Four Chances to Win for Todd LeDuc at World Finals

Authored by Samuel Reiman on May 18, 2022


Todd LeDuc (Blue Thunder) will have four opportunities to add to his tally of Monster Jam World Finals championships this weekend.

The 2014 Freestyle World Champion and 2015 Racing World Champion will be competing in all four competitions this weekend at Monster Jam World Finals XXI. LeDuc enters the event with a lot of momentum after finishing third in Stadium Series Red.

“This year I went into it with the mindset of just like, relax, try your best, see what happens and, if the championship falls in our lap, cool,” explained LeDuc. “But yeah, we ended up finishing third. Tom Meents (Max-D) got first, Adam Anderson (Grave Digger) and then myself. So last year we got second, this year we got third, so that's pretty impressive with three championships, two seconds and a third.”

When it comes to World Finals, however, it’s the top spot that everyone will be vying for. With a history of big jumps in Freestyle and the possibility of rain affecting the Racing, LeDuc has reasons to believe he could add another World Championship to his tally.

“I drive every World Finals like it’s my last,” added LeDuc. “It’s an incredible gift to even be invited and to be in this field with all these competitors. And I’ve had great success here.

“The last time we were here in Orlando, we did the Monster Energy giant jump, and the exact same chassis is under Blue Thunder, so the truck is built to do big jumps, huge air and stuff.

“So hopefully there’s a ramp or something angled where I can hit it with some speed and do another LeDuc leap.

“And an over-under is going to be so sick for Racing, especially if it gets slick.

“I come from off-road truck racing where the tracks are watered heavily for mud and stuff. So those first couple of laps in off-road races are just so slick, you’re drifting, you’re bouncing off each other, you have a very narrow track, same setup here. That’s where I think, you know, the seasoned vets are going to be able to adapt quickly.”

Having started competing in Monster Jam in 2011, LeDuc can be considered a seasoned vet. Blue Thunder was the truck in which LeDuc made his debut, and he’s happy to be back in blue.

“It was thrown to me at the last second to be put in Blue Thunder and the fans dug it right away. It was so cool to hear kids like, ‘that was the very first truck I’ve ever had’ toy-wise, and it was really cool to bring back that legendary name.

“I started my career in Blue Thunder back in 2011 and, to be here now, debuting it again at World Finals, is going to be cool.

“We're competing in four events this year, which is pretty much all of them, so it's going to be a handful, but I'm going to try to just focus on each one of them as I go and hopefully, out of those four events, get a World Championship.”

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