Monster Jam Hall of Fame Class of 2020

Authored by Larry Jewett on January 12, 2020


The inaugural class of the new Monster Jam Hall of Fame was announced at Raymond James Stadium Saturday night (Jan. 11) during the Tampa Monster Jam event.

Four-time World Champion Dennis Anderson and Scott Douglass, the man recognized as “The Voice” of Monster Jam for decades, will be inducted at the Monster Jam awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida on May 1, held in conjunction with Monster Jam World Finals XXI on May 2-3.

Anderson developed the iconic Grave Digger in 1982 and became a fixture on monster truck racing circuits. The familiar paint scheme, transformed from simple lettering on the Grave Digger truck, elevated the perception of the vehicles. Early in his career, Anderson developed a reputation for hard driving with the goal of winning. As Freestyle developed, he became a master performer, thrilling fans with feats no others were willing to try. As Monster Jam moved into the 2000s, Anderson became the first World Freestyle champion.

Retiring from active competition in 2017, Anderson is still a frequent visitor to Monster Jam events. He can be seen supporting his children Adam, Ryan and Krysten as they embark upon their own Monster Jam careers with the hopes of joining their father in the Monster Jam Hall of Fame someday.

Scott Douglass started announcing monster truck events in 1988 while working at Kentucky’s Louisville Speedway. Douglass found out there was a need for announcers at other events and began travelling around the country. As Monster Jam developed, Douglass’s experience allowed him to seize new opportunities including hosting TV broadcasts for nationwide audiences.

Today, Douglass plays an integral role in Casting & Performer Training for Feld Entertainment. With his experience, Douglass is able to provide valuable assistance and guidance to up and coming hosts charged with continuing the legacy of Monster Jam as adrenaline charged family entertainment.

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