Monster Jam in Australia

Authored by Admin on September 23, 2016


For the fourth straight year, Monster Jam® will be entertaining families in Australia. What started as a single show in 2013 has grown to seven events in five cities, filling every Saturday in October this year.El Toro Loco is ready to take on Brisbane on Oct. 1 to start the fourth Australian Monster Jam tour” (Photo courtesy of Brian Welch)

Sydney’s ANZ Stadium has been the focus point, hosting the first competition “Down Under”. A star-studded field introduced new fans to the thrills of competition. Adam Anderson claimed the notoriety of the first racing win with brother Ryan in Son-uva Digger® notching the Freestyle victory.

The tour expanded in 2014, opening in Brisbane for the first time and the first Australian Double Down win was recorded by Marc McDonald.The show moved to a first appearance in Melbourne, where fans were treated to two shows. Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy® captured both racing events with Max-DTM (Tom Meents) and Metal MulishaTM (Todd LeDuc) scoring international Freestyle wins. The Adelaide Oval was transformed to a Monster Jam track for a single event. B.J. Johnson, filling in for Madusa, captured Racing and Todd LeDuc in Metal Mulisha, the reigning world Freestyle champion, became the first two-time winner in Australia’s Monster Jam appearance. A week later, Damon Bradshaw dominated the Sydney competition to end the 2014 run.

Last year, the tour again kicked off in Brisbane where Grave Digger® was victorious for the first time. It was Adam Anderson claiming his second Australian racing win. Not to be outdone, Todd LeDuc in Metal Mulisha claimed another Freestyle win , making this his third Australian title. Melbourne again offered a pair of shows with the seats filled. Parity was obvious as four winners took four competitions – Monster Energy and Grave Digger in Racing, Team Hot WheelsTM Firestorm and Son-uva Digger in Freestyle. Sydney would be stop number three. Ryan Anderson would add a Racing win to his 2013 Sydney Freestyle while Scott Buetow in Team Hot Wheels Firestorm became the first two-time Freestyle winner of the 2015 tour. The final stop saw Monster Jam making a cross-country trip to Western Australia for two shows in Domain Stadium in Perth. Neil Elliott put Max-D in Victory Lane for both Racing competitions with Son-uva Digger claiming both Freestyles.

This year’s tour begins Oct. 1 with a single show in Brisbane. On Oct. 8, the show heads to Melbourne for two shows.Adelaide returns to the schedule on Oct. 15 with a 7 p.m. show. Monster Jam will make its fourth appearance in Sydney on Oct. 22. The tour concludes with a pair of shows in Perth on Oct. 29.