Could a 'Wow Factor' Moment Help Rookie Chris Koehler Win World Finals?

Authored by Samuel Reiman on June 30, 2023

Chris Koehler
Chris Koehler (Monster Mutt)


Rookie Monster Jam competitor Chris Koehler (Monster Mutt) is one of three drivers making their first World Finals Main Field appearance this year, along with Armando Castro and Ryan Disharoon.


Among Chris’ competitors will be his father Jim Koehler (Avenger), who has earned the nickname "Mr. Excitement.”


Not only has the younger Koehler embraced this family reputation, but he believes that a ‘Wow Moment’ – of which he’s had a few in 2023 – could make winning the World Finals Freestyle Championship a possibility.


“I’m excited. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous. I don't really have any nerves. I mean, once the show starts, maybe, but I think, to me, I'm kind of going into it with the same mentality of it is another show,” explained Chris. “I definitely got better every show we did on tour, and it was a long tour so I learned a lot. I didn't do great on points. I scored a little toward the bottom. But to win the World Finals, I don't think it's going to be the guy who won a tour.


“I think it's going to be the guy who can pull out the wow-factor moments and do the big moves that people aren't willing to do. And that's what my tour kind of was. I wasn't as consistent, but I have done crazy things. I got the crowd going and hopefully I can carry that momentum into this weekend.”


While Chris is aiming to do well in Freestyle, he adds that there is reason for Team Scream fans to be optimistic about their Racing chances as well and – while he’s a rookie – he is aiming big in both competitions.


“I think if you’re here and not going for the win, you shouldn’t be here. I think everyone should be going for the win. Personally, just to even be here is an accomplishment. But the goal for this weekend is definitely to win.


“I think the one event if I were to shoot for a single event would be Freestyle. I think that one would mean the most to me, I think we're more of a Freestyle team.


“But, even Racing, I mean the track’s long and fast. I think our trucks are gonna pair well with this track.”


Monster Jam World Finals action begins at 1 p.m. CT on Saturday, with Racing and Freestyle action starting at 6 p.m. CT, in which Chris hopes to bring home a championship.


“I’m just excited to be here. I mean, I did good on tour. So I don’t see why I can’t do good here.”