Meents Leads Anderson by 15 points entering Stadium Red Finale

Authored by Monster Jam on April 28, 2022


With two Monster Jam tour championships clinched already in 2022, there are three left to be decided. The closest of which is in Stadium Championship Series Red, where Tom Meents (Max-D) leads Adam Anderson (Grave Digger) by just 15 points with a single event in Salt Lake City on Saturday left to decide it all.

Both Meents and Anderson are expected to have a bye in the first round of racing. Therefore, the championship cannot be decided in racing. However, Anderson could eat into Meents’ points lead, as he has had a better track record in racing this year than the Max-D driver:

  • Anderson has made it to the racing finals 11 times this season, Meents has only made 3
  • Anderson has won racing 8 times this season, Meents has lost all 3 times he made it to the final
  • All three of those losses for Meents came against Anderson
  • Anderson and Meents have raced 10 times overall this season, and Anderson has won every time

However, while things seem to be in Anderson’s favor in racing, Meents has built up his points lead throughout the season in the 2-Wheel Skills and Freestyle competitions.

In the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, Tom Meents has taken eight wins this season to Anderson’s one, and has earned 158 points throughout the season whereas Anderson has only earned 140. Simply put, the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge has made the biggest difference when it comes to Meents having the points lead.

But at the end of the night, it could all come down to Freestyle, and here things are tighter. Meents has taken two Freestyle wins this season, whereas Anderson has only taken one. Meents has earned 119 points throughout the season in Freestyle, whereas Anderson has only earned 107. However, Anderson has also failed to compete in Freestyle four times throughout the 2022 season, and so his scores might have been much higher otherwise. Anderson will need to make sure his Grave Digger truck is able to fire up for Freestyle if he wants to close the night with a victory and steal the automatic bid to Monster Jam World Finals XXI away from Tom Meents in Max-D.

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