Jamie Sullivan in Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Jamie Sullivan


Rookie Monster Jam driver Jamie Sullivan is no stranger to speed and is a full-on adrenaline junkie. She started competing in go-karts at 9 years old and has gone on to have a 12-year career in oval racing. She is a graduate of Monster Jam University and is a current student at the University of Northwestern Ohio.

About Jamie

  • What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes?
    I am an adrenaline junkie and pedal to the metal kind of girl. My background falls in the oval racing circuit, with 12 years of experience. I drive anything and everything I can get my hands on from a go-kart, stacker car, super late model or Monster Jam Truck! Not to mention, I love to get my hands dirty wrenching on some cars with my Automotive & High-Performance Motorsports degrees from UNOH!
  • Who are your role models?
    My biggest role models are my family, especially my father. Not only has my dad provided me with manners, a hard-working mentality and humble mindset, but he has given everything for me to achieve a career in the motorsports industry. My family has pushed me to my own limits in achieving the dreams I set for myself at 5 years old. This opportunity to drive for Monster Jam is owed to them, and I can’t thank every one of them enough!
  • Do you have any pre-show rituals you run through?
    I maintain the same order of steps when getting geared up. Once I am strapped in, I say a quick prayer.
  • What's something a lot of people don't know about you?
    I am the youngest of eight siblings. Yep, that’s right…eight. It is a little easier now that we are all grown up.
  • What is your favorite memory on or off the racetrack?
    As I’m entering my rookie season in Monster Jam, my favorite memory has to be getting the phone call that I had been selected as a driver. Not because of me, but because of all the hard work my dad and family put in to get me to this point.
  • What is your most prized possession?
    Oh, this is tough, as I have a few. My family, including my dog Racelyn, my racecar and, of course, my 2004 Chevy 2500HD Silverado.

Life on the Road

  • What is the best and worst thing about being on the road every weekend with Monster Jam?
    The best thing would be seeing new faces and new cities and enjoying new experiences alongside your Monster Jam family. The worst part would be the airport and being away from home.
  • While on tour, what is your favorite thing to do during your free time?
    I love to get my workouts in and explore the city that I’m in!
  • How do you keep fit?
    I am a very active person, and constantly keep myself occupied. Also, I eat fairly healthy, and work out when I can.
  • What item(s) can you not live without while traveling on the road with Monster Jam?
    I cannot live without my phone, makeup bag and my hair dryer, of course!
  • What is your favorite city to travel to? Why?
    My favorite city to travel to would be Charlotte, North Carolina, because of the racing atmosphere.


  • How did you get started competing in Monster Jam?
    I started racing go-karts at nine years old, moved up to stock cars at eleven, followed by pro-trucks on asphalt and now super late models. I have competed with an independent monster truck team in smaller shows, and I’m a student at the University of Northwestern Ohio.
  • What is your favorite part about competing in Monster Jam?
    My favorite part about competing in Monster Jam would have to be the fans! Getting to see new faces, familiar faces and just inspiring others is such a great opportunity.
  • How would you describe your driving style?
    In four words it’s “Pedal to the Metal”. I am not afraid to whip this 12,000-pound Monster Jam truck around and jump sky high! I’ve been told I’ve got a little bit of a lead foot.
  • What advice would you give to kids who want to become a Monster Jam driver?
    Take each and every opportunity as they come, cherish your mentors and those helping you and never settle for less.
  • What is your greatest memory as a Monster Jam driver?
    My greatest memory would be getting my first racing win in a monster truck at an independent show with my parents in the stands!
  • Who in Monster Jam do you look up to for inspiration?
    My biggest inspiration in Monster Jam is Cynthia Gauthier. Not only is she a driver but she also runs her own metal fab business and has the same hard-working mentality!

Fun Facts

  • Do you have any nicknames?
    Funny story, my nickname for the past 2 years has been Monster Mutt because we have a Monster Mutt truck sitting in the motorsports shop at school. Also, I’ve been called lead foot and hot foot.
  • What’s your favorite movie?
    Talladega Nights
  • What’s your favorite television show?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat?
    Buffalo Wings
  • What’s your favorite restaurant on the road?
    I love all kinds of food.
  • How would your friends and family describe you?
    My friends and family would describe me as determined, outgoing, humble and adventurous!

Grave Digger


Position Name Truck Points Behind
1 Brandon Vinson/Matt Cody Grave Digger 1026 -
2 Jon Zimmer Jr. Terminal Velocity 972 -54
3 Zack Garner Wild Side 804 -222
4 Tony Ochs ThunderROARus 774 -252
5 Coty Saucier/Brandon Arthur Dragon 718 -308
6 Brandan Tulachka Just Get Er Done II 643 -383
7 Jamie Sullivan Monster Mutt Dalmatian 523 -503
8 Mikayla Tulachka Megalodon 468 -558