Winnipeg, MB - Dec. 1-2 - Bell MTS Place

Authored by Larry Jewett on December 3, 2018


Hosts: John Saponaro and Abby Baltezar

Lineup: Master of Disaster (Lindsey Rettew), Stinger Unleashed (Zane Rettew), Rage (Cory Rummell), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Nitro Menace (Darren Migues), Jailbird (Kaylyn Migues), Northern Nightmare® (Cam McQueen), Grave Digger® (Brandon Vinson)


Sunday Afternoon 


Northern Nightmare 40

Grave Digger 37

Jailbird 28

Nitro Menace 24

Rage 23

Stinger Unleashed 21

Avenger 20

Master of Disaster 17


Grave Digger 8.430

Avenger 9.050

Northern Nightmare 9.900

Stinger Unleashed 10.410

Master of Disaster 14.475

Jailbird 15.450

Nitro Menace 15.610

Rage 18.360


Grave Digger 9.749

Northern Nightmare 8.543

Nitro Menace 6.969

Rage 6.908

Jailbird 6.782

Master of Disaster 6.011

Avenger 4.832

Stinger Unleashed 3.223


Grave Digger 9.172

Northern Nightmare 9.028

Stinger Unleashed 7.878

Nitro Menace 7.812

Jailbird 7.248

Rage 7.231

Avenger 6.499

Master of Disaster 4.094


Northern Nightmare 9.689

Grave Digger 8.827

Avenger 8.366

Rage 7.643

Jailbird 7.460

Stinger Unleashed 7.363

Master of Disaster 6.712

Nitro Menace 6.272



Cam McQueen made it a three-peat for Northern Nightmare in Winnipeg on Sunday afternoon. Although Brandon Vinson led Grave Digger to Monster Jam Racing, 2-Wheel Skills and Donut wins (including a very impressive Racing time of 8.430), Cam was able to stay close and get a boost from his ATV teammate Jordon Harms, who won the Obstacle Course. That meant it would come down to Freestyle. Grave Digger had the lead there as well with an 8.827, but Cam McQueen would not be denied in his final Canadian show of 2018. Northern Nightmare would take the Freestyle win on the back of an amazing save with a 9.689 and capture the Overall Event Championship trophy for the third time this weekend.


Saturday Evening 



Northern Nightmare 40

Grave Digger 34

Jailbird 33

Rage 27

Avenger 23

Master of Disaster 21

Nitro Menace 16

Stinger Unleashed 15


Northern Nightmare 10.180

Jailbird 10.680

Avenger 10.960

Stinger Unleashed 11.360

Rage 11.850

Nitro Menace 17.060

Master of Disaster 19.820

Grave Digger DNF


Grave Digger 9.598

Northern Nightmare 8.563

Rage 5.997

Master of Disaster 5.255

Avenger 5.134

Jailbird 5.025

Stinger Unleashed 4.981

Nitro Menace 3.935


Northern Nightmare 9.515

Grave Digger 9.407

Rage 7.967

Avenger 6.619

Jailbird 5.850

Master of Disaster 4.182

Nitro Menace DNC

Stinger Unleashed DNC


Grave Digger 8.739

Northern Nightmare 8.665

Rage 7.978

Avenger 7.971

Stinger Unleashed 7.881

Jailbird 5.806

Master of Disaster 5.704

Nitro Menace 4.488



Saturday night at the Bell MTS Place was more of the same for Cam McQueen and team Northern Nightmare. While perhaps not as dominating as his afternoon performance, Northern Nightmare still totaled 40 points en route to his second Overall Event Championship of the day. For the second time in two tries, Cam opened the event with the Monster Jam Racing win. He also started the second half off strong with another Donut win as well. Cam’s effort was helped again by his ATV teammate who finished in second place in both of his competitions. With one show left in Winnipeg tomorrow afternoon, we’ll see if Cam McQueen can make it three-for-three in his home country.



Saturday Afternoon 





Northern Nightmare 46

Grave Digger 37

Rage 28

Stinger Unleashed 24

Nitro Menace 22

Avenger 20

Jailbird 16

Master of Disaster 16


Northern Nightmare 10.000

Grave Digger 10.190

Rage 10.620

Jailbird 10.960

Stinger Unleashed 11.750

Avenger 11.800

Nitro Menace 11.950

Master of Disaster 34.070


Grave Digger 9.721

Northern Nightmare 9.092

Rage 7.573

Avenger 7.218

Stinger Unleashed 6.972

Master of Disaster 5.672

Nitro Menace 5.300

Jailbird 4.430


Northern Nightmare 9.268

Grave Digger 9.161

Nitro Menace 7.786

Rage 7.528

Master of Disaster 6.722

Avenger 6.457

Stinger Unleashed 5.781

Jailbird DNC


Northern Nightmare 9.307

Grave Digger 8.286

Stinger Unleashed 8.231

Rage 7.907

Avenger 7.810

Jailbird 6.761

Nitro Menace 6.055

Master of Disaster 4.923



Saturday afternoon in Winnipeg was all about Canada’s own Cam McQueen and Northern Nightmare. Cam and his ATV Teammate nearly swept all six competitions, but fell just short, finishing in second place in Two-Wheel Skills and ATV Racing respectively. Otherwise, it was about as good as it gets for team Northern Nightmare as they finished with the first Overall Event Championship of the weekend in true dominating fashion by totaling 46 out of a possible 48 points.