Cynthia Gauthier aims to defend Championship in New Truck

Authored by Samuel Reiman on May 6, 2022


In 2019, Cynthia Gauthier stole the headlines at two of Monster Jams biggest shows with two incredible jumps.

At the All-Star Challenge in the Fall, Gauthier came into Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV, full throttle and launched Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice high into the air before crashing back down onto the ground.

“As much as it was a fail, it was still a success for me because people still talk about it every weekend,” reflects Gauthier. “I tried it, it didn’t work, but it definitely made some crazy impressions on people!”

Her other move of the year came at Monster Jam World Finals XX in Orlando, in which Gauthier won the inaugural Monster Jam World Finals High Jump Championship by launching Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 45.472 ft. up into the air.

“We didn’t have Monster Jam World Finals for the last two years, so for me I’ve been thinking the last two years about defending my championship,” added Gauthier. “That’s something I’m really excited about.”

Gauthier’s win earned her an automatic bid into the High Jump contest at Monster Jam World Finals XXI and, on May 3, it was announced that she would be among the 24 competitors in Racing and Freestyle too. However, Gauthier has had a challenging time in 2022 adapting to the new Lucas Stabilizer Monster Jam truck.

“The body is different so you don’t see the same way as I was seeing in Monster Mutt. I see better in my new truck the upper part, but the bottom part I don’t see anything. So, when I’m doing a wheelie or when I’m doing racing sometimes, I’m used to looking at the bottom but on this truck you cannot really see anything because of the fender, so it was an adaptation.

“I only had two Freestyle victories and I usually get more so I’m definitely looking for more victories in the competitions coming up.”

With her stadium tour complete for 2022, the next time Gauthier will have an opportunity to get on track is at Monster Jam World Finals XXI in Orlando. Gauthier admits that the new truck and 30-second rule may change her approach, but that she still plans to put on a show for the fans.

“Lucas Oil is a performance product so I really do want to represent them really well and perform the best that I can.

“It’s hard though with that brand-new truck, because I do want to keep it nice but I do want to run hard so it’s going to be a challenge for me to be trying to win but trying not to break early.

“With Monster Mutt, I felt like, the body was flying everywhere and people loved it, but I feel like with Lucas Stabilizer it’s not the same reaction, people actually love to see the body stay in one piece.”

Gauthier finished 12th in Freestyle at Monster Jam World Finals XX, and she believes that it was trying to fill the clock that hurt her performance.

“Last time at the World Finals, I kind of played it safe, tried to fill my time because everybody was not filling their times, and it did not really pay off.

“Playing it safe doesn’t work at Monster Jam World Finals.”