BroCamino Debuts

Authored by Larry Jewett on January 12, 2020


The newest truck in the Monster Jam lineup for 2020 will be the BroCamino, which was announced during the inaugural All-Star Challenge in Las Vegas In October 2019.

The truck was spawned from a season one Diesel Brothers episode on Discovery Channel. At that time, the crew built up a dilapidated 1971 El Camino, which ended up being purchased by Diesel Dave. The actual El Camino was brought to Las Vegas and, during the Friday pre-show, plans to create the Monster Jam version of the truck were announced.

During the opening ceremonies at the Monster Jam event in Tampa, BroCamino burst into the stadium for its debut.

The Monster Jam truck “BroCamino” now serves as a teammate to the popular BroDozer. The BroCamino will be powered by a methanol engine. Diesel Dave will be the primary driver with 2012 Freestyle World Champion Cam McQueen driving in select shows. The truck will compete on Stadium Tour Green.

Jan. 11  Tampa (Diesel Dave)

Jan. 18-19 St. Louis (Cam McQueen)

Jan. 25  Anaheim (Diesel Dave)

Feb. 1    Glendale (Cam McQueen)

Feb. 8    Anaheim (Diesel Dave)

Feb. 15  San Diego (Diesel Dave)

Feb. 22-23 Miami (Diesel Dave)

Feb. 29  Jacksonville (Cam McQueen)

Mar. 14-15          Detroit (Diesel Dave)

Apr. 11  Philadelphia (Cam McQueen)