Join the Judges Zone

Authored by Admin on February 3, 2017


Monster Jam® is now putting the power of competition scoring in YOUR hands.

At each event, fans can join our panel of judges without leaving their seats. This feature is a simple four-step process that allows you to get involved.

  1. Enter www.judgeszone.com on your mobile device (phone, iPad, etc.) Make sure your privacy setting is off.
  2. Enter the three-letter code for your show, provided by the host and video boards.
  3. Use your slider up or down to get your score from 1-10 during the competition
  4. When the Monster Jam truck is done performing, hit “Submit”. You have 30 seconds, so don’t delay.

At the event, listen to the host and watch the video screens for further details. Now, you can be part of the Judges Zone right from your own seat!