England wins Double Down Showdown

Authored by Admin on March 24, 2017


Under the bright lights of Sam Boyd Stadium this evening, fans were witness to exciting passes down Thunder Alley for both the Double Down Qualifying and Double Down ShowdownTM competitions. Coty Saucier, piloting the Monster Energy Monster Jam® truck, took home the fastest qualifying time and will have the number one seed in tomorrow night's Monster Jam World Finals® racing competition.  He will be pitted against Bryce Kenny and Mohawk Warrior® in the first round. Tristan England and EarthShaker took home the sixth Double Down Showdown and will become the 32nd truck to compete in this weekend's Racing and Freestyle Championships.


"It was a tough competition tonight," said Saucier. "It's an honor to be at Monster Jam World Finals, but I could not do it without this guy here, my Crew Chief. We're excited to go in tomorrow with the number one spot, and I can't wait to get the rest of the weekend under way."


Tonight's Double Down Showdown competition had multiple memorable moments with one coming in the first round of racing between Matt Cody and Matt Pagliarulo. This provided arguably the most excitement of the night with Cody edging out Pagliarulo only to crash across the finish line. The destruction to the truck was too much, and Cody was unable to return for the quarterfinal round. Pagliarulo and Jester moved on in Cody's place, only to be beaten out by Mark List and El Toro Loco.


For the first-time-ever, the final round of Double Down Showdown competition pegged two second-generation Monster Jam drivers, Tristan England in EarthShaker and Eric Swanson in Obsessed, against each other. England would eventually edge out Swanson to the finish line and take home the Double Down Showdown trophy.


"I just want to thank everyone that has come out tonight," said England. "I have to thank my mom, my dad and my family here but especially all of you Monster Jam fans. I'll come out here tomorrow and try my best with all the big boys, but we are laying it down in freestyle on Saturday and that EarthShaker body isn't going to last long."


See Double Down Showdown results here.


Monster Jam World Finals Double Down Racing Qualifying Times

  1. Coty Saucier, Monster Energy - 15.841
  2. Ryan Anderson, Son-uva Digger® - 15.898
  3. Neil Elliott, Max-DTM - 16.201
  4. Adam Anderson, Grave Digger® - 16.236
  5. BJ Johnson, Gas Monkey Garage - 16.336
  6. Colt Stephens, FS1 Cleatus - 16.360
  7. Todd LeDuc, Monster Energy - 16.388
  8. Morgan Kane, Grave Digger - 16.489
  9. Tyler Menninga, Grave Digger - 16.435
  10. Colton Eichelberger, Max-D - 16.483
  11. Jon Zimmer, DragonTM - 16.487
  12. Scott Buetow, Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® - 16.569
  13. Alex Blackwell, MegalodonTM - 16.574
  14. Jim Koehler, Avenger - 16.664
  15. Lee O'Donnell, VP Racing Fuel's Mad Scientist - 16.710
  16. Marc McDonald, El Toro Loco® - 16.716
  17. Randy Brown, Grave Digger - 16.732
  18. Bari Musawwir, Zombie - 16.748
  19. Candice Jolly, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian - 16.764
  20. Matt Buyten, Metal Mulisha - 16.772
  21. Mike Vaters Jr., Overkill Evolution - 16.799
  22. Becky McDonough, El Toro Loco - 16.800
  23. Charlie Pauken, Monster Mutt® - 16.883
  24. Cam McQueen, Northern Nightmare - 16.950
  25. Rosalee Ramer, Wild Flower - 16.966
  26. Brianna Mahon, Scooby-DooTM - 17.059
  27. Buddy Tompkins, Razin Kane - 17.155
  28. Linsey Weenk, Lucas Oil Crusader® - 17.307
  29. Chad Fortune, Soldier FortuneTM - 17.435
  30. Jimmy Creten, Bounty Hunter - 17.453
  31. Bryce Kenny, Great Clips Mohawk Warrior® - 17.475