2016 By the Numbers

Authored by Admin on January 5, 2017


As Monster Jam® is poised to begin its 25th year, let’s take a look back at significant numbers from 2016.


There were 135 different Monster Jam athletes in 2016

There were 104 Monster Jam Truck competitors in 2016



44 U.S. States (plus Puerto Rico)

12 Countries (including U.S.)

Texas hosted the most Monster Jam events in 2016 (23)


Arena Racing (Top 5 by wins)

Cole Venard (Grave Digger®)                                      60-25

Tyler Menninga (Blue Thunder®)                                 58-32

Morgan Kane (Grave Digger)                                      56-20

Bari Musawwir (ZombieTM)                                           55-22

Randy Brown (Grave Digger)                                      39-10

Stadium Racing (Top 5 by wins)

Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy®)                       34-14

Adam Anderson (Grave  Digger)                              33-11

Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger®)                            33-11

Todd LeDuc (Metal MulishaTM/Blue Thunder)            28-11

Neil Elliott (Max-DTM/FS1 CleatusTM)                            25-13

Most Arena Freestyle Wins

Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger)                                     39

Randy Brown (Grave Digger)                                       29

Cole Venard (Grave Digger)                                         19

Morgan Kane (Grave Digger)                                       18

Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)                                    18

Most Stadium Freestyle Wins

Scott Buetow (Team Hot WheelsTM Firestorm)            11

Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)                               10

Todd LeDuc (Metal Mulisha/Blue Thunder)                 6

Adam Anderson (Grave Digger)                                   5

Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy)                            4

Neil Elliott (Max-D)                                                        4