Charlotte, NC - Time Warner Cable Arena

Monster Jam 2014
Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
January 10-11, 2014
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Man Of Steel
Saturday 2PM: Man of Steel
Saturday Night 7:30 PM: Grave Digger

Friday 7:30pm: Xtermigator
Saturday 2PM: Grave Digger
Saturday Night 7:30 PM: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Man of Steel™ driven by Joey Parnell, Xtrmigator driven by JR McNeil, Ice Cream Man - driven by Roy Pridgeon, Hurricane Force driven by Steven Thompson, Storm Damage driven by Tim Mente, Predator - driver Robert Parker and Prowler - driver Lenny Kuilder!!


Friday 7:30pm

Charlotte Friday recap

JR McNeil got his first ever Monster Jam win tonight in Charlotte!! JR beat the brand new truck, Xtermigator, around the race track, besting those in front of him and putting tremendous pressure on the teams behind him. In the end the rest of the best were unable to usurp JR's run. It was the huge air and fast pace of the Xtermigator that lead to the win.
Young Gun Steve Thompson, in Hurricane Force, had a tremendous evening, tying for 3rd in Wheelies, going to the Championship Round of Racing, and then was 3rd overall in Freestyle. Just more fuel for the fire on my prediction that Steve could be the Monster Jam Rookie Of The Year!!! Joey Parnell had a chance at the double down, winning racing, but still came away with 2 trips to victory lane winning racing and the wheelie contest.

Wheelie Scores:
Prowler 14
Ice Cream Man 15
Hurricane Force 19
Predator 10
Storm Damage 13
Man Of Steel 21 **WINNER**
Xtermigator 18
Grave Digger 19

Racing Bracket
Round 1

Man Of Steel beat Predator
Xtermigator beat Prowler
Ice Cream Man beat Grave Digger
Hurricane Force beat Storm Damage

Semi Final
Man Of Steel beat Xtermigator
Hurricane Force beat Ice Cream Man

Championships Round
Man Of Steel beat Hurricane Force

Freestyle Scores:
Ice Cream Man 13
Prowler 15
Hurricane Force 19
Storm Damage 16
Predator 15
Xtermigator 22 **WINNER**
Man Of Steel 20
Grave Digger 18

By Scott Heaton

Saturday 2PM

It was a soggy day in Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena. This did not stop the Monster Jam Fans from poring into the venue to attend the afternoon show. Things started out with the Monster Jam Wheelie contest. The first monster Jam Truck to the line was Prowler. He started the day off with a score of 16. The next Truck was Ice Cream Man. He was able to take over the number one spot by one point scoring a 17. Hurricane Force was a force to be reckoned with. He put the truck in the air going vertical and launching across the entire stack of crush cars. Putting up a score of 22 he was not able to be taken down and went home the wheelie champion.

Prowler 16

Ice Cream Man 17

Hurricane Force 22

Predator 15

Storm Damage 20

Man of Steel 19

Xtermigator 14

Grave Digger 21

Monster Jam Racing road to the Monster Jam world Finals was revving up. Prowler got a bye run do to Hurricane force not being able to make it to the line. Grave Digger took down Storm damage in round one and advancing to the semi finals. Ice Cream Man defeated Xtermigator and Man of Steel took down Predator. The semi finals were set with Grave Digger beating out Ice Cream Man making it to the Monster Jam Championship race. Man of Steel was able to cross the Monster Jam finish line ahead of Prowler. The Championship race was set. Grave Digger vrs Man of Steel. It was a photo finish but the Man of Steel came out on top.

Storm Damage vs grave Digger (winner)

Xtermigator vs Ice Cream Man (winner)

Predator vs man of Steel (winner)

Prowler got a bye

Semi Finals

Ice Cream Man vs Grave Digger (winner)

Prowler vs Man of Steel (winner)


Grave Digger vs Man of Steel (winner)

Fox Sports 1 Freestyle was the highlight of the days event. Only able to put up a 11 for the Ice Cream Man, it was not to difficult for the next Monster Jam Truck Prowler to set the bar. Scoring a 20 he was able to stay on top of the leader board until it was time for Xtermigator. Scoring a 23 it seemed like he was the man to beat. But there were two trucks left. The Man of Steel got some major air and was able to squeak by with a 24. That left the Mean green wrecking machine to do some damage. After whipping out some donuts and catching major air on several jumps, Grave digger came out victorious.

Ice Cream Man 11

Prowler 20

Hurricane Force 19

Storm Damage 18

Predator 17

Xtermigator 23

Man of Steel 24

Grave Digger 26

Travis Willis

By Travis Willis

Saturday Night 7:30 PM

Saturday Night did not disappoint. Monster Jam presented by the Air Force reserve at the Time Warner cable Arena was nothing less than exciting. The Monster Jam Superstars were hot to trot. Monster Jam Wheelies were up first. Prowler set the bar at 15 with his hit. Knocking him of the top spot was Hurricane Force. Man of Steel was able to put up a 21 for the lead. However was predator moving into the hot seat and taking the win.

Prowler 15

Ice Cream Man 15

Hurricane Force 19

Predator 22

Storm Damage 19

Man of Steel 21

Xtermigator 18

Grave Digger 21

Monster Jam Racing was fast and furious. Grave Digger got a bye due to Hurricane Force not being able to make it to the line. Predator took down team mate Prowler. Man of Steel was going for another win and did so defeating Ice Cream Man. Xtermigator was up last in round 1 and took the win over Storm Damage. Semi finals were set. Grave Digger leaped into the Monster Jam finals defeating Prowler. Man of Steel joined his team mate in the final round by taking down Xtermigator. The road to Monster Jam World Finals Championship race was on. Man of Steel verse Grave Digger. It was a photo finish with Grave Digger bringing home the goods.

Round 1

Hurricane Force vs Grave Digger (winner)

Predator vs prowler (winner)

Ice Cream Man vs Man of Steel (winner)

Storm Damage vs Xtermigator (winner)

Semi Finals

Prowler vs Grave Digger (winner)

Xtermigator vs Man of Steel (winner)

Championship Race

Man of Steel vs Grave Digger (winner)

Fox Sports 1 Freestyle was once again the most excitement of the night. The Monster Jam Drivers were going for gold. Starting things out was Ice Cream Man. Putting up a 16. It did not stay long as Prowler was up next taking over the lead by one point. Xtermigator came out to win. With slap wheelies and some huge air he was able to score a 25. Man of Steel was going to try and take the lead away but was only able to put up a 24. Then the home State favorite was out last. Out of Kill Devil Hills came Grave Digger. From huge air on many occasions to spinning some fierce donuts, when it was all said and done Grave Digger was the Fox Sports 1 Champion.

Ice Cream Man 16

Prowler 17

Hurricane Force 24

Storm Damage DNS

Predator 15

Xtermigator 25

Man of Steel 24

Grave Digger 26

Travis Willis

By Travis WIllis