Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Arena

Monster Jam 2014
Verizon Wireless Arena
Manchester, NH
January 3-4, 2014
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Grave Digger Saturday 2pm: Man of SteelSaturday Night: Man of Steel
Friday Night: Grave Digger Saturday 2pm: Man of SteelSaturday Night: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Man of Steel™ driven by Joey Parnell, Hurricane Force driven by Steven Thompson, Storm Damage driven by Tim Mente, Higher Education driven by Jim Tracy and Iron Warrior driven by Trey Meyers!!


Friday Night

With the new year ringing in it was time to kick off the 2014 Monster Jam season at the Verizon Wireless Arena here in Manchester NH. The temps outside were frigid but, that didn’t stop the Monster Jam fans packing the house to see their favorite Monster Jam drivers and trucks compete against each other in wheelie, donut, racing, and freestyle competitions. Monster Jam is “As Big As IT Gets” and that showed as the wheelie competition got the action started. With 6 monster jam drivers trying to start the 2014 season with a win the fans saw the front ends pointing to the roof and some awesome wheelie action . Taking the win would be Man Of Steel in his brand new truck for 2014. Monster Jam fans had the arena rumbling with cheers as the monster jam trucks rolled to the starting line for straight line racing action. Every monster jam driver was looking to get a win for their team and being crowned racing champion has its bragging rights. Each round of racing saw the drivers go head to head over the car stacks and to the finish line with wins coming down to just a bumpers length. In the racing finals Higher Education was up against Grave Digger. Waiting for the light to go green Higher Education would jump the start and Red Light giving the win to Grave Digger but, they still were bumper to bumper across the cars and the finish line with the Monster Jam fans going crazy. Let’s face it who doesn’t like Dounts…especially when it’s a Monster Jam truck spinning them. Monster Jam fans spun their flags and pennants in the air cheering their favorite trucks and drivers on. When all the donut action was over Grave Digger would take the win over the 5 other Monster Jam drivers. Monster jam fans had the Verizon Wireless Arena rocking as it was time for the Freestyle competition. Two car stacks, a donut box, and a car van car stack the track was set to crown a freestyle champion. With every driver giving it their all to take the win it every driver that took his 60 second run had the next driver upping the action and out scoring their previous drivers score. With all the big airs,cross threads, and donut action going down the win would come down to one point for the win. Man of Steel had a 24 but, after Grave Diggers 60 second run would be overtaken by one point and the win would go to Grave Digger with a 25. Thanks to all our Monster Jam fans.. we’ll see you tomorrow at 2pm and 7pm for more Monster Jam action because it is AS Big As It Gets.

Wheelie Competition-
Iron Warrior-6-6-7-19
Hurricane Force-9-8-7-24
Storm Damage-7-8-8-23
Higher Education-4-5-5-14
Grave Digger-8-8-8-24
Man Of Steel-9-9-10-28 (winner)

Monster Jam championship Racing

Round One – Higher Education def Storm Damage…Man of Steel def Iron Warrior…Grave Digger def Hurricane Force

Semi Final Round- Higher Education def Hurricane Force…Grave Digger def Man Of Steel

Monster Jam Racing Championship-
Grave Digger def Higher Education

DONUT Competition-
Iron Warrior- 6-6-5-17
Hurricane Force-6-7-8-21
Higher Education- broke
Storm Damage-5-7-5- 17
Man Of Steel-5-5-4-14
Grave Digger- 7-7-8 -22(winner)

Fox Sports One Freestyle Competition-
Hurricane Force-7-6-5-18
Iron Warrior- 7-7-7-21
Storm Damage-5-5-5-15
Higher Education- 6-7-5-18
Man Of Steel- 7-8-9-24
Grave Digger-8-8-9-25 (winner)

By Jody Donnelly

Saturday 2pm

Verizon Wireless Arena was rocking once again with Monster Jam action and a packed Arena of some of the loudest Monster Jam fans there are. Not even the weather or alarms could keep the monster jam action from going down and the monster jam fans were loving every minute of it. Starting off all the action was the wheelie competition with all six monster jam drivers wanting the win the bumpers went to the sky. With the monster jam fans cheering the drivers on when Man Of Steel was announced the winner with a score of 25. Keeping the monster jam action flowing it was time for the racing competition to get underway. Fast passes from every driver saw the action coming down to the monster jam round championship. Iron Warrior would battle against Man Of Steel for the championship trophy all the way to the finish line with Man Of Steel taking the win. The monster jam Donut competition got the monster jam fans rocking the arena as the monster jam trucks spun away trying to get the winning trophy. Grave Digger would take the Donut Competition win with a score of 26. The Fox Sports One Freestyle Competition got under way with each driver getting a 60second run to get as many hits as possible to impress the judges for the win. With the Monster jam fans cheering all the drivers on and the numbers added up it would be Man Of Steel taking the win. A big thank you to all the Monster Jam fans that rocked the Verizon Wireless Arena today. We'll see you for the final show at 7pm tonight and all the As Big As Gets Monster Jam action.

Hurricane Force-7-6-5=18
Storm Damage-5-5-5=15
Higher Education-6-8-8-=22
Grave Digger-8-7-9=24
Man Of Steel-8-8-9=25(winner)

ROUND ONE- Storm Damage def Higher Education..Man Of Steel def Iron Warrior..Grave Digger def Hurricane Force

Iron Warrior def Storm Damage...Man Of Steel def Grave Digger

Monster Jam Round Championship-
Man Of Steel(winner) def Iron Warrior

Iron Warrior- broke
Hurricane Force- broke
Higher Education-4-5-4=13
Storm Damage-7-7-8=22
Man Of Steel-6-6-6=18
Grave Digger-9-9-8=26 (winner)

Hurricane Force-broke
Iron Warrior-broke
Storm Damage-6-7-6=19
Higher Education-7-7-7=21
Grave Digger-8-8-7=23
Man Of Steel-9-9-9=27 (winner)

By Jody Donnelly

Saturday Night

The Verizon Wireless Arena here in Manchester NH was rocking one last time as Monster Jam fans cheered on their favorite Monster Jam drivers and trucks. The wheelie competition was up first and all six monster jam drivers wanted to take home the title and trophy. With the support of their monster jam fans each driver took their hit on the crush cars. The object was to the wheelie competition to get as vertical as possible sand impress the judges to take home the win. With all the scores totaled up it would be Higher Education taking the win with a score of 24. The next competition would be Monster Jam racing and every monster jam driver wanted to take home the win. Battling it out round after round every monster jam driver would take it to the line trying to get the win for their team. In the Monster Jam Racing Championship race it was Man of Steel taking the win over Iron Warrior. With the monster jam fans on their feet the action moved straight into the Monster Jam Donut competition. In the donut competition all six monster jam drivers spun their monsters as many revolutions as possible in the time allowed to take home the win. When the scores were added up Grave Digger would take the win with a score of 29. Monster Jam fans were loving the action and wanted more as the drivers rolled to the line for the Fox Sport 1 Freestyle competition. With 2 car stacks, a Donut box, and a car van car stack it was going to be a fight to the last run for the trophy. As the monster jam fans cheered on all the monster jam drivers it would be Grave Digger taking the win with a score of 27.

Iron Warrior-8-7-6=21
Hurricane Force-7-7-8=22
Storm Damage-5-7-5=17
Man of Steel-8-7-6=21
Grave Digger-8-8-6=22
Higher Education-7-8-9=24 (winner)

Man of Steel def Storm Damage...Iron Warrior (bye) def High Education (dns)...Hurricane Force def Grave Digger

Semi Final Round Racing-
Man of Steel def Grave Digger (fl)....Iron Warrior def Hurricane Force

Monster Jam Racing Championship-
Man of Steel (winner) def Iron Warrior

Iron Warrior-7-7-6=20
Hurricane Force-8-8-7=23
Higher Education-6-6-6=18
Storm Damage-8-8-6=22
Man of Steel-7-7-9=23
Grave Digger-9-10-9=29 (winner)

Hurricane Force-6-5-6=17
Iron Warrior 5-5-5=15
Storm Damage- 5-6-7=18
Higher Education- 7-7-7=21
Man of Steel-8-8-8=24
Grave Digger 9-9-9=27(winner)

By Jody Donnelly