Monster Jam World Finals XIX Freestyle Odds

Authored by Admin on March 22, 2018


The spectacular will become the norm on Saturday March 24 during Monster Jam World Finals XIX® Freestyle. It will truly be unexpected, unscripted, and unforgettable. Setting the odds for this wide-open competition is based on previous World Finals success, 2018 performances, and, frankly, playing a hunch or two.

Combining those factors puts a pair of Max-D superstars at the top of this list. What would be a better way to celebrate the truck’s 15th anniversary than with Tom Meents and Neil Elliott doing what they do best, thrilling Monster Jam fans with unbelievable freestyle performances? Meents has won this competition more than anyone in history and Elliott has been oh so close, including his runner-up finish a year ago. And rising Max-D athlete Colton Eichelberger can make a big splash here as well.

Noteworthy among others listed near the top here: Scott Buetow in Team Hot Wheels Firestorm is another who consistently wows the crowd and finishes near the top; Grave Digger’s Tyler Menninga is a social media mega-star with his amazing arena moves, and combining those with some big stadium stunts could propel him to the top; morning line racing favorite Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger has the best shot to pull off the ultimate double down; and defending champ Lee O’Donnell in VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist figures to try to make more history.

As always, these odds are not meant to be predictions of a truly unpredictable competition. This is an event where any one of the 32 that take the track has a chance to win.

Here are the numbers heading into the freestyle portion of Monster Jam World Finals XIX. As always, they are presented “for recreational purposes only”.

ODDS    ATHLETE                               TRUCK                 

7-5          Tom Meents                      Max-D

8-5          Neil Elliott                            Max-D

9-5          Scott Buetow                     Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

2-1          Tyler Menninga                Grave Digger

5-2          Ryan Anderson                 Son-uva Digger

3-1          Lee O’Donnell                    VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist

7-2          Todd LeDuc                        Mutant

4-1         Adam Anderson                Grave Digger

9-2          Jim Koehler                        Avenger

5-1          Cam McQueen     Northern Nightmare   

7-1          Charlie Pauken                  Grave Digger

8-1          Mike Vaters II             Overkill Evolution

9-1          Morgan Kane                     Grave Digger

10-1       Coty Saucier                       Mutant

12-1       Bryce Kenny                       Great Clips Mohawk Warrior

13-1       Rosalee Ramer                  Wild Flower

14-1       Brianna Mahon                 Whiplash

15-1       Cole Venard                       Black Pearl

16-1       Colton Eichelberger        Max-D

18-1       Linsey Weenk            Lucas Oil Crusader

20-1       Becky McDonough          El Toro Loco

22-1       BJ Johnson               Gas Monkey Garage

23-1       Jon Zimmer                         Dragon

25-1       Jimmy Creten                    Bounty Hunter

28-1       Marc McDonald                FS1 Cleatus

30-1       Candice Jolly                      Monster Mutt Dalmatian

30-1       Bari Musawwir                  Zombie

32-1       Tristan England                 EarthShaker

35-1       Steven Sims                        Scooby-Doo

35-1       Cynthia Gauthier              Monster Mutt

35-1       Justin Sipes                         Megalodon

40-1       Double Down Showdown Winner