Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

Monster Jam
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, PA
October 4-6, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Grave Digger The Legend
Saturday 2:00pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger The Legend
Sunday 2:00pm: Grave Digger The Legend
Friday 7:30pm: Son-uva Digger
Saturday 2:00pm: Grave Digger The Legend
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Sunday 2:00pm: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger The Legend® driven by Adam Anderson, Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, Monster Mutt℠ driven by Whit Tarlton, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, Crushstation driven by Greg Winchenbach, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims and Hooked driven by Steven Sims!!


Friday 7:30pm


Back for the first time in 15 months The Advance Auto Parts Monster was back in Philadelphia. The last time Monster Jam was in this historic city was June of 2012 for the path of destruction and also the first time in an arena setting since 2009 when the Spectrum was still standing. Now Monster Jam was invited to the Wells Fargo Center to start another long standing tradition. The awesome Monster Jam fans had waited so long that the line up for tonight’s Monster Jam was as big as it gets! All three Andersons were on hand as this also was a first for Monster Jam having all compete at the same Arena.

The night started off with the Chick-fil-a Wheelie competition and with this stellar field of Monster Jam trucks everything was up for grabs. The first win of the night went to Crushstation and well deserved it was scoring a high score of 26 which was five points higher than second place Son-uva Digger. Greg Winchenbach was unable to except his trophy because of problems with his Monster Jam truck when he landed his sky wheelie popping a tire. Crushstation would get fixed and make it back for Monster Jam racing.

Monster Jam racing lived up to the hype it was given with the Monster Jam trucks competing. With the reigning Monster Jam World racing champion on hand along with the like of Grave Digger and Monster Energy you didn't know who would come out on top. Each race tonight was very close and round by round one Monster Jam truck was eliminated until we were down to two Grave Digger The Legend versus Son-uva Digger. What a matchup it was and the race was the same as bragging rights went to Adam Anderson and The legend. Adam was so happy to back up his word championship with his win tonight and told the Monster Jam Fans that he wanted to double down and win Freestyle also.

Tonight’s Freestyle was awesome and the bar was raised very high when Steven Sims with Hooked wowed the fans and the judges and took a score of 21. That score would hold thru the next to Monster Jam trucks until Crushstation rocked the house and scored a 22. That score was high but not high enough as Son-uva Digger took over the lead and the win with a 24. Grave Digger and Grave Digger The Legend both came up short also scoring 22 the same as Crushstation. Here are tonight’s full results.

Crushstation 26
Son-uva Digger 21
Grave Digger 20
Hooked 18
Stone Crusher 16
Grave Digger The Legend 16
Monster Mutt 15
Monster Energy 15

Son-uva Digger 24
Crushstation 22
Grave Digger The Legend 22
Grave Digger 22
Hooked 21
Stone Crusher 19

By Greg Whitacre

Saturday 2:00pm

Wow what an after had by all here at the Wells Fargo center with Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. The fans were ready for what we call a World Finals style line up were choosing a favorite is hard to do. Taking pace from last night the Monster Jam Wheelie competition was taken by Crushstation as Greg Winchenbach really knows how to set the lobster on its tail. The only difference this afternoon was the final scores a he won by only one point this time over Grave Digger.

The favorite going into today’s racing was The Legend as he is your reining World Champion and last night’s winner. The problem with that is everyone is gunning for you when you’re in that position and that held true because in the first round The Legend was taking out by Son-uva Digger. Ryan Anderson was bound and determine to get that racing trophy and would make it to the semi finals for a second time but fell short as he lost to Grave Digger in the UTI Championship Race. Grave Digger made his way there with wins over Hooked in round one and Monster Energy in the semi finals.

The double down trophy was now insight for Grave Digger as Dennis was last to go in today’s Freestyle competition. The score he needed to beat was 26 set by Grave Digger The Legend and he gave it all he had but when the final scores came in it wasn’t enough giving Adam Anderson the win. Adam also took the lead away from his younger brother who tied Dennis with scores of 24. Prior to that Monster Energy took out last night’s frustration of not competing in the freestyle contest and set the bar high on his run with 20.

Crushstation 22
Grave Digger 21
Son-uva Digger 20
Monster Energy 19
Grave Digger The Legend 18
Monster Mutt 16
Stone Crusher 16
Hooked 13

Round one racing: Stone Crusher def. Crushstation, Son-uva Digger def. Grave Digger The Legend, Monster Energy def. Monster Mutt and Grave Digger defeats Hooked.

Semi Finals: Son-uva Digger defeated Stone Crusher and Grave Digger defeated Monster Energy.

Finals racing: Grave Digger defeated Son-uva Digger.

Grave Digger The Legend 26
Son-uva Digger 24
Grave Digger 24
Monster Energy 20
Stone Crusher 19
Monster Mutt 19
Hooked 18

By Greg Whitacre

Saturday 7:30pm

Third show of the weekend at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, and what a show it was. Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans were on their feet all night, and this place was rocking!

It started off with the Chick-fil-a wheelie contest, and Greg Winchenbach in Crushstation took the trophy for the third time this weekend. And that was just the beginning. Not only was it a great win for him, but he only beat Grave Digger The Legend by one point. Stone Crusher and Monster Energy were both close with a 22.

Reigning Monster Jam World Finals Champion Adam Anderson in The Legend did it again! Winning the UTI Championship racing trophy. And it looked like it was going to be a tough match, but his brother Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger broke at the line. Adam made it to the finals after beating Monster Energy in round one, and Hooked in the semi-finals. Ryan made it to the finals, defeating Crushstation in round one and Stone Crusher in the semis.

The crowd kept cheering as Team Philadelphia won the Metro PCS quad wars championship, and the FMX badboys flipped around.

Then, would Adam double down in Grave Digger The Legend? That was the question of the night. The competition was fierce, and Dennis Anderson took the Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle with a score of 25. Crushstation took the hot seat from Monster Energy early on with a score of 21, but it wouldn't last long. Grave Digger The Legend came through with a score of 24. But there was no double down, because the old man ended the night with a 25.

And here are the official results.

Crushstation - 25
Grave Digger The Legend - 24
Stone Crusher - 22
Monster Energy - 22
Son-uva Digger - 20
Grave Digger - 19
Monster Mutt - 19
Hooked - 16

Racing Round 1:
Stone Crusher - bye (Digger Broke), Son-uva Digger def. Crushstation, Grave Digger The Legend def. Monster Energy, Hooked def. Monster Mutt

Son-uva Digger def. Stone Crusher, Grave Digger The Legend def. Hooked

Grave Digger The Legend def. Son-uva Digger

Grave Digger - 25
The Legend - 24
Crushstation - 21
Monster Energy - 20
Son-uva Digger - 20
Monster Mutt - 19
Stone Crusher - 12
Hooked - 9

By Greg Whitacre

Sunday 2:00pm

Today we started off The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam with a party in the pits for the great families of Philadelphia. The Monster Jam Track filled quickly as smiling kids and their moms and dads got to see these huge Monster Jam trucks up close. After the party in the pits was over it was time to turn these Monster Jam Trucks loose for today’s competitions.

The Monster Jam Wheelie contest was first and each Monster Jam driver was going after Crushstation for the win. Crushstation had already won the first three wheelie competitions and was looking for a sweep of the weekend. Hooked went first and set the bar for everyone to follow with a score of 19. That would stand good until Monster Mutt scored a 20 with two solid wheelies. Then it was time for Crushstation and when he dragged the lobster’s tail on his second attempt that is all he needed to secure the win with a score of 21.

Racing was next and this time everyone was focusing on how to defeat Grave Digger The Legend. Adam was strong all week long and had only lost one time the whole weekend. The Legend made it to the finals again and would have to face off against Son-uva Digger for a fourth time. When the green light came on The Legend got the quicker start and it was all over from there as he defeated Ryan again to take home the Monster Jam trophy.

Dennis Anderson won today’s freestyle with Digger like moves that wouldn't seem possible to do in an Arena but he made it happen. Grave Digger would score a 26 the highest score given out for the weekend beating the Legend by two points who was the current leader at the time. Third place went to Son-uva Digger followed by Monster Energy in fourth.

Crushstation 21
Monster Mutt 20
Hooked 19
Son-uva Digger 19
Grave Digger The Legend 18
Grave Digger 18
Stone Crusher 16
Monster Energy 15

Racing round one: Stone Crusher def. Hooked, Grave Digger The Legend def. Monster Mutt, Monster Energy def. Crushstation and Son-uva Digger defeated Grave Digger.

Semi Finals: Grave Digger The Legend defeated Hooked (Stone Crusher broke) and Son-uva Digger defeated Monster Energy.

UTI Championship: Grave Digger The Legend defeated Son-uva Digger.

Grave Digger 26
Grave Digger The Legend 24
Son-uva Digger 22
Monster Energy 21
Stone Crusher 18
Hooked 17
Crushstation 15
Monster Mutt 6

By Greg Whitacre