Joe Dennis

Hometown Orlando, FL Birthday August 26

Prior to being a Monster Jam driver, Joe Dennis was a performer in Marvel Universe LIVE! where he fought fellow Monster Jam driver Bernard Lyght on stage in the roles of Spider Man and the Green Goblin respectively. Now, Dennis is a Monster Jam University graduate performing in front of thousands of fans in front of crowded Monster Jam arenas, starting his new adventure in Nampa, ID, in October 2023.

About Joe

  • What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes?
    I love to, sing, skate, dance, DJ, and on off days ride my motorcycle.
  • Who are your role models?
    My dad, my mother, and the rest of my family
  • Do you have any pre-event rituals you run through?
    I love to listen to music so I can get hyped for the event and get some candy in my system.
  • What's something a lot of people don't know about you?
    You possibly have already seen me on multiple projects on your television screen and didn't know it.
  • What is your favorite memory on or off the racetrack?
    Traveling to new places and meeting new people from all across the world
  • What is your most prized possession?
    My beautiful daughter

Life on the Road

  • What is the best and worst thing about being on the road every weekend with Monster Jam?
    The best thing is to inspire and entertain people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures and to provide memories for people to take with them for the rest of their lives.
  • While on tour, what is your favorite thing to do during your free time?
    Play video games and play on my Oculus
  • How do you keep fit?
    I like to go out dancing.
  • What item(s) can you not live without while traveling on the road with Monster Jam?
    Massage therapy equipment
  • What is your favorite city to travel to?
    Palm Springs, California


  • How did you get started competing in Monster Jam?
    I worked with current Monster Jam driver Bernard Lyght on Marvel Universe LIVE! and he referred me.
  • What is your favorite part about competing in Monster Jam?
    Meeting the Monster Jam fans
  • How would you describe your driving style?
    Mysterious and exciting because you never know what you're going to get
  • What advice would you give to kids who want to become a Monster Jam driver?
    Believe in your dreams and go for them!
  • What is your greatest memory as a Monster Jam driver?
    Feeling the energy of the crowd and the sounds of the engine of the trucks
  • Who in Monster Jam do you look up to for inspiration?
    Tom Meents, Tristan England, Camden Murphy, Bernard Lyght, Bari Musawwir

Fun Facts

  • Do you have any nicknames?
    Joe D.
  • What’s your favorite movie?
  • What’s your favorite television show?
    Key & Peele
  • What’s your favorite color?
    Navy blue
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat?
    BBQ ribs and pizza
  • What’s your favorite restaurant on the road?
    Texas Roadhouse
  • How would your friends and family describe you?
    Funny, energetic, passionate, and creative