Close Races Develop as Season Hits Halfway Mark

Authored by Larry Jewett on February 12, 2019


Stadium Championship SeriesTM 1

A new leader emerged from a pair of weekend events at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Tom Meents (Max-DTM Fire) swept the Event Championships to gain a two-point advantage over previous leader Justin Sipes (Megalodon®). Meents got on track in Racing, claiming the Saturday night win. He added his second 2-Wheel Skills ChallengeTM win of the year in the Sunday afternoon show. Sipes claimed the Saturday 2-Wheel Skills Challenge. Camden Murphy (Bakugan DragonoidTM) won his third Racing title of the year. Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger®) and Morgan Kane (Grave Digger®) won the Freestyle competitions.

Next Stop: Minneapolis, MN Feb. 16

Stadium Championship Series 2

Adam Anderson (Grave Digger) held his point lead through the two shows in Anaheim this past weekend as challenger Neil Elliott (Max-D) continues to stay close behind. Anderson opened with an Event Championship and Freestyle win on Saturday, but Elliott scored Racing and 2-Wheel Skills Challenge. Scott Buetow (El Toro Loco ® Ice) recorded his second Freestyle win of the season, picking up the Event Championship in the process. Elliott repeated as Racing winner. The Donut competition gave Rosalee Ramer (Wildflower) her first stadium title, made extra special by coming in front of her home state crowd. She also tied Buetow for the event Championship, but Buetow’s Freestyle win was the deciding factor.

Next Stop: Oakland, CA Feb. 16-17

Stadium Championship Series 3

Todd LeDuc (Monster Energy®) continues his slim lead in the points, feeling the chill of Jon Zimmer’s DragonTM Ice right behind after two rounds of action in Houston. LeDuc claimed the Saturday 2-Wheel Skills Challenge win. Cole Venard (Black Pearl) added his third consecutive Freestyle win Saturday, then won Racing on Sunday. Becky McDonough (El Toro Loco) won Racing on Saturday. Zimmer picked up a 2-Wheel Skills Challenge while Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger) won a Freestyle. Zimmer and Pauken were the Event Champions for the weekend.

Next Stop: Miami, FL Feb. 16-17

Triple Threat SeriesTM West

Four shows in Denver gave the Triple Threat Series West a time to shine at {Pepsi Center. Bari Musawwir (ZombieTM) had his best run of the year, picking up two Event Championships and two Freestyle wins, along with a Donut competition. Tanner Root (Monster Mutt) won his first-ever Monster Jam competitions with two wins in Racing and an ATV Main. Colton Eichelberger (Max-D) and Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger) recorded Event wins and several other victories on the weekend.

Next Stop: Oklahoma City, OK Feb. 16-17

Triple Threat Series Central

Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) swept the Event Championships in Pittsburgh, which gives him an active streak of seven Event Championships in a row. Throughout the weekend, Vinson scored at least one win in an event for each of the shows. Kayla Blood (Soldier FortuneTM) was a two-time winner in Freestyle. Matt Cody (Blue Thunder®) won a pair of Speedster Obstacle Course races while Justin Hicks (Pirate’s CurseTM) was first to the finish line in two ATV Mains.

Next Stop: Cleveland, OH Feb. 16-17

Triple Threat Series East

Joe Urie (Zombie) notched his first Event Championship and added a Speedster Obstacle Course to supplement a steady performance. Krysten Anderson (Grave Digger) swept all Donut competitions and scored a Freestyle and an Event Championship. Point leader Blake Granger (Max-D) was perfect in ATV Mains and won a pair of Monster Jam Racing battles. Tristan England (EarthShaker®) started the weekend strong with four wins on Friday night.

Next Stop: Worcester, MA Feb. 15-17

Arena Championship SeriesTM

A clean sweep of the Event Championship titles in Tupelo, MS, has helped randy Brown (Grave Digger) keep the lead in the Arena Championship Series. Zane Rettew (Stinger) scored some critical wins, including a Freestyle victory. Brandon Derrow (Bad News Travels Fast) and Darren Migues (Dragon) were able to beat the clock for Racing wins.

Next Stop: Biloxi, MS Feb. 23-24