It's Not Shark Week Without Megalodon

Authored by Admin on July 25, 2017


This is a good week to be a shark! Shark Week (Discovery) and SharkFest (NatGeo Wild) are attracting viewers, but they have also attracted the attention of Monster Jam’s own Megalodon®.

The respective weeks kicked off Sunday night with Monster Jam’s Megalodon right in the thick of it. Megalodon has taken over the Monster Jam Twitter feed, lurking around for the right time to make comments and stir up the conversation.

So far, the highlights of Shark Week and Shark Fest have been victories for "sharks" in races against swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Big deal! Megalodon has won 72 races in 2017 alone, including two in the Monster Jam World Finals XVIII.

As “Shark Week” and “Shark Fest” continue, expect to see more of Megalodon on Monster Jam social. In the meantime, the Megalodon truck is preparing to take on the world with planned stops in Singapore and Australia this year.

UPDATE: Forecasters are indicating the possibility of a Megalodon Twitter feeding frenzy later in the week. Keep watch at