London, ON - Oct 27 - 28 - Budweiser Gardens

Authored by Amber Craft on October 29, 2018


London, ON, CA

Budweiser Gardens

October 27-28, 2018

Hosts: John Saponaro and Abby Baltezar


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Brandon Vinson), Hurricane Force (Steven Thompson), Storm Damage (Paul Strong), Northern Nightmare® (Cam McQueen), Brutus (Brad Allen), Stinger Unleashed (Zane Rettew), Master of Disaster (Lindsey Rettew), Rage (Cory Rummell)


Sunday Afternoon 



Grave Digger 38

Northern Nightmare 33

Stinger Unleashed 33

Rage 23

Hurricane Force 23

Brutus 22

Storm Damage 22

Master of Disaster 12




Grave Digger 10.030

Hurricane Force 11.760

Rage 12.580

Stinger Unleashed 12.850

Brutus 14.560

Northern Nightmare 15.850

Master of Disaster 23.020

Storm Damage DNC




Grave Digger 9.534

Northern Nightmare 9.330

Stinger Unleashed 7.961

Storm Damage 7.738

Rage 7.293

Master of Disaster 6.285

Hurricane Force 6.100

Brutus 5.891




Northern Nightmare 9.289

Grave Digger 8.953

Brutus 7.930

Hurricane Force 7.449

Rage 6.531

Storm Damage DNC

Master of Disaster DNC




Northern Nightmare 9.367

Stinger Unleashed 8.785

Grave Digger 8.302

Hurricane Force 7.875

Rage 6.533

Storm Damage 6.140

Brutus 5.801

Master of Disaster 4.972




Grave Digger’s Brandon Vinson made it back-to-back Overall Event Championships on Sunday afternoon. For the third time this weekend, Brandon won Monster Jam Racing and the Two-Wheel Skills Challenge. And while, he came up a little short in the second half of the event, losing both Donuts and Freestyle to Northern Nightmare’s Cam McQueen, he was consistent enough throughout the competition to hoist his second Overall Event Trophy of the weekend.




Saturday Evening 



Grave Digger 37

Northern Nightmare 34

Storm Damage 34

Stinger Unleashed 30

Rage 24

Hurricane Force 21

Brutus 17

Master of Disaster 13




Grave Digger 9.730

Northern Nightmare 10.060

Storm Damage 11.850

Rage 12.520

Hurricane Force 12.630

Brutus 12.920

Stinger Unleashed 14.820

Master of Disaster 25.560




Grave Digger 9.783

Northern Nightmare 9.227

Stinger Unleashed 7.585

Rage 7.339

Storm Damage 7.049

Brutus 5.800

Hurricane Force 5.720

Master of Disaster 3.464



Northern Nightmare 8.773

Storm Damage 8.358

Hurricane Force 8.208

Grave Digger 8.114

Brutus 7.950

Rage 6.668

Stinger Unleashed 5.104

Master of Disaster 4.886




Grave Digger 8.245

Northern Nightmare 8.212

Stinger Unleashed 7.673

Hurricane 7.532

Rage 6.782

Storm Damage 6.199

Brutus 5.886

Master of Disaster 4.886




Saturday night in London, Ontario belonged to Brandon Vinson and Grave Digger. The Black and Green Wrecking Machine started off the event the same way he did earlier this afternoon — with back-to-back wins in Monster Jam Racing and Two-Wheel Skills. Storm Damage’s Paul Strong continued his impressive day and made the second half of the competition interesting. Northern Nightmare’s Cam McQueen did the same, pulling within two points of first place after a second straight Donut win. However, as so many Monster Jam events do, it came down to Freestyle. Grave Digger edged Northern Nightmare by an extremely narrow margin to secure the win and the Overall Event Championship.




Saturday Afternoon 



Storm Damage 35

Grave Digger 31

Northern Nightmare 31

Brutus 29

Stinger Unleashed 28

Rage 25

Hurricane Force 19

Master of Disaster 10




Grave Digger 10.800

Northern Nightmare 10.980

Storm Damage 12.930

Rage 13.050

Hurricane Force 13.190

Brutus 14.190

Master of Disaster 17.820

Stinger Unleashed 21.160




Grave Digger 9.812

Stinger Unleashed 8.689

Storm Damage 7.895

Hurricane Force 5.948

Rage 5.498

Brutus 3.880

Master of Disaster 3.667

Northern Nightmare DNC



Northern Nightmare 9.698

Brutus 8.269

Storm Damage 7.810

Grave Digger 7.452

Stinger Unleashed 6.879

Rage 6.377

Hurricane Force 2.921

Master of Disaster DNC




Northern Nightmare 8.805

Grave Digger 8.440

Brutus 7.506

Storm Damage 7.321

Hurricane Force 7.320

Stinger Unleashed 7.204

Rage 6.979

Master of Disaster 5.595




Saturday afternoon at the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario was a testament to consistency. Although Grave Digger’s Brandon Vinson and Northern Nightmare’s Cam McQueen dominated the Monster Jam Truck competitions, the day belonged to Paul Strong and Storm Damage. While not winning a single event, Storm Damage finished no worse than fourth place, allowing Paul to tally points throughout the day. He was also helped by his ATV teammate, Trace Bakke, who had an effective event as well — finishing in third place in ATV Racing and second place in the Obstacle Course. All of these top four finishes resulted in an underdog Overall Event Championship victory for team Storm Damage and Paul Strong.