N Little Rock, AR - Verizon Arena

Monster Jam 2014
Verizon Arena
N Little Rock, AR
January 24-25, 2014
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30: Fatal Attraction
Saturday 7:30p: Mountaineer

Friday 7:30: Fatal Attraction
Saturday 7:30p: Fatal Attraction

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Hotsy driven by Mike Miller, XXX driven by Chrissy Moler, Rap Attack driven by Dave Rappach, Fatal Attraction driven by Jeff Murphy, Incinerator driven by Ryan Rice and Mountaineer driven by R.B. Moler!!


Friday 7:30

Little Rock was the site for an epic Monster Jam Show this weekend!! Monster Jam As Big As It Gets came to life tonight with a very competitive evening.
Jeff Murphy and Fatal Attraction were on fire. Three wins including the two wins that would secure a double down for the Pine Prairie, Louisiana native. The only win Murphy left on the table was Wheelies which was claimed by Mike Miller in Hotsy. Murphy had been battling the flu for the last two weeks but came into Little Rock feeling 100% and ready to do battle.

Wheelies were good tonight. There was one wheelie that stood head and shoulders above the rest. Mike Miller in Hotsy stood his Ram powered hemi….straight up and landed squarely on his tailgate. Miller teetered for a couple of seconds and honestly I thought he was going to go over backwards on his lid….. He didn’t and pulled off 27 for the win. VERY NICE WHEELIE!!
Incinerator 22
Fatal Attraction 18
XXX 21
Hotsy 27 Winner
Mountaineer 18
Rap Attack 19
On another wheelie note….. Dave Rappach and Rap Attack limped off after his wheelie with a heavily smoking engine. The engine was brand new last week and after the show I spoke with Rappach and he believed that his UTI trained techs could get Rap Attack ready for tomorrow night. The engine issue did however take Rap Attack out for the rest of this Friday evening.
On to Racing:
Round 1
Fatal Attraction beat Mountaineer
Incinerator advanced with a bye run as Rap Attack was unable to report to the line.
Hotsy took out XXX

In the Semi’s:
XXX would return as the fast loser and ultimately fall to Fatal Attraction.
Hotsy beat Incinerator.

In the Championship round it all came down to two trucks both looking for the victory that might help their prospects of making the tightly contested field of 32 trucks at Monster Jam World Finals XV.
Fatal Attraction would take the victory over Hotsy. Jeff Murphy was in the position to Double Down.

Monster Jam Donuts:
Incinerator 24
Fatal Attraction 27 Winner
XXX 16
Hotsy 24
Mountaineer 22
Rap Attack DNC Engine issue

Free Style:
The night would mostly belong to Jeff Murphy and Fatal Attraction as he took the Free Style Trophy. That gave him the Double Down and three for four in the Trophy department tonight.
Incinerator 18
Fatal Attraction 24 Winner
XXX 15
Hotsy 22
Mountaineer 20
Rap Attack DNC Engine Issue
Thank you Little Rock for a great night. We are back tomorrow. Pit Party 4:30 and doors open for the show at 6:30. See you tomorrow Night!!


By Mitch Smith

Saturday 7:30p

Monster Jam As Big As It Gets produced some significant carnage in Little Rock tonight. The lineup was strong and the action was incredible. After last night’s Fatal Attraction domination every Monster Jam driver in the house was determined to step up their game and knock off Jeff Murphy and Fatal Attraction. Would they be successful???? Well….. Partially!!

Wheelies tonight proved to be challenging for a couple of our Monster Jam Trucks. All were able to compete however the stacks would prove to be tough on more than one truck tonight. Dave Rappach and Rap attack would finish with the Wheelie win tonight only to have another issue with his Monster. Dave initially thought it was a broken axle….. but as it turns out a very simple fix got him back into action in time for donuts and Freestyle. R.B. Moler and Mountaineer also seemed to be experiencing some sort of engine issue after completing his wheelie run.
Incinerator 22
Fatal Attraction 16
XXX 20
Hotsy 23
Mountaineer 16
Rap Attack 27 Winner
On to Racing:
Round 1 Monster Jam Racing was close….really close all night. Dave Rappach and Rap attack was busy trying to figure out what was going on with Rap and was unable to report to the line for the first round of racing. Tough break for him as he was unable to compete in racing after missing the first round.
Round 1 Monster Jam Racing:
Mountaineer took out Fatal Attraction
Incinerator advances with a bye run as Rap Attack could not report to the line
Hotsy bested XXX to advance……. BUT XXX would return as the fast loser in the Semi-Final round. This would prove to be an interesting turn of events as it would match R.B. Moler against Chrissy Moler… yep husband and wife…… Mountaineer against XXX. Hope R.B. brought the dog house in his hauler. He might need it if he were to take out his wife in the semi’s.
Mountaineer did in fact take out XXX…… Yikes….. dog house and straw on standby.
Hotsy defeated Incinerator.

The Championship round:
Mountaineer took the racing championship over Hotsy!! By winning the racing championship tonight R.B. Likely won’t be in the dog house and all is well with the Molers.
Monster Jam Donuts:
Incinerator 23
Fatal Attraction 26 Winner
XXX 18
Hotsy 25
Mountaineer 24
Rap Attack 11

Free Style:
Incinerator 17
Fatal Attraction 25 Winner
XXX 20
Hotsy 23
Mountaineer DNC Engine issue
Rap Attack 15 after breaking a 4 link bar about 30 seconds in.
Thank you Little Rock for a great night. We are back next January and tickets are on sale now. Thanks for a great weekend Little Rock!!


By Mitch Smith