'I have to be perfect' says Ochs heading into championship finale

Authored by Samuel Reiman on May 5, 2022


Tony Ochs (Soldier Fortune Black Ops) heads into Manchester, NH, this weekend 22 points behind Arena Series Central points leader Krysten Anderson (Grave Digger).

A few things will have to fall his way for Ochs to take the points lead and win the automatic bid to Monster Jam World Finals XXI, but it’s not impossible.

“Last weekend I gained 23 points toward her,” explained Ochs, “coming into the season I thought that I had a pretty good chance for the championship and I knew it would be close between me and Krysten, and it’s turned out that it’s been tight the whole time.”

With shows on Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday in Manchester, both Ochs and Anderson are going to have to do their best to put on great shows for the fans while also making sure they take just enough care of their trucks to make it through the whole weekend.

“My mindset coming into this season was to be consistent and do not beat the truck,” added Ochs, “so put on the best show I could possibly put on without destroying any parts and that’s what Krysten’s doing.

“She is without a doubt, in my opinion, the best female Monster Jam driver there is or was… she came through this whole season without breaking hardly anything on her truck, I think she blew a transmission once and that’s about it. I tell her that I’m proud of her and that’s basically it. If she wins, she wins, and I’m going to congratulate her.”

However, Ochs isn’t going to give in yet. Ochs is a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Army, and he says that experience is helping him control his emotions heading into a weekend that could yield an emotional result.

“I’m a feeling a little anxious I guess would be the good word for it, not so much nervous but anxious. I know I have to be perfect.

“[In the military] it’s engrained into our heads to think more methodically instead of thinking with emotions, so really I try so hard not to let the emotions get the better of me.

“It would mean a lot. Throughout my life, it’s been a lot of adversity and crazy things, really just to be competing in Monster Jam is a feat in itself for me.

“Coming from rural Pennsylvania, not the greatest upbringing, into the military, four combat deployments, a lot of things I’ve seen and done on the way that have led to this point, would really contribute to making the experience of Monster Jam World Finals one of the most special things in my life, besides the birth of my little girls.”

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