakugan DragonoidTM) gained a second Racing win on the year. Cynthia Gauthier (Monster Mutt® Dalmatian Ice) won her second Freestyle of 2019.

Next Stop: Indianapolis, IN Feb. 9-10

Stadium Championship Series 2

Did Not Compete

Next Stop: Anaheim, CA Feb. 9-10

Stadium Championship Series 3

Cole Venard (Black Pearl) collected the Freestyle win in Anaheim to give him a second consecutive victory in that competition. Mike Vaters II (Overkill Evolution) rebounded from mechanical issues last weekend to claim his first Stadium Racing title since winning the Monster Jam World Finals XV Racing championship in 2014. Cory Rummell (Megalodon Fire) notched his first career Event Championship while Todd LeDuc (Monster Energy®) retained the series point lead.

Next Stop: Houston, TX Feb. 9-10

Triple Threat Series West

Tony Ochs (Soldier Fortune Black OpsTM) recorded his first Event Championship of the year, winning the Friday night event in chilly Fargo. Ochs also scored the Racing win en route to the honor. Austin Minton (Megalodon) was a Racing winner and added a Speedster Obstacle Course victory. Colton Eichelberger (Max-DTM) and point leader Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger®) split the Freestyle titles.

Next Stop: Denver, CO Feb. 8-10

Triple Threat Series Central

Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) swept the Event Championships, 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and Freestyle action in Charleston, WV. Kayla Blood (Soldier FortuneTM) won three times on the weekend. Justin Hicks (Pirate’s CurseTM) captured his first Racing win.

Next Stop: Pittsburgh, PA Feb. 8-10

Triple Threat Series East

Tristan England (EarthShaker®) made big strides in his quest to return to Monster Jam World Finals as a Triple Threat Series Champion. England picked up three of the four Event Championships in Providence, sweeping the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and adding three Donut wins. Blake Granger (Max-D) was unstoppable in ATV action and also added three Freestyle wins to hold onto the point lead.

Next Stop: Greenville, SC Feb. 8-9

Arena Championship Series

Only three points separates the top two athletes after the series made a visit to Florence, SC. Zane Rettew (Stinger Unleashed) recorded a big jump in pursuit of Randy Brown (Grave Digger). While Rettew swept Event Championships, 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and Freestyle, Brown was shut out from claiming a single win. Racing was a Migues family show with Darren (DragonTM) winning two while daughter Kaylyn (Monster Mutt Dalmatian) won Racing in the weekend’s first event. Lindsey Rettew (Pretty Wicked) added her first career Monster Jam win with a Donut title.

Next Stop: Tupelo, MS Feb. 8-9

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