Hamilton, ON - April 14-15, 2018 - FirstOntario Centre

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Hamilton, ON

FirstOntario Centre

April 14-15, 2018

Hosts: Alikona Bradford & Freddie Sheppard


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger®(Pablo Huffaker), Monster Mutt® (Shane Phreed), Jailbird (Kaylyn Migues), Nitro Menace (Darren Migues), Master of Disaster (Buddy Young), Hurricane Force (Steven Thompson), Storm Damage (Travis Mowery), Stinger Unleashed (Sean Duhon).



Hurricane Force 55

Nitro Menace 51

Grave Digger 51

Stinger Unleashed 46

Storm Damage 43

Jailbird 35

Master Of Disaster 34

Monster Mutt 33


Sunday Afternoon



Hurricane Force 29

Stinger Unleashed 28

Jailbird 23

Grave Digger 22

Storm Damage 20

Master of Disaster 20

Nitro Menace 19

Monster Mutt 13



Hurricane Force 9.523

Storm Damage 9.536

Jailbird 10.047

Stinger Unleashed 11.327

Nitro Menace 11.903

Monster Mutt 13.177

Master of Disaster 13.501

Grave Digger DNF



Grave Digger 9.550

Stinger Unleashed 8.108

Jailbird 6.780

Nitro Menace 6.717

Monster Mutt 6.320

Hurricane Force 5.776

Master of Disaster 5.137

Storm Damage 4.527



Hurricane Force 9.075

Storm Damage 8.017

Grave Digger 7.634

Jailbird 6.847

Master of Disaster 6.396

Monster Mutt 6.310

Nitro Menace 6.267

Stinger Unleashed 5.189



The storm wasn’t just brewing outside today in Hamilton. Despite the snow, we had amongst us a Hurricane Force that blew through Monster Jam, winning Freestyle and the Overall Event Championship with the help of ATV Rider Justin Tipp. Driver Steven Thompson got his first event win! That’s not to say our other teams didn’t put up a good fight. Stinger Unleashed was only one point away from the overall. Canada got an edge of their seat great show today!


Saturday Afternoon



Nitro Menace 32

Grave Digger 29

Hurricane Force 26

Storm Damage 23

Monster Mutt 20

Stinger Unleashed 18

Master of Disaster 14

Jailbird 12



Storm Damage 9.471

Nitro Menace 9.855

Grave Digger 10.047

Stinger Unleashed 10.941

Hurricane Force 11.003

Monster Mutt 11.774

Jailbird 11.967

Master of Disaster 13.307



Grave Digger 8.969

Nitro Menace 6.845

Monster Mutt 6.426

Hurricane Force 5.809

Storm Damage 5.623

Jailbird 5.213

Master of Disaster 4.899

Stinger Unleashed 4.386



Hurricane Force 9.390

Grave Digger 9.161

Storm Damage 8.183

Monster Mutt 8.025

Jailbird 6.718

Master of Disaster 6.200

Nitro Menace 5.879

Stinger Unleashed 5.335



What a wonderful day for Team Nitro Menace! Driver Darren Migues gave an awesome Two-Wheels Skills Competition by walking his truck across the pod, then PJ Hall took the ATV win (Obstacles) and came in second in ATV Racing. Speaking of racing, Storm Damage’s Travis Mowery met this group of competition fresh off of a stadium tour and still had the precision to come in with the fastest time in that competition. But, at the end of the day it was Birthday Boy Darren Migues with a first event win this season.