Anaheim, CA - Angel Stadium

Monster Jam 2014
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, CA
January 11, 2014
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Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Carl Van Horn, Madusa®, Max-D℠ driven by Tom Meents, Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® driven by Scott Buetow, Metal Mulisha driven by Brian Deegan, New Earth Authority℠ driven by Norm Miller, El Toro Loco®(Orange) driven by Dan Rodoni, Tropical Thunder driven by Michael Pappas, Time Fly's driven by Kelvin Ramer, Detour driven by Garrett Ladelle, Titan driven by Donald Epidendio, Devastator driven by Mark Schroeder, Obsessed driven by Eric Swanson, Captain USA driven by Travis Groth, Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth and Cleatus driven by Frank Krmel!!


After Donald Epidendio and Titan had their Angel Stadium of Anaheim Monster Jam racing win streak snapped by Carl Van Horn and Grave Digger before Grave Digger defeated Kelvin Ramer and Time Flys in the Championship Round Race the California native came back to rock the house in freestyle and Titan claimed its biggest freestyle victory ever in front of the home state fans and the Fox Sports 1 cameras Saturday night at the Southern California Monster Jam hotbed.

Titan started the night serving notice that the team was ready to extend their streak at the Big A, Epidendio having driven Titan to back to back racing bracket championships in the venue in 2013 and brought a string of eight straight round racing wins there into the first of three 2014 Monster Jam scheduled for Angel Stadium. Titan was the fastest qualifier in time trials to earn the number one seed in the race bracket and would extend the run of success to 10 straight wins before falling to Grave Digger in the semifinals. Van Horn, who drove Grave Digger to the racing championship the last time he competed here in 2012 was up to the challenge again, edging Time Flys in a close finale to bring home another racing championship trophy for Team Grave Digger.

To get the excited crowd even more ready for the freestyle competition 11-time Monster Jam World Champion Tom Meents brought a second Max-D truck out to bring the crowd to its feet by successfully completing his highly anticipated Anaheim back flip attempt.

Then a wild night of awesome freestyle performances was full of plenty of memorable moments with Madusa setting the pace early and the two-time Monster Jam World Champion spent much of the night in the hot seat with the lead until Titan’s high flying freestyle, one of Epidendio’s most impressive runs ever, edged Madusa by one point to move Titan into the lead. The General himself, Brian Deegan, was phenomenal in Metal Mulisha after his crew repaired the black truck following his big rollover crossing the finish line in a round one racing victory but his all out freestyle run ended with too much time left on the clock to secure victory. The same fate felled both Grave Digger and Max-D who both thrilled their fans with spectacular moves, Grave Digger barrel rolling and landing back on the wheels but the truck could not continue, and Max-D’s jaw dropping leap was far and away the night’s biggest air but the truck broke on the landing and when they also left plenty of time on the regulation clock Titan was standing tall at the end of the popular event holding the trophy as the event’s freestyle competition winner.


Fastest qualifier – Titan 23.943

1st round – Titan def. Obsession; Metal Mulisha def. Devastator; Grave Digger def. El Toro Loco; Max-D def. Madusa; New Earth Authority def. Double Trouble; Cleatus def. Tropical Thunder; Team Hot Wheels Firestorm def. Captain USA; Time Flys def. Detour (Devastator advanced to round two when Metal Mulisha could not return; Double Trouble returned when New Earth Authority could not return)

2nd round - Titan def. Devastator; Grave Digger def. Max-D; Cleatus def. Double Trouble; Time Flys def. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

Semifinals - Grave Digger def. Titan; Time Flys def. Cleatus



TITAN 27 (24 + 3 bonus points)
Madusa 26 (24 + 2)
El Toro Loco 25 (24 + 1)
Cleatus 24 (23 + 1)
Captain USA 21 (19 + 2)
Obsessed 20 (19 + 1)
Metal Mulisha 20
Detour 19 (18 + 1)
Time Flys 19
Devastator 19 (18 + 1)
Grave Digger 19
Tropical Thunder 17 (16 + 1)
New Earth Authority 16
Max-D 16
Double Trouble 9

By Scott Douglass