Time Flys



Driver(s): Kelvin Ramer

Engine: 565 CI

Transmission: Coan Powerglide



Auto Care Towing and Wever’s Welding & Fabrication. Ramer gives special thanks to his wife, Janette, and their children, Rosalee and Ben, and to his brother, Clinton, for his countless hours of help.



One of the most original looking Monster Jam® trucks in competition today, Time Flys is a result of a family’s dream of being in the sport and then having the persistence to overcome a series of setbacks to make it a reality. Starting in 1984, the Ramers began buying parts and building their Monster Jam truck. But Kelvin was in an accident a few years later and they had to sell the parts to pay medical bills. They started to work on the project again in 1988, but with the arrival of an opportunity to build on to their expanding business, the Monster Jam truck parts had to be sold off once again to help their company move forward. Clearly the phrase “give up” is not in the Ramer’s vocabulary. In 1997, for their third try, the Ramers began building their dream, yet again. Although the third time would be the charm, it would still take seven years of building in their spare time while making their business succeed. Finally, in 2004, culminating a process that had actually begun 20 years earlier, Time Flys was in competition for the first time. Time Flys debuted in Monster Jam at one of the sport’s premier stadium venues, Angels Stadium in Anaheim, in January of 2005. Time Flys has battled in major events on the circuit every year since. While Kelvin Ramer drives in several events annually, predominately on the West Coast, the unique 1934 Ford pick-up truck body style is popular on the track and at each Pit Party. The team has since expanded and flies the Donate Life flag on each Monster Jam truck to honor organ donors and to promote awareness that more donors are needed.