Dennis Anderson to Make European Debut in Spain

Authored by Admin on June 1, 2016


When Monster Jam® returns to Barcelona, Spain on June 4, fans will be witnessing the first international appearance of Dennis Anderson behind the wheel of Grave Digger®. The time has come.

“When Monster Jam started going overseas, I didn’t really want to do it,” Anderson said. “I said to let the boys (Adam and Ryan) go and let them be heroes over there. I would just stay here and be a hero in the U.S. They’ve done well there because I told them to go strong and go big. Now, I told them I wanted to go, but I want to go with them. I didn’t want to go by myself and so I’ll be there with Ryan. I’ve had people asking me all the time about it. Now, we’re going to have two shots to win in Barcelona and Madrid.”

Anderson picked a perfect place to make his European debut. Estadi Olimpic Lluys Companys hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and last year’s Monster Jam attracted a huge following. “I’ve heard it’s nice,” said Anderson, “so if I was going to go, this is the place where I want to go. It’s a real stepping stone and I’m excitedly nervous about this trip. I’m excited to get there and put on a show and carry on the Grave Digger legend.”

The timing is perfect as well. Monster Jam World Finals® XVII and the Team Grave Digger dominance is still a fresh memory. Dennis felt he had something to prove in Las Vegas in March. “This year, my goal was to ride the clock out and give the fans a full run. I did that and then sat in the hot seat to watch the boys beat my score. It felt great.”

From the start of the day through the final run of the night, fans in Spain are promised to get Dennis Anderson at his best. “When you get in the truck, it doesn’t matter where you are. You are there on a mission to go big and go strong. It is what it is. It doesn’t matter if it is Spain or the Georgia Dome. You’re there to give the fans what they came for.”

Spain will serve as the next point to continue the momentum of Team Grave Digger in 2016. Anderson is looking forward to the whole experience and sharing it with his son makes the trip even more special.

(Photo by Evan Posocco)