2020 Series Champions Announced

Authored by Admin on April 28, 2020


Six more Monster Jam driver athletes have secured a 2020 season championship

The touring season has ended due to the postponement of previously scheduled events from March and April. Four of the champions have added their third title to their respective resumes and the list also includes a first-time champion. Each Stadium Championship Series held 10 events in 2020. Triple Threat Series championships were decided after more than 30 events, which encompassed over 250 competitions.

Todd LeDuc

Todd LeducTodd LeDuc (Monster Energy®) has captured the title in Stadium Championship Series Red. LeDuc found himself in second place behind Jim Koehler (Avenger) after the first stop in Anaheim. After the second stop in San Antonio, LeDuc left with an eight-point lead. The lead slipped to two points after Houston and LeDuc fell a single point behind new leader Adam Anderson (Grave Digger®) following the Feb. 1 Tampa event. A strong weekend in Indianapolis, highlighted by a 7-0 Racing effort and two Racing Championships, saw LeDuc on top by 20 points. The lead stretched through appearances in Minneapolis and two stops in Atlanta, where the trail ended. LeDuc took the title by 45 points over runner-up Cole Venard (The Black Pearl). It was LeDuc’s third championship, having won titles in 2017 and 2019.

Neil Elliott

Neil ElliotNeil Elliott (Max-D™) will reign as 2020 Stadium Championship Series Green champion, largely on the strength of his dominant performances in the Skills Competition. Elliott won seven of a possible 10 competitions. Elliott left the opening event in Tampa in second place and gained the lead after the Saturday show in St. Louis. Misfortune arrived the following day, relegating Elliott back to the runner-up spot. He stayed there for three weeks until a return to Anaheim, a place where Elliott has historically seen success. Through the remaining events in San Diego, Miami and Jacksonville, Elliott held off challengers for his third career championship.

Charlie Pauken

Charlie PaulkenThe closest race of the season saw Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger®) prevail on Stadium Championship Series Yellow.  Pauken was ranked fifth after the opening event in San Diego and slipped to as low as seventh place before a steady climb started in Oakland. He was finally able to grab the top spot by a single point after the Saturday night event in El Paso, then hold off Camden Murphy (Bakugan Dragonoid™) for the title. It was the second time in his career Pauken won a championship after competing in El Paso, securing the 2017 championship at that location.

Brandon Vinson

Brandon VinsonBrandon Vinson (Grave Digger) has secured his second consecutive Monster Jam championship, winning the Triple Threat Series West in convincing fashion. Vinson carried a single-point advantage over Tristan England (EarthShaker®) after the opening weekend in Salt Lake City. England took the advantage after a busy weekend in Tacoma and held the lead for the next three weeks, stretching it to nearly 40 points. Vinson caught up when the series hit Fargo on Feb. 1 and never looked back. He won the title by 88 points. 

Colton Eichelberger

Colton EichenbergerThe Triple Threat Series Central has a first-time champion. Colton Eichelberger (Max-D) had managed to finish second in every year of competition…until now. Eichelberger started slowly, leaving the opening weekend in Nashville in third place. It took several weeks for Eichelberger to dethrone Justin Sipes (Megalodon®), but it happened in Newark in late January and Eichelberger never looked back. The margin of victory in his first career championship was nearly 100 points.

Randy Brown

Randy BrownRandy Brown (Grave Digger) secured his second consecutive championship in the Arena Championship Series and third in the past four seasons. Brown was the early leader, holding the top spot for the first two weeks. Linsey Read (Scooby-DooTM ) slipped out front after North Charleston and the race was neck and neck throughout the next few weeks. When the series hit Wichita, Brown pushed ahead and stayed in front to claim the title. 

This group joins Triple Threat Series East champion Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger), who was previously announced as the series winner following the events in Raleigh.