Mexico City, Mexico - Arena Ciudad de Mexico

Monster Jam International
Arena Ciudad de Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
September 28-29, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Sat, 1:30pm: Max DSat, 7:30pm: Max DSunday, 5:30pm: Grave Digger
Sat, 1:30pm: El Toro LocoSat, 7:30pm: El Toro LocoSunday, 5:30pm: Max D
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Pablo Huffaker, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® driven by Lupe Soza, El Diablo℠ driven by JP, Monster Energy driven by George Balhan, Batman™ driven by John Seasock, Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® driven by Scott Buetow, Scooby-Doo™ driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt℠ Dalmatian driven by Taryn Laskey and Runners driven by Aaron Basl!!


Sat, 1:30pm

The invasion of the Monsters has arrived in Mexico City with Monster Jam!!
The first show in Mexico’s capital has been just astonishing. 10 of the best Monster Jam trucks and world class champions have put Mexican fans on the edge of their seats with incredible matches in all contests.

All Monster Jam crews have been working extra hours to have these monsters ready to amaze. The work here has been meticulous. The engines need their blowers open wider, so the engines can have a greater influx of air due to the high elevation of Mexico City at more than 7 thousand feet above sea level. All the Monster Jam Trucks just ran fantastically!

In Monster Jam Wheelies, three big scores went to Monster Energy with 20 points, Max-D scored 24, and the winners of the contest was El Diablo- driven by JP Ruggiero- with 27 points. The winner made a spectacular sky wheelie rebounding with the with the rear tires for a great vertical wheelie!
Other scores:
Monster Mutt Dalmatian-14
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm-15
Scooby Doo-13
Monster Energy-20
Grave Digger-24
El Toro Loco-17
In Monster Jam Racing, the competition was tough for every single driver. The size of the Track in Arena Cd. De Mexico is great, so this time they were able to go faster on the track.

Round One:
In round one, Monster Energy won over Runners, who after jumping the first hit lost all power in the engine. Monster Energy, driven by George Balhan, just went around it while stalled and completed the mandatory lap to win and go the semifinal round. Max-D beats El Toro Loco. Grave Digger wins over Scooby Doo with great advantage, almost half a body into the finish line. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm wins with a small margin over El Diablo.

Semifinal Round:
Max-D launches strong and keeps good control at the corners. Monster Energy on the contrary, coming from a corner lost control while jumping into the second hit, and lost momentum. Max-D wins his pass to the Championship Round. Grave Digger beats Team Hot Wheels, who also had a little bit at one of the corners.

Championship Round:
Max-D with great speed and great control over the ramps is able to beat Grave Digger, whom at the second hits loses a bit of control and momentum. Neil Elliot driving Max D said it was great to have the first win in Mexico City, hoping to have many others throughout the weekend.

Monster Jam Donuts:
The Monster Jam Trucks came out to another amazing competition, Monster Jam Donuts. This time we had superior scores almost in every truck. Intense RPM’s and Monster Jam trucks almost spinning on three wheels. El Toro Loco comes and takes his first victory of the weekend with 30 points. Lupe Soza driving El Toro Loco kept great spins at great RPM’s. He kept going in spite of the dirt ramp that kept hitting the back tires. 30 points gave him the wins, a perfect score! Grave Digger with 29 came the closest to the winning score. Max-D 28, El Diablo 26. Team Hot Wheels 25, Runners 23, Scooby Doo 22, Batman 26, Monster Mutt Dalmatian 18, Monster Energy 19.

Monster Jam Free Style:
Mexican fans were on the edge of their seats in every competition, but definitely they were waiting for Monster Jam Free Style. The first score was set high by Batman- John Seasock- with 21 points. Monster Mutt Dalmatian, driven by Taryn Lasky, did not go very aggressively on the ramps this time for a score of 18. Runners scored 23 with good combinations on the track, going for some high air, and hitting the ramps as much as possible. El Diablo held 24 points- leading the scores- during most of the competition. JP Ruggiero kept speed, great flow and nice air. Scooby Doo scored 22 with a couple of reverse wheelies. Monster Energy scores 23 with great combinations, and walking up to the crowd to give away his t-shirt. Max D to set the new leading score at 26 points with speedy combinations and high air. Grave Digger went for speed over the stacks, attacking side ways and long ways for 27 points. El Toro Loco driven by Lupe Soza came out fast and started to work the crush car stacks, and jumping for high air. After one of the attempts goes on the front wheels almost turning the truck upside down, with the horns to the dirt, but saves the roll over, to go on on to some more free style. Judges gave him 30 points for his second win of the day!!
Still one more show tonight, we’ll keep you up to date!!

By Fernando Rubio

Sat, 7:30pm

Monster Jam Mexico!!! First day, second show of competitions. Like the saying goes…Bigger is Better and never more accurate than today, with a Bigger show, Bigger tricks, Bigger wins!!!! Mexico City roared throughout the night in each individual competition. Tonight we saw great speed in racing, great wheelies, incredible donuts, and heart pounding Free Style!!!

In Monster Jam Freestyle, two roll overs. Scooby Doo-Driven by Linsey Weenk-falls into the middle of the high stack, continues on trying to get off of it, but while going down, he loses control to finally roll over to the side, almost upside down, but it finally landed on its side. Another spectacular roll over was the one from Grave Digger-Driven by Pablo Huffaker- who also through the same route as Scooby Doo, fell off from that same stack after high air, and trying to go on onto the side of the stack. Right at the mark of the last second, Grave Digger rolls over upside down. Grave Digger-Pablo-scores leading points right before the last Monster Jam Truck. El Toro Loco-driven by Lupe Soza-entered the track determined to win the Monster Jam Freestyle. High air, and hitting all the stacks. He also went through the center stack. After jumping off the stack, almost loses control. Breaks with the front wheels, and then El Toro Loco with the front wheels keeps the truck for a couple of seconds with horns pointing down to the floor, finally he saves the roll over. A final combination of donuts gave El Toro Loco the second win in free style today.

All scores in Monster Jam Free Style:
1. El Toro Loco-29
2. Grave Digger28
3. Max-D-27
4. El Diablo-25
5. Team Hot Wheels-24
6. Batman-23
7. Scooby Doo……23
8. Runners-21
9. Monster Mutt Dalmatian-22
10. Monster Energy-12

Monster Jam Racing

Max D had won in the first show Monster Jam Racing and again repeated the same speed and control over the Chicago style track in Mexico City. Max-D took El Toro Loco in the final round of Monster Jam racing. Max-D came from round one by winning against Hot Wheels, and in the semifinal round against Scooby Doo. El Toro Loco came from winning in the first round against Runners, and in the semifinal round took Grave Digger.

Monster Jam Donuts
Tremendous RPMs, spinning on 3 wheels, and awesome scores! Grave Digger took his second win of the night with incredible donuts. Grave Digger received a score of 29 points and came to defeat from the lead El Diablo-JP Ruggiero- which held 26 points. Other scores:
Monster Mutt Dalmatian-16
Scooby Doo-24
Team Hot Wheels-21
Monster Energy-21
Grave Digger-29
El Toro Loco-26

Monster Jam Wheelies

Grave Digger takes the first win of the night after scoring 25 points for a couple of two great sky wheelies. El Diablo and El Toro Loco came close at 24 points. Max D scored 21. Runners 19, Monster Energy 18, Team Hot Wheels 17, Monster Mutt Dalmatian 15,Batman 18.

By Fernando Rubio

Sunday, 5:30pm

It has been the last day of Monster Jam competition in Mexico City. Just like last night, we saw some serious destruction on the track. Roll overs, perfect sky wheelies and astonishing Monster Jam Freestyle.

The Monster Jam stars were just incredible. They knew they only had one more shot in leaving the Mexican fans all in awe.

In Monster Jam Freestyle, we saw incredible air from Team Hot Wheels who led the scores with 24 points, until El Diablo beat the score with 25 points with incredible air and a couple of roll over saves. Scooby Doo did his best score this weekend with 27 points, with a rollover after high air and slick landing. Grave Digger scored 26 points and still with 16 seconds of regulation time stops due to a battery failure. El Toro Loco was doing great in hitting all the stacks, but after high air, and hitting hard on the stack, rolls over for 22 points. Max-D does a speedy run over the obstacles, and extraordinary high air also for a rollover after taking a stack a bit crooked, and with a tough landing. Neil Elliot driving Max-D takes the win with 28 points.

In Monster Jam Racing we saw some tough competition as well. This time Scooby makes all the way to championship round by winning over Max D and El Toro Loco. Grave Digger makes it to the final round as well by winning over Hot Wheels and Monster Energy. In the championship, round Grave Digger defeated Scooby Doo.

In Monster Jam Donuts we saw amazing RPMs to make those monsters spin like a twister! Batman started the high score of 27 points. Led all the way until Max-D beat the score with 28 points. Grave Digger beats it again with 29 points. Almost all scores were in the 20’s, just to illustrate the quality of donuts they performed. Grave Digger took the win. Other Scores
Monster Mutt Dalmatian-17
Scooby Doo-22
Team Hot Wheels-23
El Diablo-22
Monster Energy-24
El Toro Loco-19

Monster Jam Wheelies
We saw two of the best wheelies all weekend long in Mexico City. El Diablo driven by JP Ruggiero scored 28 to make two sky wheelies. On the second hit, he made the truck stand on its rear bumper to finally roll upside down. El Toro Loco driven by Lupe Soza, comes in to beat that score with 29 points also by two great sky wheelies. Also on the second hit make El Toro to hit with the rear bumper but saves with a great landing. El Toro Loco wins the wheelie competition.
Other Scores:
Monster Mutt Dalmatian-17
Team Hot Wheels-23
Scooby Doo-23
Monster Energy-24
Runners 19
Grave Digger-23