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Monster Jam World Finals® XVI presented by NGK Spark Plugs is set to provide the most spectacular night of off-the-chart, wow-moment filled competition that Monster Jam® fans have ever witnessed. The 32 Monster Jam teams that will compete for this year’s championship are well aware that not only will they have to best the most talented freestyle drivers in the world; they also have to master what is sure to be the most extreme obstacle laden course ever created.

Creating these odds on the field may be an exercise in futility due to the parity in the field and the unpredictable nature of this competition, yet it’s enjoyable to look at the previous track record of these teams in Sam Boyd Stadium, examine who has been most successful in 2015 freestyle competitions, and take a shot at rating the entire roster.

With the standard disclaimer of reminding readers that these odds are “for recreational purposes only”, here are the odds for winning the 2015 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship: Monster Jam World Finals XVI Presented By NGK Spark Plugs Morning Line Odds - FREESTYLE

6 – 5 Max -D℠ – Tom Meents: As tough as this competition is to rate there has probably never been a stronger case that can be made to establish Meents and Max-D as the favorite in the history of this event. Of course exhibit one is the five freestyle championships already won among Tom’s overall 11 world titles. Next consider recent performances in Sam Boyd Stadium. Max-D finished 3rd in this competition a year ago after winning the championship the year prior. The final factor in rating Max-D on the top line is the amazing record Meents has amassed in 2015. Meents has pulled Max-D on the track to freestyle at eight stadium competitions so far this year and has won an amazing six times for a whopping 75% win rate. Meents also has the best freestyle scoring average at stadium freestyles this year at 35.9 which means not only has Max-D been sensational in winning so often, the team has been consistent all year. Despite the obvious fact that this is the toughest competition in all of Monster Jam to handicap Meents and Max-D meet all the criteria to come into this event as the favorite.

8 – 5 Metal Mulisha – Todd Leduc: Metal Mulisha rocked this house with a performance for the ages to win the title last year. Can LeDuc do it again? History says that’s not likely, yet Metal Mulisha seems perfectly suited to buck that trend. If Metal Mulisha can repeat as the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion this year LeDuc would become only the second driver ever to successfully defend the world freestyle title matching Meents’ back-to-back freestyle wins here all the way back in 2001 and 2002. In the 15 year history of this event only Meents and Max-D and Jim Koehler in Avenger have won this crown more than once. LeDuc is more than capable of joining those two not just considering Metal Mulisha’s amazing run last year, but consider this: among teams that have competed here three times or more the best scoring average in history on this track belong to LeDuc and Metal Mulisha at 28.50.

2 – 1 Son-uva Digger® – Ryan Anderson: Pretty much the same analysis for Son-uva Digger in this category as was noted in the racing odds. From casual fans to the most ardent Monster Jam enthusiasts many believe that it is only a matter of time until Ryan Anderson joins his father and brother as a Monster Jam World Champion. Son-uva Digger has won two stadium freestyle competitions already this year and has dominated the exciting new arena hybrid freestyle tracks where he has amassed an additional 14 freestyle triumphs this season. This seems like as good a year as any to expect Ryan and Son-uva Digger to take that next major step in his already spectacular career and win that first world title and it certainly could come in this freestyle competition.

5 - 2 Northern Nightmare℠ – Cam McQueen: The pride of Canada is again one of the top picks in posting the odds for the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle competition. Not making it into bonus time at the past two Monster Jam World Finals left Northern Nightmare in the middle of the pack in the final scoring, so filling the clock and getting into the extra time to secure every point is critical for McQueen this time out. He’s proven he is more than capable of doing just that in the past. Remember it wasn’t that long ago that McQueen put in one of the most impressive back-to-back runs on this course we’ve ever seen coming up only a tie-breaker short of winning consecutive freestyle championships.

3 - 1 Grave Digger The Legend® – Adam Anderson: Adam Anderson figures to pull Grave Digger The Legend onto this intimidating freestyle course with one of two mind sets, both which my play to his advantage. He will either return to Sam Boyd Stadium on Saturday fresh from making history with his third straight World Racing Championship in the books, or he’ll arrive disappointed that did not happen. If he doesn’t win Friday you can expect Adam to be even more motivated to win the freestyle crown. If he does win Friday he won’t let up Saturday and will have maybe even more motivation. Only twice in Monster Jam World Finals history has one driver/truck claimed both World Championships in the same year. That goes all the way back to 2001 and 2002 when Meents accomplished the feat now known during the season as winning the Double DownSM at a particular event. Double-A has stated publicly that his ultimate goal is to do just that, to power Grave Digger The Legend to both world titles in Las Vegas at the same Monster Jam World Finals.

7 – 2 Grave Digger® – Dennis Anderson: As long as Dennis Anderson is strapping into a black and green wrecking machine Grave Digger will be close to the top of these odds, and as noted in racing Grave Digger is way overdue to win this championship again. Anderson has had some wow moment filled runs over the years here but his only Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship came way back during the first competition in Sam Boyd Stadium back in 2000. He’s come close many times to winning this title again and has the third highest scoring average all time in this competition. You know Anderson is going big, as big as he can, and if the equipment can handle the driver this could certainly be the year that the first Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion wins the title again.

4 – 1 Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® – Scott Buetow; This is the best Beutow and Team Hot Wheels Firestorm have ever been rated in the Monster Jam World Finals odds and this team is so close to the top for good reason. This has been the fastest rising freestyle team in the sport over the past few years and Beutow may have landed more clean back flips in the Team Hot Wheels ride than anyone in the sport. That’s impressive and when you land any big move including a back flip and the truck keeps going you’re going to get more love from the judges. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm has proved it’s more than a back flip machine with electrifying freestyles start to finish throughout 2015 and Buetow has to be brimming with confidence. One year ago Buetow and Team Hot Wheels Firestorm finished second here on the toughest course ever built in the first ever 32-truck battle for the freestyle crown. No doubt this team is a contender again this year.

9 - 2 Grave Digger – Charlie Pauken (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series 4th Place): There are so many reasons Pauken rates near the top again here. Start with this one: the run Charlie laid down driving Monster Mutt® in 2010 that won Pauken the World Championship remains among the most spectacular of all time here, and if he can duplicate that magical run he certainly can claim a second freestyle title. Driving Grave Digger on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series has kept Pauken busy thrilling fans in the stadiums and domes week after week, and he comes to Las Vegas with momentum having won the freestyle competition at the final event on that series earlier this month at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

5 – 1 Avenger – Jim Koehler: Mr. Excitement is the only driver other than Meents to have won this championship more than once and the leader of Team Scream could be in the mix for a third title if he can fill the clock. Avenger wowed fans multiple times on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series most notably with breathtaking leaps that showed fans the biggest and most amazing jumps possible this year. He thrilled the fans so often, which is his top priority, but the huge spectacular big air attacks took their toll on the Team Scream machine and he rarely made it to bonus time, thus did not have a freestyle win on that tour. Now that the 32 most amazing freestyle talents compete in the Monster Jam World Finals you just have to get every point possible to talk championships and most assuredly that has to include added points in bonus time.

6 – 1 Monster Energy – Damon Bradshaw (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series 2nd Place): Monster Jam’s 2009 winner in freestyle here has had a fantastic year en route to his runner-up finish on the inaugural Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series. All of Bradshaw’s points on that series came in racing or qualifying, not in freestyle. So why is Monster Energy this high on the list? Several reasons, beginning with the fact that Bradshaw had some phenomenal freestyle runs on that tour throughout the year but the competition there was at the highest level. A couple of times he was just a little short but at other times, as noted by Frank Krmel and I on the FOX Sports 1 broadcasts, Monster Energy could have, maybe should have won but did not receive the scores from the fan judges that he probably earned. Expect the most discerning fan judges we’ve seen all year at Monster Jam World Finals XVI and that could really benefit the best “technical” freestylers of which Monster Energy figure to be one.

8 - 1 Bounty Hunter – Jim Creten: Let’s continue talking technical excellence in freestyle which is an area where Creten and Bounty Hunter also stand out. The 2005 Monster Jam World Freestyle Championship went back to Tonganoxie, Kansas, when Creten combined huge wow factors with technical brilliance that showed the judges everything they were looking for. That’s how Bounty Hunter performs and fans can look forward to a great display of everything that truck can do when Creten returns for another crack at freestyle gold. One of the great things about this competition is how amazing the entire field is, thus a former winner here who is week in and week out as strong as any freestyle team in Monster Jam has to be closer to the middle of the pack in these odds.

10 – 1 Max-D – Neil Elliott (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series Champion): You have to know that this would be a popular wager if you get ten to one odds on Elliott and Max-D, this number is just further proof how amazing this entire group of superstars is in freestyle. This is a team that has already performed two of the most highly acclaimed freestyle runs in the sport so far this year which helped Elliott take the huge trophy home as the first champion of the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series. Neil last competed in the Monster Jam World Finals back in 2012 so he lacks the experience on this track that some of his competitors bring to Las Vegas but this course is created like no other in the sport which can even the playing field in the Sam Boyd Stadium experience category.

12 – 1 Monster Mutt – Dustin Brown (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series 3rd Place): Maybe the biggest surprise on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series was Brown who drove Monster Mutt to the third place finish in points to earn his first berth in this event. Brown’s ascension into Monster Jam prime time has come in freestyle, where his three freestyle wins in the stadiums on that tour topped the other fifteen teams that competed weekly on the TV events, and that total trails only Meents and Max-D for the most stadium freestyle victories in all of Monster Jam so far this year. While his first time status at Monster Jam World Finals makes him a real long shot in racing his impressive performances this year point to Monster Mutt being one to watch in freestyle.

15 – 1 Lucas Oil Crusader® – Linsey Weenk: Logic and statistics say that if Weenk wins his first Monster Jam World Finals Championship this year it will come in racing. Still the Lucas Oil Crusader has made some noise in freestyle as well over the years on this extreme layout. Weenk has the fifth highest average total freestyle score in previous Monster Jam World Finals events at 30.5 and has finished in the top five here before. Lucas Oil Crusader claimed a major stadium freestyle victory at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta back in January to further bolster another impressive resume in advance of Monster Jam World Finals XVI.

17 – 1 Mohawk Warrior® – George Balhan: In an event that has created so many jaw dropping moments over the past 15 years who can forget Mohawk Warrior hitting consecutive back flips here? Balhan brings that kind of innovative attitude to this competition, always looking for a way to push the envelope and show the Mohawk Nation and all of the Monster Jam fans an amazing move they haven’t previously seen. Balhan has been within a mere one point of winning this championship before. Mohawk Warrior is another team where clock management is critical, getting into bonus time as noted before is key for any potential winner.

18 – 1 El Toro Loco® – Marc McDonald: Because he has accomplished so much over the past few years in Monster Jam racing action McDonald is underrated by some as a potential freestyle victor here but believe me he is not taken lightly by those who have to compete against him. The awesome looking black version of El Toro Loco looks fantastic on the track when flying high and McDonald knows how to air it out. Another driver who really gives the judges everything they are looking for, that technical ability is a strength for McDonald and his team is known for having the truck just to his liking virtually every time out. El Toro Loco finished fourth in this competition last year.

20 – 1 FIELD BET: Barbarian – Devin Jones; FOX Sports 1 Cleatus – Frank Krmel; Monster Mutt® Dalmatian – Candice Jolly; and Titan – Donald Epidendio: Grouping these four veterans together in a “field” bet that would pay off nicely if one of them breaks through and captures the title. Barbarian is in only his second Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle competition however Jones was very impressive in his debut during the 2014 event and Barbarian finished in the top-10. FOX Sports 1 Cleatus and the veteran Krmel have lots of experience here and have had an excellent season in 2015 freestyle action. As impressive as her strides forward this year in racing have been Jolly has moved up the ladder in freestyle as well with Monster Mutt Dalmatian averaging 32.2 on the judge’s scorecards at her 2015 events, one of the highest averages in the sport this year. Competing not that far from his home in Lower Lake, California, Epidendio and Titan roll into this event fresh from the high stakes week-to-week action on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series which will have Titan prepared as ever to make a big impression here. Lots of players like field bets because you get multiple chances making this one wager so we’ll offer our own field bet option in these odds this time.

21 – 1 Soldier Fortune – Chad Fortune: Fortune returns to the Monster Jam World Finals now behind the wheel of Soldier Fortune and has a lot to build off of in pursuit of the world championship. One year ago Fortune set a personal best as a Monster Jam driver in freestyle at Sam Boyd Stadium, earning a score of 30.5 from the judges, the fifth best total at Monster Jam World Finals XV. This season Soldier Fortune has burst onto the scene with several sensational freestyle performances and has provided fans plenty of memory making moments in freestyle action. Soldier Fortune is a popular new addition to the line-up of Monster Jam trucks here, and the veteran driver of the military inspired machine has to like his chances here better than ever before.

22 – 1 Zombie Hunter – Lee O’Donnell: Another truck design making its Monster Jam World Finals debut with a top level veteran behind the wheel is Zombie Hunter. O’Donnell is one of several drivers as noted in previous individual comments in these odds that is expected to be a bigger threat in racing than in freestyle. Nonetheless O’Donnell’s experience from past trips to Las Vegas serve the Zombie Hunter team well and the parity of the 32 teams here and the yearly unpredictability of this event truly mean every team has a chance to win. If Zombie Hunter hits the track early in the order of freestyle appearances don’t be shocked to see O’Donnell spending plenty of time in the hot seat where the leader resides as the competition unfolds.

24 – 1 Stone Crusher – Steve Sims: Consistently giving Monster Jam’s greatest fans big time thrills in previous Monster Jam World Finals freestyle battles has been a hallmark of the Stone Crusher Monster Jam truck. Steve Sims brings Stone Crusher back looking to break new ground and give fans even more freestyle thrills here. Stone Crusher has been a consistent performer on the biggest freestyle stage in Monster Jam, rocking the house during several previous appearance and having scored among the top-five in this competition during past years.

25 - 1 Captain’s Curse® – Alex Blackwell: The Captain’s Curse Monster Jam truck has World Freestyle Championship pedigree going back to the 2007 title run and Blackwell looks to return the pirate themed machine to the top of this battle. Captain’s Curse highest scoring freestyle runs in 2015 have come at events out West, specifically in Anaheim and San Diego, so the team seems to like the drier air and the Pacific Time zone. Captain’s Curse also benefits from team chemistry and unity with an outfit that has worked together for years with a track record that includes lots of big scores at some of the biggest events in Monster Jam.

28 – 1 Zombie – Bari Musawwir: Thousands of Monster Jam fans will be enjoying the popular Zombie Zone at the world’s largest Party in the Pits and then head inside Sam Boyd Stadium ready to cheer loudly when Musawwir roars onto the track in the freestyle competition. Still relatively new to this competition Musawwir is a consistent performer who knows how to thrill the crowd while not using the equipment up too quickly, and if you can fill the clock on this set of extreme obstacles you’ve got a shot at a big score. Zombie also has the advantage of design: this truck just looks awesome in action on the track and the fan support for Bari and Zombie will be huge in Las Vegas again this year.

30 – 1 Monster Mutt® Rottweiler – Rod Schmidt: Finally getting his first invitation to compete in the Monster Jam World Finals a year ago veteran Rod Schmidt returns for a second straight year in Monster Mutt Rottweiler. With years of experience for Team Grave Digger before taking over Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Schmidt has proven himself to be a top tier freestyle performer for years. He’s listed as a long shot here only due to his limited experience at this event and the incredible level of excellence represented across all 32 teams competing at Monster Jam World Finals XVI.

33 – 1 Scooby-Doo™ – Nicole Johnson: Just one year ago Johnson made history, becoming the first female to successfully land a back flip in a Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle competition. Battling on her home turf, the Las Vegas area resident is back in the field of 32 aboard Scooby-Doo. The ladies will have their biggest presence ever at this year’s Monster Jam World Finals with a total of six female drivers competing in either the Young Guns ShootoutSM or Monster Jam World Finals XVI. Traditionally we’ve seen women drivers excel in this ultimate freestyle test, going all the way back to an amazing run from Jill Canuso in Wrenchead.com that finished in the runner-up position at Monster Jam World Finals II. Of course Madusa® became the first woman to win a World Freestyle Championship in 2004. Then Dawn Creten amazed the fans from all over the world with her incredible performance behind the wheel of Scarlet Bandit when she finished with the second highest score here in 2008, falling one point short of Adam Anderson’s World Championship score in Taz. Let’s see if Johnson and Scooby-Doo are next to make that great of an impression here.

35 – 1 Overkill Evolution – Mike Vaters II: Overkill Evolution really impressed during its debut here one year ago. After winning the 2014 Young Guns Shootout Thursday and running very competitively in Friday night’s race bracket Vaters II had to feel like he was playing with house money during the Saturday night freestyle challenge. The second generation star filled the clock with a run that included a lot of excitement and opened many eyes looking to the future of the sport. Vaters II and Overkill Evolution look to build on that outstanding start in 2015 and figure to be a fixture in this competition for years and years to come.

40 – 1 Grave Digger – Colton Eichleberger (#MoreMonsterJam 2nd Place); Max-D – Morgan Kane (#MoreMonsterJam Champion); and the Young Guns Winner: There’s a great chance that we are talking about future Monster Jam World Champions in this group but for the purposes of these odds the drivers who are true Monster Jam World Finals rookies, those who have never competed in frestyle before on this course and in this intense spotlight are assigned the longest odds. It will be a learning experience for them but they are each capable of turning in big time performances and racking up high scores from the judges. Eichleberger and Kane have pushed each other every week on the #MoreMonsterJam tour and have started a new chapter in the storied Grave Digger vs. Max-D rivalry. They are likely to push each other in this competition as well. The Young Guns Shootout winner also has to rate as a long shot but will have no pressure having already claimed a major win at this year’s Monster Jam World Finals. Note that even though they are the longest shots in the field they are still not worse than 40 to one because this truly is such a wide open, unpredictable competition that any competitor in this field is capable of capturing the magic and turning in a championship run.

NO LINE – Doom’s Day

Monster Jam World Finals XVI presented by NGK Spark Plugs will come to an amazing conclusion in Las Vegas at Sam Boyd Stadium on Saturday March 28th with a record-equaling 32 Monster Jam trucks competing for the 2015 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship on a night sure to provide the greatest thrills and action that Monster Jam fans have ever witnessed.

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Monster Jam World Finals® XVI presented by NGK Spark Plugs will again bring together the largest number of competitors ever battling through the most intense bracket in the sport, each team heading to Las Vegas with the goal of winning the Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship. Thirty-two Monster Jam® trucks and their talented drivers are heading West for an event sure to provide the greatest racing action we’ve ever seen, so as we’ve done in this space every year, all 32 teams are ranked here based on my amateur handicapping criteria.

To quickly review how these odds are created, two factors are consider the most important in assigning the morning line numbers for each Monster Jam team: first and foremost previous experience and success racing on the Sam Boyd Stadium track; and secondly their accomplishments on the track this season, with the most weight being carried by won-loss records at stadium and dome events.

Remember that these odds are presented “for recreational purposes only”. Here are the complete racing odds for Monster Jam World Finals XVI presented by NGK Spark Plugs:

Monster Jam World Finals XVI Presented By NGK Spark Plugs Morning Line Odds - RACING

3 - 5 Grave Digger The Legend® – Adam Anderson: Grave Digger The Legend is in pursuit of history during this trip to Las Vegas with Adam Anderson looking to firmly stamp his name into the Monster Jam World Finals record book in several ways. First on that list is winning a third straight Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship. The two-time defending world racing champ looks to win it again and tie Tom Meents as the only drivers to win three consecutive racing titles. Then there is the all-time record winning streak in individual race match-ups which is within reach this year for Anderson. Adam has won 10 straight rounds of racing at Sam Boyd Stadium, just three short of Meents’ mark for the longest winning streak in Monster Jam World Finals history. And another championship would be his fourth overall which would tie his father for the 2nd highest total of World Championships ever in Monster Jam. The odds are that he will do all of that. Combined with the incredible roll he has been on in Vegas the past two years add in this year’s stadium results where “The Legend” has won 91% of the races he has competed in and has the top number of Championship Race victories in the sport this year. The odds are prohibitive: Grave Digger The Legend is the top choice here at less than even money. That means you would have to bet $5 just to win $3.

7 – 5 Max-D℠ – Neil Elliott (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series Champion): If Grave Digger The Legend does not make history with another racing championship it says here that the most likely to take away the title is the driver who has already made history this year, Neil Elliott, the first ever Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series champion. That tour arguably prepares drivers for the Monster Jam World Finals better than any preparation we’ve ever seen. Elliott has competed in nine stadium events since the first of January against a stellar field of racers and has come away with three racing championship trophies at those events, leading him to the series championship. It’s been a few years since Elliott has competed at Sam Boyd Stadium so that would normally make his odds higher, but Neil is so good and his team so strong that the expectations are that Max-D is a legitimate contender.

8 – 5 Max-D – Tom Meents: Of course Meents and Max-D are again near the top of this list based solely on the success and records set on this race course. The overall 11-time Monster Jam World Champion has won six of those crowns in racing, last taking this title in 2012. Tom has won 41 rounds of racing on this specific track while losing only 8 times, far and away the winningest record in Monster Jam World Finals racing history. Grave Digger and Dennis Anderson are second on that list with 28 wins, more proof of Meents’ racing dominance over the years here. Meents’ racing win percentage of 83.7% is a full 11 points higher than Grave Digger The Legend (Adam Anderson) who is second in that ranking. Those wanting to pick against Meents can point to an un-Max-D like racing record of 8 wins and 8 losses on stadium tracks in 2015, and the fact that Adam has driven Grave Digger The Legend to victory over Meents in Max-D at each of the last two Monster Jam World Finals. That said, another Meents/Max-D racing title will shock no one so you wouldn’t make much money at the betting window.

9 – 5 Son-uva Digger® – Ryan Anderson: Is the pressure starting to build on “The Phenom” to get to that first Monster Jam World Championship? Maybe, but at the same time Ryan now has more experience on this track as he brings Son-uva Digger into this tournament for the fourth straight year. 2015 has already been a year of hauling in a lot of hardware for this team. Competing each week with a schedule equally balanced between stadium and arena events, Son-uva Digger has won 11 championship races and 16 freestyles since the start of the year, far and away the most overall wins in the sport. There is no question that Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger return to Sam Boyd Stadium with tons of momentum and even more experience. This certainly could be Ryan’s year to breakthrough with a world title, and he is as big a threat to win in racing as he is in freestyle.

2 – 1 Monster Energy – Damon Bradshaw (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series 2nd Place): Like Elliott, competing on big stadium tracks each week with great success on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series has Bradshaw supremely prepared for a run toward a racing championship to complement the Monster Jam World Freestyle Championship that he won in 2008. History shows that qualifying well on Double DownSM Thursday is critical to racing success on Friday; no one has ever won the Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship qualifying worse than 8th. Monster Energy has been among the best qualifying trucks in the sport all season, posting the fastest time at five of the 9 previously noted stadium events on the 2015 tour. An intense, focused, and motivated competitor, Bradshaw has made it to the final round at Sam Boyd Stadium before when he finished as the runner-up to Max-D just three years ago in the closest championship race ever at this event. He’s a big threat to duplicate, or even better that march this year.

5 – 2 Grave Digger® – Dennis Anderson: It’s been another excellent year on the race track for Grave Digger which means Dennis Anderson is once again a top contender in pursuit of his fifth overall championship. He has looked strong racing this year with Championship Race trophies won in both San Antonio and Houston so far in 2015. Last year Grave Digger won the Double Down trophy as the fastest qualifier for the first-ever 32 truck race bracket here and made it to the semifinals before falling to his son Adam during the march of Grave Digger The Legend to that 2014 racing crown. Grave Digger should again be a legitimate final four contender and if you can make it to the semis you can win it all. If you like to look at trends there is one that Dennis would like to overcome, the fact that he has only won championships in Las Vegas during even numbered years. This is 2015 of course, an odd numbered year. Another trend to consider is that Anderson has never gone more than five years without winning the racing championship, a title he last claimed in 2010. That’s a trend that says Grave Digger is due to return to the mountain top in racing.

4 - 1 Bounty Hunter – Jim Creten: Another year, another chance for Jimmy Creten to take Bounty Hunter to that elusive first Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship. Bounty Hunter returns to Sam Boyd Stadium with the most impressive resume on this track of any driver that has not won the racing championship at this grandest of all Monster Jam events. Creten has driven Bounty Hunter to the Double Down trophy as the fastest qualifier three times; has advanced to the semifinal round of the Monster Jam World Finals racing bracket seven times; and has finished in the runner-up spot an all-time record five times. This year has not seen the volume of racing championships we’ve seen in past years from Creten but his Bounty Hunter did build momentum by taking the victory at the most recent stadium racing competition in El Paso earlier this month. Will 2015 finally be the year that Bounty Hunter wins the Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship?

9 – 2 El Toro Loco® – Marc McDonald: If we get a first time racing champion during this trip to Vegas it certainly could be Marc McDonald and El Toro Loco. McDonald drove the awesome black El Toro Loco to the final round at Monster Jam World Finals XIV before losing that title tilt to Grave Digger The Legend and since then McDonald has continued to have great success and again sports one of the best records in stadium racing this year, having taken home the race trophy in both Detroit and Toronto. A couple months before that McDonald was hoisting up the winner’s hardware a half a world away in Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, on the Monster Jam world tour. Marc has shown a knack for grabbing high profile wins, and it doesn’t get any bigger than on this stage.

5 – 1 Lucas Oil Crusader® – Linsey Weenk: Here is another accomplished racer looking to capture the magic Friday night March 27th and finally claim his first Monster Jam World Finals Championship. Competing on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series, Lucas Oil Crusader started off with a flourish winning the racing bracket at both the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa but couldn’t add to that total in the later weeks of that series as Max-D and Monster Energy took control of the racing competitions. Weenk’s best runs in Vegas came in 2009 - 2011 where he made it to the semifinal round each time but has never advanced to the Championship Race. Weenk is another top level driver that you can say is overdue to take the next step. Note that the odds begin to get much longer from this point on.

10 -1 Grave Digger – Charlie Pauken (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series 4th Place): Charlie Pauken earns the chance to drive his Grave Digger machine in Monster Jam World Finals XVI by virtue of his top four finish on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series following several years of being a top contender in Las Vegas driving Monster Mutt®. It is again expected that Pauken is a bigger threat to win the freestyle competition than he is to take the racing title. A top contender week in and week out his success in Las Vegas on the race track has been limited and he has not taken a racing championship in a stadium since week one of 2015 when he won the bracket in Houston. So while this Grave Digger rates as a mid-pack pick in racing Pauken will be much higher on the freestyle chart.

12 – 1 Zombie Hunter – Lee O’Donnell: The focal driver of the biggest controversy at Monster Jam World Finals XV, Lee O’Donnell is back with a new truck and a big chip on his shoulder. It was O’Donnell who was forced to re-run a race he thought he had won against Max-D in the semifinals last year and you know he hasn’t forgotten that and has to be even more motivated bringing Zombie Hunter to the Monster Jam World Finals. O’Donnell’s vast off-road racing experience has served him well on the often changing desert race track that crowns the sport’s champions.

14 – 1 Metal Mulisha – Todd Leduc: The reigning Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion is back as a bigger threat to repeat on Saturday night than to win it all on Friday, but at the same time a Metal Mulisha racing championship would not be a stunner. LeDuc, another off-road racer with a lot of desert experience, has had some success racing this year, having driven Metal Mulisha to racing championships in both Oakland and El Paso, both coming within the latter stages of this first quarter which gives that team great momentum on the race track. Always a fast truck here, Metal Mulisha won the Double Down trophy as the fastest qualifier at Monster Jam World Finals XIII in 2012.

15 – 1 Monster Mutt® Dalmatian – Candice Jolly: This is the best Jolly has been rated in these annual odds for good reason. As she brings Monster Mutt Dalmatian to the “Big Show” for the seventh time, she rolls out West in the midst of her most successful Monster Jam season ever. Candice has won 67% percent of her stadium races this year, hands down her best mark ever in that category and this is the year that saw her drive Monster Mutt Dalmatian to the biggest racing championship of her career at the Alamodome in San Antonio. She has to overcome her struggles here in the past, never having won a racing round on this track. Based on how strong her puppy has raced all year she may not win the title, but she has a great chance to get her first-ever round win here and if Monster Mutt Dalmatian can win that first round race who knows what kind of a roll Candice can get on. One thing we know for sure is that her Monster Mutt Dalmatian fashion show will again be a highlight during the world’s largest Party in the Pits.

17 -1 Captain’s Curse® – Alex Blackwell: Captain’s Curse is again in the bracket with driver Alex Blackwell hoping to build on his past success that has seen him advance as far as the Championship Round. Blackwell finished as the runners-up to Meents and Max-D in 2009, then reached the semifinals again in 2012. Captain’s Curse has struggled in stadium racing this year but that previous success in Sam Boyd Stadium means this is a team that cannot be taken lightly during the Monster Jam World Finals racing competition.

18 – 1 Zombie – Bari Musawwir: Look at Musawwir’s two biggest racing championships: one came at Sam Boyd Stadium when he drove Spider-man to the first ever Young Guns ShootoutSM title; the other was in his most recent stadium race when he powered Zombie to the winner’s stage in Syracuse at the finale of the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series. Bari also made it all the way to the semifinal round of racing at Monster Jam World Finals XIV two years ago. Zombie has a huge fan following, momentum from the Syracuse win, and this place has been good to him in the past. No doubt that Zombie, and Musawwir, would be a popular long shot selection at these odds.

22 – 1 Overkill Evolution – Mike Vaters II: The 2014 Monster Jam Young Guns Champion is back for a second shot in the field of 32. The second generation star adapted to this race course very quickly in his debut a year ago. Not only did Overkill Evolution qualify second fastest in the Young Guns Shootout and then go through the bracket to win that title, but Vaters was fast in the Monster Jam World Finals racing competition as well. He lost a photo finish race to the always tough Pablo Huffaker in Wolverine a year ago proving just how competitive Overkill Evolution is. Vaters II figures to be a tough out in this racing bracket.

24 – 1 Mohawk Warrior® – George Balhan: A Monster Jam World Finals veteran who is likely to win some early round races but is a long shot to win this championship, Mohawk Warrior is expected to be a much stronger threat to take the freestyle title. Still Balhan can make some noise in this racing bracket especially if he can qualify well and avoid some of the favorites in the first couple of rounds. Balhan has advanced as far as the semifinal round here in the past, having raced Mohawk Warrior all the way into the final four back in 2011.

25 – 1 FOX Sports 1 Cleatus – Frank Krmel: Krmel has to enjoy the consistency of bringing the awesome FOX Sports 1 Cleatus truck back for the second straight year at the Monster Jam World Finals. After all Frank has the record of driving six different Monster Jam trucks over the years in this competition and that experience should be an advantage if he draws one of the newer teams with less time on this race track. Krmel has had a busy first quarter of 2015 having competed each week while also doing a great job as the expert commentator on the television broadcasts of the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series. He will arrive in Las Vegas ready for his best performance ever here for sure.

30 – 1 Soldier Fortune℠ – Chad Fortune: Fortune makes his 12th appearance in the Monster Jam World Finals and the guess is he will be better than ever. Chad has been a perfect fit for the new military inspired Soldier Fortune truck and the results on the track have already been impressive. Soldier Fortune winning the star studded race bracket in New Orleans earlier this year is arguably the greatest win of Fortune’s driving career and he’ll try to build off of that and turn it into his most successful run ever at the Monster Jam World Finals. Another who may be a long shot to win it all but is more than capable of advancing through the early rounds.

35 – 1 Titan – Donald Epidendio: Titan returns to this event for the second time hoping to not repeat one of the most spectacular moments of Monster Jam World Finals XV when his high speed crash in qualifying destroyed the Titan machine. Epidendio still made the bracket thanks to his long time friend B J Johnson who provided his machine for Donald to race in last year. Epidendio and Titan have benefitted from competing on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series, racing coast to coast on big stadium tracks all year. Even though this is just year two for Titan in the Monster Jam World Finals remember that Titan was in the Young Guns Shootout the two years before that so Donald has plenty of passes under his belt on this difficult race circuit.

40 – 1 Max-D – Morgan Kane (#MoreMonsterJam Champion): Competing in this 32 Monster Jam truck racing bracket for the first time, Kane is not your typical Las Vegas rookie thus the odds on this Max-D team are not quite as long as the other first time participants. Morgan earned this invitation by winning the championship of the #MoreMonsterJam tour where his natural athletic ability made him a great fit for that grueling series. In addition the extensive training and practice that Kane put in to compete on the #MoreMonsterJam tour and the individual tutoring he received from Tom Meents should bring this athlete to Monster Jam World Finals XVI ready to make a statement against the best in the sport. Morgan is no stranger to this track having competed in the first two Young Guns Shootout brackets that included his run all the way to the final round of that competition in 2013 where he finished in the runner-up spot. Those factors indicate that Monster Jam World Finals veterans should not take Kane’s Max-D lightly.

50 – 1 Avenger – Jim Koehler; Northern Nightmare℠ – Cam McQueen; Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® – Scott Buetow; Monster Mutt® Rottweiler – Rod Schmidt; and Stone Crusher – Steve Sims: Calling this group “The Freestyle Five” for the purposes of creating these odds. These five are grouped together at this number for one reason: each is a much stronger contender to win the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship. That doesn’t mean each won’t win some rounds of racing here because all are experienced on this track and capable of springing some upsets together, but make no mistake about it any one of this group is more likely to be holding up the World Championship trophy on Saturday night than they are on Friday.

75 – 1 Barbarian – Devin Jones and Scooby-Doo℠ – Nicole Johnson: Both Barbarian and Scooby-Doo are real long shots as much as anything due to inexperience on the race track at Sam Boyd Stadium. Look for Jones and Johnson both to take steps forward this year and these are two of the teams that are sure to benefit most from the practice runs they’ll be afforded before the actual qualifying and racing competitions begin. A pair of rising stars that are looking to pull some shockers during the racing action this year.

100 – 1 Grave Digger® – Colton Eichleberger (#MoreMonsterJam 2nd Place); Monster Mutt® – Dustin Brown (Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series 3rd Place); and the Young Guns Shootout Winner: Again the newcomers have the longest odds because there is no other track like this one in the sport. That said if there were actual bets being taken on these numbers you’d have to like the potential payoff for this group. The potential here is huge going forward. Eichleberger, another second generation star has been as impressive as any rookie in this sport ever, earning a berth in the 32 truck field which is extremely rare for a pure rookie. Again, he earned it by finishing second in points on the #MoreMonsterJam tour. Former World Championship Crew Chief Brown is now firmly established as one of the fastest rising stars in the sport and also grabbed a guaranteed spot though his performances on the Monster Jam FOX Sports 1 Championship Series.

NO LINE – Doom’s Day

For the second consecutive year a record tying 32 Monster Jam trucks and drivers will battle on the toughest and fastest race track in all of Monster Jam in pursuit of the championship at Monster Jam World Finals XVI Racing on Friday March 27th at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

young gun odds 


We get our best look ever at the future of Monster Jam® when the Monster Jam Young Guns Shootout℠ expands to a record 16 trucks in this fourth annual installment of one of the highlights of the popular Double Down℠ festivities coming up Thursday, March 26th at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. This event has been full of surprises over its first three years and that trend may continue this year because in this field all of the great talent on display has either limited or no previous experience on the toughest, fastest, and trickiest race course in all of Monster Jam. This should again be a wide open contest throughout; in the first three years of this event the favorite in these odds has not won the title (sorry Coty!). That said, the combination of some past experience here and outstanding performances in 2015 make the top-three picks here the clear favorites, so the numbers point to Monster Energy, Mohawk Warrior® or Hooked as the most likely to win the fourth Young Guns Shootout. Let’s look at all 16 competitors in the morning line odds that, as always, are presented “for recreational purposes only”.

5-2 Monster Energy – Coty Saucier: Monster Energy driver Coty Saucier returns to the Young Guns Shootout for the second time after finishing as the runner-up in this competition a year ago. Saucier benefits from a year that has seen almost no time off from Monster Jam, having undergone extensive off-season practice and training to compete on the challenging, new #MoreMonsterJam tour where he finished third in the season points. It was a close call at the top to determine the favorite between the top-three on this list. The nod goes to Saucier not only because of his stellar first quarter performance this year but because he was the fastest qualifier for this event in 2014, marched all the way into the Young Guns Shootout championship race and owns a win on this track against this year’s second choice in the odds when Monster Energy defeated Mohawk Warrior in the semifinal round at Sam Boyd Stadium in 2014. Those are the reasons that Saucier rates as a slight favorite to take the Young Guns Shootout title and qualify a second Monster Energy machine for Monster Jam World Finals XVISM.

3-1 Mohawk Warrior – B.J. Johnson: Also back for his second appearance in the Young Guns Shootout, Johnson now has experience on this track along with an impressive resume over the last two years. Johnson has driven Mohawk Warrior to many wins since appearing here in 2014 and don’t forget his amazing drive to the stadium racing championship filling in for Madusa against a star-studded line-up in Adelaide, Australia, last fall. Based on his record on the track over these past two years in Monster Jam and considering his run into the semifinals at last year’s Young Guns Shootout, Mohawk Warrior is the solid second choice here.

7-2 Hooked – Steven Sims: Slotted just behind the top-two in the morning line odds the young Sims rates as a legitimate contender to take this pressure packed competition. This will be the third straight Young Guns Shootout appearance for Sims in Hooked and he has been strong in each of his first two outings on the fastest track in Monster Jam, turning in one of the top qualifying times in 2013 and looking even better last year, advancing to the semifinals where he fell to eventual 2014 Young Guns Shootout Champion Mike Vaters II and Overkill Evolution. Sims also benefits from a busy first quarter on the Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series where he had several excellent runs against some of the top stars in the sport. Already Sims powered Hooked to the biggest victory of his young career this year, winning the freestyle in Tampa on the televised series. He’s certainly capable of another milestone championship in Las Vegas.

6-1 Xtermigator – JR McNeal: Returning to this high profile event driving Xtermigator, McNeal joins Becky McDonough and El Toro Loco® as the only drivers invited to compete in each of the first four Young Guns Shootout events. Last year was his best performance yet at Sam Boyd Stadium, winning his opening round race but losing in round two versus Overkill Evolution. There is nothing to be embarrassed about being eliminated by the eventual champion, and McNeal figures to be looking to build off last year and make an even deeper run through the bracket this time out.

7-1 New Earth Authority℠ – Colt Stephens: Certainly the blood lines are intriguing for this first time Young Guns Shootout participant. Quick trivia question: who was the first driver to defeat Grave Digger® in a race at the Monster Jam World Finals? The answer: Scott Stephens, who drove King Krunch to the upset win over Dennis Anderson at Monster Jam World Finals I. Here we are some 15 years later and now his son Colt will get to race on the famed Sam Boyd Stadium course. Keep an eye on the younger Stephens in this competition. He’s been called a “natural” by many observers and he was very impressive racing on big stadium tracks during last fall’s extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand on the Monster Jam World Tour.

8-1 Madusa® – Brianna Mahon: With Madusa accepting her long overdue induction into the WWE Hall of Fame the same weekend as Monster Jam World Finals XVI the two-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion handpicked this impressive rookie to pilot her pink machine in the Young Guns Shootout. It’s a great move by one of the most popular driver’s in the sport. Madusa has led the way and helped open the door for the amazing crop of female drivers that we are blessed to see in Monster Jam action today, and Mahon may be as naturally talented as any. Her rookie year has been nothing short of impressive. She’s recorded victories this year competing against some of the top stars in the sport and has raced well on stadium courses. Mahon joins an excellent team here to pilot this top notch piece and if she adapts to it quickly she could be a real force in this bracket. The Madusa truck already has a high profile win with a different driver in the past year (see above regarding Adelaide). Mahon has the talent to duplicate that feat here.

9-1 El Toro Loco – Becky McDonough: Two factors rate El Toro Loco in the top-half of this list: Becky’s experience on this track and all of the training and practice she has put in to compete on the #MoreMonsterJam tour this year. McDonough heads back to Young Guns Shootout for the fourth straight year and while she has not had a lot of success in the first three years that previous experience and familiarity with the pressure of the event and the challenges of the race track might be channeled into a breakthrough performance this time out. It stands to reason that with so many of the rising stars in this field competing at Sam Boyd Stadium for the first-time McDonough’s experience here gives El Toro Loco an edge against many of the others she may face at the starting line.

10-1 Double Trouble – Travis Groth: Making his second Young Guns Shootout appearance Groth rates as an intriguing pick with not so long odds after running strong at Sam Boyd Stadium in 2014 and thanks to a busy 2014 schedule that has seen this team competing each week against top level competition, several of those battles having been contested on big stadium race tracks out West. The extensive off-road racing experience in his background and his expertise in chassis fabrication and high performance engines are also assets to this team’s potential here.

12-1 El Diablo℠ – JP Ruggiero: The popular bilingual driver and his radical looking machine will be hoping to use previous experience in this event as an advantage against the new crop of drivers coming to compete here for the first-time. Ruggiero will compete in his third Young Guns Shootout trying to break through and grab some racing victories in the rounds of this competition. El Diablo has become a threat to win freestyle and wheelie competitions everywhere but JP is still honing his racing game. We’ll see if he can channel his previous time on this track into success this year.

15-1 Dragon℠ – Scott Liddycoat: Dragon has become wildly popular in a short time and Liddycoat has developed on the track in this sport quickly as well thus he has been invited back for the second straight year to the Young Guns Shootout. Scott has competed against strong line-ups throughout 2015 with a schedule balanced between arena action and stadium courses. He rates as a longer shot here but will not be intimidated by the track or the magnitude of the event and Dragon is certainly capable of pulling off some wins especially in the early rounds.

18-1 Heavy Hitter – Derick Anson: The daring Outlaw Figure-8 race car driver has risen quickly in the Monster Jam ranks and is being included in the Young Guns Shootout for the second consecutive year. The enthusiastic native of Louisville, Ky., laid down some fast runs practicing on this track a year ago. This year Anson will be looking for consistency each pass and the ability to smoothly negotiate the final turn that translates to victories in Sam Boyd Stadium.

20 -1 Scooby-Doo℠ – Bailey Shea and Blue Thunder® – Dalton Millican: Looking across all the criteria used to create these odds, you just can’t separate these two athletes so they carry the same morning line odds into the fourth annual Young Guns Shootout. Both were top level ATV racers before getting into Monster Jam; both benefitted from the grueling training and rigorous schedule competing on the #MoreMonsterJam Tour in 2015; and both have developed quickly on the track as pure Monster Jam rookies. Two real stars of the future that deserve to be here and figure to be racing on this track for years and years to come.

25-1 Monster Mutt® Dalmatian – Cynthia Gauthier, The Patriot – Andrew Peckham, and Hurricane Force – Steven Thompson: No one is going to be rated at longer odds than 25 to 1 just due to the nature of this event that has been so wide open and unpredictable in the past. This trio rates with the longest odds in the field as each makes their maiden voyage thru Thunder Alley in 2015. Like all of the competitors in the 2015 Young Guns Shootout Gauthier, Peckham, and Thompson expect to be fixtures in Las Vegas for years to come and this first taste of racing on this track will gain each valuable experience. Gauthier figures to be an especially popular addition to the competition with the large number of Canadian fans who attend Monster Jam World Finals annually now having another native Canadian to cheer for on the track and meet at the huge Party in the Pits each day.

The fourth annual Young Guns Shootout will be one of the many highlights Monster Jam fans will enjoy during the Double Down activities at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium on Thursday, March 26th.


Pit party schedule header

(schedules subject to change without notice)
11:00am-5:00pm – Double Down Party in the Pits
11:00am – Entertainment Zone Performance
11:00am-12:30pm – Non-Competing Drivers Autograph Session #1
11:00am-1:30pm – Competing Drivers Autograph Session #1
11:30am – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
12:30pm-3:30pm – Double Down BBQ
12:30pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
1:00pm – Entertainment Zone Performance
1:30pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
1:30pm-3:00pm – Double Down Track Walk
1:30pm-4:00pm – Non-Competing Drivers Autograph Session #2
2:30pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
3:00pm-4:00pm – Competing Drivers Autograph Session #2
3:00pm – Entertainment Zone Performance
3:30pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
4:30pm – Stadium Seating Opens
5:00pm – Monster Jam Parade
5:30pm – Young Guns Shootout & Qualifying

Entertainment Zone
90 minute shows featuring:
* Drifting * Quad Wars
* Trials * Freestyle Sport Bikes
* X-Pogo * Quad Freestyle Motocross
* BMX * Freestyle Motocross
* Galactron vs Reptar

NGK Spark Plugs Main Stage Entertainment
11:30am – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
12:00pm – Team Build Kids Activity
12:15pm – Young Guns Qualifying Draw
1:00pm – FOX Sports 1 Trivia Questions
1:20pm – Becoming A Young Gun
1:55pm – New Bright RC Demo
3:05pm – Building A Legacy: The Future of Monster Jam
3:20pm – Monster Jam World Finals XV Young Guns Champion Interview
4:05pm – Mascot Challenge
4:30pm – Game Day Wrap Up

(schedules subject to change without notice)
10:30am – Early entry for Double Down fans and host hotel guests
11:00am-5:00pm – Party in the Pits
11:00am – Entertainment Zone Performance
11:00am-12:30pm – Non-Competing Drivers Autograph Session #1
11:00am-1:30pm – Competing Drivers Autograph Session #1
1:00pm – Entertainment Zone Performance
1:30pm-4:00pm – Non-Competing Drivers Autograph Session #2
3:00pm-4:00pm – Competing Drivers Autograph Session #2
3:00pm – Entertainment Zone Performance
4:30pm – Stadium Seating Opens
5:00pm – Monster Jam Parade
7:00pm – Racing Championship

Entertainment Zone
90 minute shows featuring:
* Jet Smart Car * Quad Wars
* X-Pogo * Freestyle Sport Bikes
* BMX * Quad Freestyle Motocross
* Transaurus * Freestyle Motocross

NGK Spark Plugs Main Stage Entertainment
11:30am – Racing Champion Moments
11:50pm – FOX Sports 1 Trivia Questions
12:00pm – Team Build Kids Activity
12:25pm – Racing Champion Moments
12:30pm – Mascot Challenge
12:40pm – Monster Jam World Finals XV: Iron Man vs. Max-D
1:00pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
1:45pm – Carl Van Horn performs Monster Jam song
1:55pm – Racing Champion Moments
2:10pm – A Week in the Life: Behind the Scenes with Monster Jam Technicians
2:55pm – Racing Champion Moments
3:00pm – Monster Jam World Finals XV Racing Champion Interview
3:15pm – Mohawk Nation: Mohawk Love
3:40pm – Monster Jam World Finals XVI Young Guns Champion Interview
4:20pm – Mascot Challenge
4:30pm – Monster Jam Racing Breakdown

(schedules subject to change without notice)
10:30am – Early entry for Double Down fans and host hotel guests
11:00am-5:00pm – Party in the Pits
11:00am – Entertainment Zone Performance
11:00am-12:30pm – Non-Competing Drivers Autograph Session #1
11:00am-1:30pm – Competing Drivers Autograph Session #1
1:00pm – Entertainment Zone Performance
1:30pm-4:00pm – Non-Competing Drivers Autograph Session #2
1:30pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge
3:00pm-4:00pm – Competing Drivers Autograph Session #2
3:00pm – Entertainment Zone Performance
4:30pm – Stadium Seating Opens
5:00pm – Monster Jam Parade
7:00pm – Freestyle Championship

Entertainment Zone
90 minute shows featuring:
* Drifting * Galactron vs Reptar
* Trials * Freestyle Sport Bikes
* X-Pogo * Quad Freestyle Motocross
* BMX * Freestyle Motocross
* Transaurus * Megasaurus

NGK Spark Plugs Main Stage Entertainment
11:30am – New Bright RC Demo
12:00pm – Team Build Kids Activity
12:30pm – Mascot Challenge
1:20pm – Freestyling with the Stars: New Monster Jam Tracks in 2015
1:50pm – FOX Sports 1 Trivia Questions
2:00pm – Monster Jam Auction featuring A&E Storage War’s stars Dan & Laura Dotson
3:20pm – Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge: Winners Announced
3:30pm – Monster Mutt Dalmatian Fashion Show
4:00pm – Monster Jam World Finals XVI Racing Champion Interview
4:15pm – Monster Jam World Finals XV Freestyle Champion Interview
4:30pm – Mascot Challenge
4:40pm – Monster Jam Freestyle Breakdown

(subject to change without notice)

BKT Ride Truck Zone: Experience the thrill of a lifetime with a ride in one of four premier Monster Jam Ride Trucks. Free on Thursday to Double Down fans. Rides are $10 per person on Friday & Saturday.

Building Zone: Build your own wooden Monster Jam truck in the Building Zone! Watch as teams race to build their wooden Max-D and El Toro Loco Monster Jam trucks in record time! Team building competitions will take place throughout the day begins at 12:00pm at the Main Stage and at 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm in the Building Zone! You can take the building fun home at no additional cost with the purchase of a 2015 Monster Jam souvenir yearbook!

Information Booth and Lost & Found: Can’t find your favorite Monster Jam truck? Wondering which drivers are competing in the Young Guns Shootout? Have questions about the 2016 Monster Jam World Finals? Stop by the Information Booth for answers to all of your questions. Located on Monster Jam Main Street.

NGK Spark Plugs Graffiti Zone: Sign a freestyle obstacle and Design-A-Sign to cheer on your favorite truck. Also featuring airbrush tattoos and face painting.

BKT Tires: Roll on over to the BKT Tires display for some fun interactive games and see the large production range of Off-Highway tires, specifically designed for vehicles in the agricultural, industrial, earthmoving, ATV, and gardening sector. BKT is the official and exclusive tire manufacture of Monster Jam.

Chevrolet: Chevrolet- If you’re looking to Find New Roads, look to the most awarded car company – Chevrolet. Visit the Chevy display to check out the all-new Colorado, Silverado HD and the Las Vegas Special Edition Camaro. Be sure to pick up your free gift and stick around to test your talents on Chevy’s one-of-a-kind cornhole game.

Dog Pound: Check out all of the dog themed monsters, and take part in the Monster Mutt Ruff and Tuff Challenge. The Ruff and Tuff Challenge, free on Thursday to Double Down Fans, is just $5 for three races on Friday and Saturday. Let your kids have their own race at Monster Jam World Finals.

FOX Sports 1: Come meet Cleatus, the robot that inspired the FOX Sports 1 Cleatus Monster Jam truck! The Cleatus robot stands over 7 feet tall and is ready for a photo with you and your family!

Hot Wheels® Zone: Race over to the Hot Wheels® zone to test drive new Monster Jam® toys from Hot Wheels! Team up with Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® to try to take down the chomping Dragon in the new Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Blast Challenge playset and launch new 1:64 scale die-cast Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks down the Downhill Race Track. While you’re there, check out the life-size Hot Wheels vehicles, get your photograph taken with the Team Hot Wheels Firestorm Monster Jam truck and meet Team Hot Wheels’ own “King of the Backflip”, Scott Buetow!

Lucas Oil Products: Stop by and see Lucas Oil Crusader driver Linsey Weenk at the Lucas Oil Trailer. Make sure to check out some of their awesome products like Lucas Oil Slick Mist, and spin their wheel for a chance to win great prizes from the official oil of the Monster Jam Fleet of Vehicles.

MetroPCS: As the Official Wireless Provider for the Monster Jam World Finals, MetroPCS wants you to have the best. So we present the best… Unlimited 4G LTE Plan… $50… Period. Taxes and regulatory fees included. All on the blazing-fast T-Mobile Network. Learn more and get some great giveaways at the MetroPCS booth in the Party in the Pits.

Monster Energy: Monster Energy supports the lifestyle of the world’s greatest action sports athletes and invites you to the world of Monster Energy. Visit the fully themed lounge environment of Monster Energy and see former Supercross Champion and 2009 Monster Jam World Final’s Freestyle Champion, Damon Bradshaw’s Monster Energy truck.

Monster Jam Mobile Game App: Play the Monster Jam As Big As It Gets mobile game app today! Test your skills at racing, freestyle, and more!

Monster Jam UTI Technician’s Challenge: Stop by and check out the Monster Jam technicians as they compete over the three days in timed competitions to show case there Monster Jam truck expertise.

Monster Jam World Finals XV Live Auction: Stars of A&E’s Storage Wars, Dan and Laura Dotson, are ready to resume their hosting and auctioneering duties at Monster Jam World Finals℠ XVI Live Auction. In 2014 Monster Jam® fans had the opportunity to bid on 31 unique and one-of-a-kind items. In 2014 thousands of Monster Jam fans lined up in front of the stage with their paddles in hand ready to score some special items such as: a Monster Jam Slot Machine, El Toro Loco® Weber Grill, a Villy Custom Cruiser Bicycle, and for the first time ever a fan won the opportunity to drive a Monster Truck at Digger’s Dungeon®.

The items set for this year’s auction are guaranteed to be bigger, better, and more fascinating than ever before. The stage is set to have over 25 pieces of Monster Jam memorabilia auctioned off to the highest bidders! All items will be on display all day Thursday and Friday, and until 12:00pm on Saturday. Registration will be on Friday and Saturday only on Monster Jam Main Street within the Party in the Pits. The auction is scheduled for Saturday – March 28th at the NGK Spark Plugs Main Stage at 2:00pm PST.

Monster Moto: Make your next weekend EPIC with an old school Monster Moto mini bike, electric mini bike or go-kart. Visitors will receive a 10% off coupon for future purchases (terms and conditions apply). Be sure to check out our custom (not available for sale) Grave Digger go-kart, mini bike and electric mini bike that will be auctioned off at the Monster Jam World Finals XV Live Auction Saturday at 2:00pm.

New Bright: Head over to test drive new radio control Monster Jam trucks from New Bright and get a sneak peek at the new Monster Jam Carnage Creatures R/C line which debuts this Fall!

NGK Spark Plugs: When you require the best, count on The World Leader in spark plug technology. Makers of spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application, NGK dominates. Visit the display to check out some of the most powerful fuel efficient spark plugs and oxygen sensors by the presenting sponsor of Monster Jam World Finals.

Scooby Doo™: Need a break? Check out all of the fun games and activities in the Scooby Doo tent and hang out with the Scooby Doo Monster Jam truck and his pal, Nicole Johnson.

Yamaha: Rev Your Heart looking at the full line of Yamaha vehicles. Yamaha wants you to get out and ride!

Young Guns Zone: Featuring all 16 of the Young Guns competing in this year’s Young Guns Shootout.

Zombie: A walk through apocalyptic adventure with real life Zombies to get to the Zombie Monster Jam truck.

Each day fans can enter the line for the 11:00am-1:30pm session until it is deemed full. Once the first session is full, passes will be distributed for the 3:00-4:00pm session until it too is deemed full.