Elvis Lainez

Elvis Lainez

Hometown : Houston, TX Starts Competing in Monster Jam : 2019 Birthday : December 3


About Me

What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes?

Elvis Lainez: I am a very athletic and outgoing person. I like to work out, play soccer and football and when I’m not on the field, I am watching sports on TV, playing video games or working on my 1986 C10.

Who are your role models?

Elvis Lainez: My role models are my parents. They have been through a lot and their courageousness inspires me.

Do you have any ‘pre-show’ rituals you run through?

Elvis Lainez: My pre-show ritual is to enjoy the atmosphere of the show, talk to the fans and listen to music.

What is something a lot of people don’t know about you?

Elvis Lainez: I am someone who loves to play the guitar and create things using AutoCAD. I am also bilingual.

What is your favorite memory on or off the racetrack?

Elvis Lainez: My favorite memory off the track was when I attended my first show in the Astrodome and I heard the crowd go wild after a Tom Meents freestyle. After that event, I knew I wanted to become a Monster Jam driver.

What is your most prized possession?

Elvis Lainez: My most prized possession is my 1986 Chevrolet C10. It was a truck that I purchased by myself at the age of 16.


Life on the Road with Monster Jam

What is the best and worst thing about being on the road every weekend with Monster Jam?

Elvis Lainez: Best thing about being on the road with Monster Jam is exploring new cities and getting to know fans from all over the world. The worst thing about being on the road is being separated from my loved ones for a few days.

While on the road, what is your favorite thing to do during your free time?

Elvis Lainez: My favorite thing to do is explore the culture, food and the touristic sites of the city.

How do you keep fit?

Elvis Lainez: I am very careful with what I eat and when there is not gym in a hotel, I simply go for a run.

What item(s) can you not live without while traveling on the road with Monster Jam?

Elvis Lainez: I cannot live without my computer, cell phone and a soccer ball.

What is your favorite city to travel to? Why?

Elvis Lainez: My favorite city to travel to is definitely Denver. I am a huge Denver Broncos fan, but I love to go there in the winter time to play in the snow.



How did you get started competing in Monster Jam?

Elvis Lainez: I got started competing in Monster Jam as a direct result of determination. Since the age of two, I wanted to become a Monster Jam driver. With that said, I did everything I could to get in to the sport. When I was 15, I started volunteering at shows and helped out with teams such as; Max-D, Grave Digger, El Toro Loco and more. When I turned 18, I was blessed and received my opportunity and now I am here to ride it all the way to the top.

What is your favorite part about competing in Monster Jam?

Elvis Lainez: My favorite part is interacting with the fans because no other sport has the connection that we do with our fans.

How would you describe your driving style?

Elvis Lainez: My driving style is all about giving the fans what they way. I like to be fast-paced and go big.

What advice would you give to kids who want to become a Monster Jam driver?

Elvis Lainez: I would tell kids to stay focused and determined. Stay in school, listen to your parents and teachers and know that you can accomplish anything with hard work.

What is your greatest memory as a Monster Jam driver?

Elvis Lainez: My greatest memory as a Monster Jam driver was being able to drive a truck for the first time. It was such an emotional moment.

Who in Monster Jam do you look up to for inspiration?

Elvis Lainez: I’ve always looked up to Tom Meents. Tom is absolutely fearless and he knows how to thrill the fans.


Fun Facts

Do you have any nicknames?

Elvis Lainez: No

What’s your favorite movie?

Elvis Lainez: Talladega Nights

What’s your favorite television show?

Elvis Lainez: South Park

What’s your favorite color?

Elvis Lainez: Black

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Elvis Lainez: I love to eat pupusas!

What’s your favorite restaurant on the road?

Elvis Lainez: Texas Roadhouse

How would your friends and family describe you?

Elvis Lainez: They would describe me as a competitive person who always has a smile on his face.