Elliott Holds Lead in Latest Power Rankings

Authored by Larry Jewett on February 19, 2020


Power Rankings Feb 19


The race for the top spot in the weekly Power Rankings has started to tighten as the championship season crosses into the second half on the Road to Monster Jam World Finals XXI.

A steady effort in San Diego keeps Neil Elliott (Max-D™) in the top spot. Elliott won his sixth Skills Competition, leading all competitors in that action. He finished just two points below Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger®) in his bid to capture his second Event Chanpionship.

Elliott can’t get comfortable in his position as Todd LeDuc (Monster Energy®) is forcing himself into the conversation. The current leader of the Stadium Championship Series Red, LeDuc took his third Event Championship at Minneapolis and built up a 33-point lead in the quest to earn an automatic bid to the Monster Jam World Finals in Orlando.

Colton Eichelberger (Max-D) is displaying dominance on the Triple Threat Series™ Central, thanks to an effort in Cleveland that saw Eichelberger win 20 of a possible 28 competitions. The series will have this weekend off before a six-show weekend scheduled in Rosemont, Illinois.

Morgan Kane (Grave Digger®) slips to fourth, due in large part to the great performances by LeDuc and Eichelberger. A respectable third in the final points in San Diego allows Kane to stay in the top five. A challenge looms this weekend with two shows in Miami, a place where Kane has never competed in Monster Jam in his 10-year career.

Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) swept the Event Championships as Triple Threat Series West visited Oklahoma City. Vinson’s lead over Tristan England (EarthShaker®) has grown to more than 50 points. The current points leader has won 14 of the 23 Event Championships.

Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger) joins the parade of series leaders as his quest to repeat as a Triple Threat Series champion has taken a positive turn. Menninga won 15 of the weekend’s 24 competitions, including three Freestyles and three Event Championships. He has won 15 of the 23 Freestyles so far on the tour.

Coty Saucier (Monster Energy) drops in this week’s rankings as he was shut out of Victory Lane for the first time this season. Saucier still holds the series lead by a slight margin over a hot Tom Meents (Max-D™ Fire). Saucier nearly captured a Skills Competition in Oakland, but his score of 9.396 only matched the effort of Camden Murphy (Bakugan Dragonoid), who owned the tiebreaker.

Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) becomes the third member of the Stadium Championship Series Green to own a position in the top 10. Anderson is a prime candidate to make a move up the chart in weeks ahead. Over the past three weeks, he has amassed 115 of a possible 126 points and has a three-week win streak in Event Championships. His latest came in San Diego based on steady performance without a competition win.

Linsey Read (Scooby-Doo™) continues to hold off the challenges of Randy Brown (Grave Digger), leading last year’s series winner by a single point for the second straight week. Read was able to break through for a Racing win in Worcester, but the Event Championship proved elusive. The defending World Freestyle Champion heads to Wichita, where she was a Freestyle winner in 2018.

The final spot is occupied by Tom Meents (Max-D Fire), who comes back after spending time in the rankings based on 2019 performance. His 2020 is taking shape, thanks to a Freestyle win in Houston and an impressive outing in Oakland that saw two Racing wins, two Event Championships and two top-five finishes in Freestyle. Team Max-D now has three members in the top 10, equaling Team Grave Digger.