Max-D Goes Big at East Rutherford

Authored by Admin on April 27, 2016


When you play on the biggest stages, you need to bring everything you have in your repertoire. In the past, Tom Meents and Max-D have developed some interesting stunts for Monster Jam® fans at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in the shadow of New York City.

Double backflip attempts had ruled the past, but it was time for something new. After a successful jump over five Monster Jam trucks in Las Vegas in March, Meents wanted to go one better.

When the time came about, six Monster Jam trucks rolled to the floor to precise positioning. Max-D made a triumphant procession into the arena as the fans held their collective breaths. When the moment arrived, the 10,000-pound beast was launched into the air amid a fireworks display. The truck hurtled through the night air, passing over the trucks below. As Max-D began to descend, it looked for a minute like it may clip the El Toro Loco™ truck at the end of the line. With inches to spare, Meents landed the truck clear of the obstacle, but that wasn’t the end of the challenge

Bringing a Monster Jam truck from the height and speed necessary to perform these antics required a precise landing. Anything less than perfection would call on the driver ability. The truck began to appear on its way off four wheels, but Meents wrestled it into submission, gaining full control at the end of the landing. The thunderous roar indicated the crowd’s approval.

The obvious question is “what’s next?”. We will know soon.