Monster Jam Power Rankings

Authored by Larry Jewett on December 31, 2019


The 2019 season is over. As the world prepares its resolutions about losing weight and exercising, Monster Jam is preparing for the upcoming 2020 season. It will be here in just days.
In 2020, MonsterJam.com will offer weekly Power Rankings. Like other professional sports, the Power Rankings will serve as a barometer of performance throughout the year, leading up to Monster Jam World Finals XXI on May 2-3 in Orlando and beyond.
The rankings are based on a number of factors, including statistical performance at each event. While the competitors are gathering points toward event championships, those points will carry extra weight in consideration of ranking. Strength of competition will also play an important role in a driver’s ranking.
After an exhaustive analysis of the 2019 season, here are the top 10 “Preseason Power Rankings”. Here’s the top 10 for 2019.

10. Heavy D (BroDozer) – In his first full year of competition, Heavy D got off to a quick start with an event championship in Tampa, picking up a couple of event championships along the way. Heavy D also gathered 9 top fives in Freestyle. He qualified for the semi-finals in racing three times. Next event – Tampa, Jan. 11
9. Armando Castro (El Toro Loco) – The reigning Speedster Racing World Champion, Armando closed his season with a visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil and captured a Skills Competition in just his fourth stadium competition. His 2019 season earned him a chance to be a part of the Monster Jam World Finals XX 2 Wheel Skills in addition to Speedster racing. His balanced performance on the Triple Threat Series in 2019 makes him one to watch for 2020. Next event – Birmingham, Jan. 4-5
8. Coty Saucier (Monster Energy) – After spending the early part of the year on the highly competitive Triple Threat Series Central, Coty came on strong in stadium competition during the summer. His wins included a Racing triumph in Foxborough and he closed off his year with a Racing win at the inaugural All-Star Challenge in Las Vegas. His 2020 schedule puts him back on the stadium circuit as part of Stadium Series Yellow. Next event – San Diego, Feb. 1
7. Blake Granger (Max-D) – The World ATV Racing champion had a stellar year on the Triple Threat Series East. Buoyed by his performances in ATV action, Blake also logged an amazing 24 Freestyle wins with 10 second place finishes in just 48 events. In March and April, he won 9 of 12 Freestyles. Next event – Birmingham, Jan. 4-5
6. Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger) – After narrowly missing a Stadium Series championship, Charlie hit the road in May, becoming one of the first winners in Monster Jam’s South Africa debut, picking up a pair of Freestyles for the three-show tour. The success was even greater in Saudi Arabia with two wins and five top three finishes in the six shows. Next event – San Diego, Feb. 1
5. Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) – The former crew chief has made the transition to driver rather nicely. As champion of the Triple Threat Series Central, Brandon got off to a slow start, but really got rolling in February. He recorded nine event championships in 11 shows to move into the lead that he never gave back. Altogether, Brandon had 30 event championships and won 35 2 Wheel Skills competitions. Next event – Salt Lake City, Jan. 3-4
4. Neil Elliott (Max-D) – The undisputed king of the stadium 2 Wheel Skills in 2019, the veteran continued to set the bar high for the competition. He was undefeated on an Anaheim weekend, capturing eight races for two titles. His success was worldwide, winning Racing in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Japan. As always, he is a threat for a point championship and you can expect the same in 2020. Next event – Tampa, Jan. 11
3. Adam Anderson (Grave Digger) – With 56 round wins in Monster Jam, Adam put up a solid year throughout 2019. On two occasions, he managed to take 41 of the available 42 points in a stadium competition. Throw in eight Freestyle wins and it adds up to a good year that sets the stage for his 2020 assault to repeat as a Stadium Series champion. Next event – Anaheim, Jan. 11
2. Tom Meents (Max-D) – The now 12-time World Champion can count a points title to his credit after winning his tour early in 2019. On 14 occasions, he was in the top three in Freestyle. The 2 Wheel Skills was his domain as well, scoring higher than a 9.000 on 15 occasions throughout the year. Next event – San Diego, Feb. 1
1. Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) – A two-time winner in the inaugural All-Star Challenge in October, Ryan narrowly missed claiming a stadium championship to add to his 2017 honors. He led all drivers in 2019 with nine Stadium Freestyle wins and appeared in seven final rounds of racing. His racing included a 14-race win streak in March and April, which included a fill-in role in Grave Digger in Philadelphia. Next event – Tampa, Jan. 11

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