Monster Jump Live - Success!

Authored by Larry Jewett on May 28, 2019


Viewers of the season finale of the Discovery Channel series Diesel Brothers were holding their breath as Heavy D took the BroDozer Monster Jam truck into the Utah sky to jump over a flying airplane. The event aired live on May 27.

Months of preparation and planning went into the event, which populated a special two-hour episode. Prior to the BroDozer jump, Todd LeDuc completed a forward momentum backflip to start the spectacle. Tanner Godfrey, who is semi-paralyzed, hurtled a UTV through the air for a 240-foot jump, which eclipsed the old record by 17 feet.

When the time arrived for Heavy D to make his attempt, developing head winds became a cause for concern. When conditions became more favorable, the decision was made to begin and pilot Anthony Oshinuga prepared to fly through the stunt zone.

With millions watching on Discovery and hundreds of special guests on site, Heavy D and Oshinuga began their course that would lead them to successful completion of the exciting event. The BroDozer passed over the flying aircraft, providing an exciting first successful jump over a flying airplane.

The event was held at Wendover Airfield near the Nevada border. This historic location served a significant role in World War II history as the home of the Enola Gay, which was used to drop atomic bombs during the conflict. The base serves as a museum and preservation site for World War II. The Diesel Brothers chose the decommissioned base for the Memorial Day event as a tribute to the brave men and women who serve in our military.

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