Grave Digger Through the Years

Authored by Larry Jewett on September 24, 2019


With a legacy that rises above others, Grave Digger has ascended to a status that has elevated the “Black & Green Wrecking Machine” to the position of the most recognizable truck in Monster Jam history.

The evolution of Grave Digger has been captured in a special edition diecast set from Spin Master, available October 1 exclusively at Target.

The set features five iconic paint schemes that showcase the development of the truck as the sport itself was developing. It starts with the original red Grave Digger from 1982, when owner/driver Dennis Anderson used simple lettering to get the message across. The colors changed in 1984 when the truck known as “The Legend” came into being.

The next change proved to be emblematic as Grave Digger developed the black paint scheme of the truck affectionately called “Grandma” in 1986. The flames and eerie appearance went through subtle changes as the sport approached the 21st century, but through it all, there was no mistaking that this was Grave Digger.

Spin Master’s attention to detail and quality construction gives this set the universal appeal to those who want to enjoy opening the package to play with the toys or to keep the product intact as a collectible. The limited-edition set will be available October 1 for a limited time and only at Target.