Monster Jam World Finals® XVII Competitors Announced

Authored by Admin on March 12, 2016


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Brianna Mahon Driving Madusa™

"Due to my injury, I have chosen Brianna Mahon to once again drive the Madusa Monster Jam truck at Monster Jam World Finals. I am confident that Brianna will impress all of my Pink Warriors!" -- Madusa

"I am honored to be invited back for my second year to the Monster Jam World Finals. It is a great privilege to represent the brand of our only women's champion, Madusa. It's an absolute dream come true to compete against the amazing veterans of our sport and I can't wait to carry on a legacy in which I am proud to accept the torch!" – Brianna Mahon


Coty Saucier Driving Monster Energy™

"I am honored to be representing Monster Energy, alongside my good friend and teammate Damon Bradshaw at this year's Monster Jam World Finals as the 2015 Young Guns Shootout champion. With a combination of a great crew, equipment and confidence, it's no doubt we have double the chances of putting the Monster Energy team in the winner's circle!" -- Coty Saucier


Colton Eichelberger Driving Max-D™

"What an opportunity at only 19 years old! I will remain in relentless pursuit of achieving my goal of winning a Monster Jam World Finals championship! There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes but with a great work ethic, perseverance, high character and a strong faith in God, there are no limits!" -- Colton Eichelberger


Bari Musawwir Driving Zombie™

"This season has been amazing thus far! We did 35 action packed shows in 10 weeks on the new East Coast Monster Jam featuring the AMSOIL Series. I pushed myself to heights that I never thought were possible! I'm thankful and grateful to be invited back to the Monster Jam World Finals, I'm looking forward to seeing the packed house at Sam Boyd Stadium doing the Zombie arm wave!" -- Bari Musawwir


Chad Fortune Driving Soldier Fortune™


Dustin Brown Driving Monster Mutt® Junkyard Dog

"I can't wait to add the Junkyard Dog to the Dog Pound at Monster Jam World Finals this year! I had a great time last year and I'm excited to see the best Monster Jam fans in the world." -- Dustin Brown


Damon Bradshaw Driving Monster Energy™


Linsey Weenk Driving Lucas Oil Crusader™

"My passion for this sport runs deep, so competing and winning at Monster Jam World Finals is priority number one. Less planned and reserved, more audacious and brash" -- Linsey Weenk


Tom Meents Driving Max-D™

"I'm excited about competing in my 17th Monster Jam World Finals this year. I'm looking to bring a stunt to Las Vegas next weekend and you won't want to miss it!" -- Tom Meents


Cole Venard Driving Grave Digger®

"We just won the East Coast Monster Jam featuring the AMSOIL Series tour and now we're on to the big show at Monster Jam World Finals XVII! I have a lot to learn but I am excited and ready to take it on." -- Cole Venard


Morgan Kane Driving Grave Digger®

"Being a two-time Monster Jam featuring the AMSOIL Series champion gives me some great momentum going in to Las Vegas. It feels good to earn my spot in Monster Jam World Finals, once again, and to show that my bid isn't just because of who I am or what truck I drive." -- Morgan Kane


Adam Anderson Driving Grave Digger®

"The only way to cap off the year aside from winning the Monster Jam FS1 Championship Series would be a win in Las Vegas!" -- Adam Anderson


Jim Koehler Driving Avenger™

"It is so awesome to be a part of every Monster Jam World Finals so far and I can't wait to compete against the rest of the Monster Jam trucks! I feel this year I have a great shot at winning this thing. Either way it's going to be exciting! The fans have no idea what's in store for them!" -- Jim Koehler


Mike Vaters Driving Overkill Evolution™

"It's an honor to be invited back to Monster Jam World Finals and to be able to defend my Freestyle Championship. Maybe I'll become a two-time champion this year!" -- Mike Vaters


BJ Johnson Driving Gas Monkey Garage™

"I am honored to race against the best of the best at Monster Jam World Finals. This has been a dream of mine for 16 years. Everyone better bring their "A" game, because now there's a monkey on their backs." -- BJ Johnson


Nicole Johnson Driving Scooby - Doo™

"There is a great movement out there to empower little girls to believe in themselves, which has been propelled by all the supportive Monster Jam fans who have believed in me! It is because of you that I have been given the opportunity to show the world what women can do! Thank you!" -- Nicole Johnson


Neil Elliott Driving FS1 Cleatus™

"I'm excited to be invited back to the Monster Jam World Finals driving the FS1 Cleatus Monster Jam truck as the reigning Monster Jam FS1 Series Champion!" -- Neil Elliott


Chad Tingler Driving Alien Invasion®

"It is awesome to be able to come back to Monster Jam World Finals. I'm excited to be in my own truck and perform for all the great Monster Jam fans! Who's ready for an Alien Invasion?" -- Chad Tingler


Doom's Day™


Charlie Pauken Driving Monster Mutt®

"I am honored to once again drive Monster Mutt in the Monster Jam World Finals and to have the opportunity to repeat my 2010 World Freestyle victory! I am looking forward to seeing all of the die hard Monster Jam fans and doing the Chuckie Dance with all of them as I attempt to teach this dog some new tricks. Look out, this dog is ready to attack!" -- Charlie Pauken


Jimmy Creten Driving Bounty Hunter™

"With everyone being so good now, I don't take being invited to Monster Jam World Finals for granted. Sometimes you have good racing years and sometimes you have good freestyle years. So far, this has been a good freestyle year. The team is excited to be asked to participate in this year's Monster Jam World Finals, and we hope to make it one of our best!" -- Jimmy Creten


Scott Buetow Driving Team Hot Wheels®

"I am stoked to be going back to the Monster Jam World Finals and representing Team Hot Wheels Firestorm this year! I'm excited to see the best fans in the world and ready to make it epic!" -- Scott Buetow


Lee O'Donnell Driving Mad Scientist™

"I can't wait until all the Monster Jam fans get to see our new truck and I'm pretty sure they're going to like what we bring to the Pit Party!" -- Lee O'Donnell


George Balhan Driving Mohawk Warrior®

"Every year, the talent pool gets deeper so as a Monster Jam driver, it's an honor to qualify this early in the season for the most epic motor sports event anyone will ever witness! " -- George Balhan


Marc McDonald Driving El Toro Loco®

"I can't wait to bring it again this year at at Monster Jam World Finals! El Toro Loco and I are in it to win it! Yeehaw" -- Marc McDonald


Candice Jolly Driving Monster Mutt Dalmatian®

"I can't wait to dance in the Monster Mutt Dalmatian fashion show with my Dalmatian nation Monster Jam fans!" -- Candice Jolly


Donald Epidendio Driving Titan®

"Success is no accident. It's hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all; a love for what you're doing. I can't wait to be back at Monster Jam World Finals this year!" -- Donald Epidendio


Cam McQueen Driving Northern Nightmare®

"It's been a great season with consistent wins. The stage is set, the truck is prepped, now it's all up to me. Win, lose or draw I'm ready to throw the dice and go all in!" -- Cam McQueen


Ryan Anderson Driving Son-uva Digger®

"I am ready to throw the dice and bring home a trophy this year! I want to bring home my first Monster Jam World Finals championship this year and I'm ready to crush the other 31 Monster Jam trucks!" -- Ryan Anderson



Todd LeDuc Driving Metal Mulisha™

"It will be tough to be on top this year but I'm going to try my hardest! I'm proud to be going to Monster Jam World Finals again and let's keep the winning streak going. Shawn and I have a mean truck that is ready to show no mercy!"
-- Todd LeDuc



Dennis Anderson Driving Grave Digger®

"After 17 years competing at Monster Jam World Finals, it's always an honor to be a fan favorite and to be invited back to compete every year. I'm ready to take home my fifth world championship!" -- Dennis Anderson