BroDozer Debut

Authored by Larry Jewett on June 15, 2018




The newest addition to Monster Jam will be making its debut in Nashville, Tennessee, at Nissan Stadium on June 23. That event will see the arrival of BroDozer™, the first diesel-powered truck to compete in Monster Jam.

BroDozer’s arrival is the culmination of countless hours of research and development as Monster Jam continues to increase its technological advances and create a greater appeal to a wider audience. The truck was inspired by the namesake BroDozer created by “Heavy D” Sparks and “Diesel Dave” Kiley of the Discovery television show “Diesel Brothers”. It took a collaborative effort from Monster Jam, Diesel Brothers and Wagler Competition Products to bring this to reality.

There were a variety of obstacles to overcome in developing the truck. The powerplant had to be built within USHRA specs. Efficiency was a key consideration, which resulted in several repeat tests to ensure meeting expectations.

While the mechanical crew was working to create an engine that met exacting standards, the fabrication crew set about the task to re-create the iconic look offered by the popular original.

In Nashville, BroDozer will be driven by Heavy D, who has undergone extensive training at Monster Jam University in preparation for his debut. Diesel Dave, who is also trained for possible future driving appearances, is expected to be on hand to cheer on his best friend during the event.

Stay tuned to MonsterJam.com for more information. Diesel fans in Nashville will have a little something extra to cheer about. Watch for upcoming announcements of future BroDozer appearances.