Knoxville, IA - Knoxville Raceway

Monster Jam
Knoxville Raceway
Knoxville, IA
September 20-21, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday Night 7:30pm: Grave Digger

Friday Night 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday Night 7:30pm: King Krunch

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, King Krunch driven by David Smith, Nitro Hornet driven by Darron Basl, Thunder 4x4 driven by Jim Bendzick and Mechanical Mischief driven by Jim Burns!!


Friday Night 7:30pm

What an amazing night for Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans here in Knoxville Iowa as Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam rolled into the Knoxville Raceway for the first time ever. The Fans were buzzing with excitement waiting to see their favorite Monster Jam drivers and Monster Jam trucks go head to head in wheelie, UTI Racing, Maniac Challenge, Donut and Freestyle competitions. The Monster Jam drivers started off this electric night with the wheelie competition. With six of the best Monster Jam drivers in the world each wanting the win, Monster Jam fans got the action they were wanting with each Monster Jam driver going bigger than the previous driver trying to take the wheelie competition win. Nitro Hornet would take the wheelie competition win by getting his Monster Jam truck completely vertical on the 1st hit and getting just as vertical on his second hit but, adding a slap wheelie to it for about 30ft.Monster Jam fans were standing in their seats as the Monster jam action moved on to the Maniac Challenge.
This timed course competition showed the precise driving skills from all the Monster Jam drivers at speed and also gave the Monster Jam fans even more action from the Monster Jam Trucks they've waited to see. Taking the win in the Maniac Challenge would be King Krunch edging out the other Monster Jam drivers with a time of 27.32 seconds on the Maniac Challenge course.
With the entire Sprint car racing fans here at Knoxville Raceway it was for them to see the UTI Racing competition between all the Monster Jam drivers. Every race from round one all the way to the UTI Championship Race saw the Monster Jam drivers pushing the limits to make it to the next round of racing and hopefully the UTI Championship Race. In the UTI Championship Race Monster Mutt would battle it out with Grave Digger with Grave Digger taking the lead and the win as Monster Mutt bounced off the last turn pole cars giving Grave Digger the slight lead and the UTI Championship win.
With the next competition being the Donut competition the Monster Jam fans had their Race flags and pennants in the air spinning them in circles letting the Monster Jam drivers they wanted to see some spinning from the Monster Jam trucks. Each Monster Jam driver gave it their all in the Donut competition with Rolling Thunder 4X4 taking the Donut competition win.
The final competition here at the Knoxville Raceways would be the Advance Auto Parts Freestyle competition with the Monster Jam fans still standing in their seats waiting for the action. All the monster Jam drivers were flying, spinning, hitting slap wheelies, cross threading, and giving it their all trying to take the freestyle win. When the scores were totaled up it would be Grave Digger taking the Advanced Auto Parts Freestyle win.
Thank you to the staff and crew of the Knoxville Raceways and all the Monster Jam fans for making tonight an incredible night of Advanced Auto parts Monster Jam action. We'll see you tomorrow night at 7:30 pm for more Monster Jam action here at the Knoxville Raceways.

Mechanical Mischief-6-6-6=18
Rolling Thunder 4X4-7-7-7=21
King Krunch-6-6-5=17
Monster Mutt-5-5-4=14
Grave Digger-5-5-5=15
Nitro Hornet-9-9-10=28(winner)

Maniac Challenge-
Mechanical Mischief-28.24
Rolling Thunder 4X4-29.65
Nitro Hornet-28.23
Monster Mutt-30.04
Grave Digger-28.01
King Krunch-27.32 (Winner)

Mechanical Mischief-5-5-5=15
Nitro Hornet-8-7-7=22
King Krunch-6-7-7=19
Monster Mutt-6-7-7-=19
Grave Digger-8-7-8=23
Rolling Thunder 4X4-9-8-8=25

Grave Digger def Nitro Hornet...Monster Mutt def Mechanical Mischief...King Krunch def Rolling Thunder 4X4
Grave Digger def Mechanical Mischief (fl)...Monster Mutt def King Krunch
Grave Digger (winner) def Monster Mutt

Mechanical Mischief-5-6-5=16
Nitro Hornet-6-5-5=16
Rolling Thunder 4X4-4-4-4=12
King Krunch-6-5-6=17
Monster Mutt-7-6-6=20
Grave Digger-8-8-7=23(winner)

By Jody Donnelly

Saturday Night 7:30pm

Another electric night of Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam here at the Knoxville Raceways as Monster Jam fans packed the grandstand to capacity to watch their favorite Monster Jam drivers and trucks battle it out in wheelie, Donut, Maniac Challenge, UTI racing, and Freestyle competitions. The action kicked off with the wheelie competition as Mechanical Mischief came out and put his front bumper to the sky and walked across the first car stack and added a slap wheelie to the second car stack hit posting a score of 28 that would take the win over the five other Monster Jam drivers.

In the Maniac Challenge the Monster Jam drivers had a set obstacle course to race threw with the fastest time taking the win. Monster Jam fans got a little extra action as the Monster Jam drivers showed their driving abilities as they flew thru the course which ended in the straightaway right in front of the grandstands and all the Monster Jam fans. With the Monster Jam fans cheering on their favorite Monster Jam drivers it would be Grave Digger taking the Maniac Challenge win with a time of 26.39 seconds.

Monster Jam fans were cheering for more action and they got it in the form of the UTI Racing competition. With six of the top monster Jam drivers in the world racing each other the Monster Jam fans witnessed some exciting rounds of racing as any one of these Monster Jam drivers could take the win. In the UTI Championship Round Mechanical Mischief would race Grave Digger for the trophy and bragging rights. When the light went green both Monster Jam trucks launched off the line and around the course almost dead even but, in the final turn Grave Digger would out power Mechanical Mischief down the final straight and take the UTI Racing win.

Monster Jam fans had the Knoxville Raceways grandstands rocking as they cheered on their favorite Monster Jam trucks and drivers as they spun the big monsters in the Donut competition. With all the rotations going down from all the Monster Jam drivers, when the dust settled it would be Rolling Thunder taking the win in the Donut competition.

The final competition would be the Advanced Auto Parts Freestyle and the Monster Jam fans were ready to cheer on the Monster Jam drivers. The Monster Jam fans fueled the Freestyle competition with their applause and cheers as all the Monster Jam drivers gave them all the wheelie, donut, slap wheelie, and big air they wanted to see as they tried to get the highest score for the win. With a score of 23 King Crunch would take the Advanced Auto Parts Freestyle win over the other Monster Jam drivers.

Thanks to the staff and crew of the Knoxville Raceways and all the Monster Jam fans for an awesome two nights of Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam action.

Rolling Thunder-8-8-8=24
Nitro Hornet-7-8-5=20
King Krunch-6-6-6=18
Monster Mutt-5-5-5=15
Grave Digger-6-4-5=15
Mechanical Mischief-9-9-10=28(winner)

Mechanical Mischief-27.22
Rolling Thunder-29.27
Nitro Hornet-29.52
King Krunch-27.22
Monster Mutt-27.72
Grave Digger-26.39(winner)

ROUND ONE-Monster Mutt def Rolling Thunder...King Krunch def Nitro Hornet..Grave Digger def Mechanical Mischief

SEMI FINAL ROUND- Mechanical Mischief def Monster Mutt...Grave Digger def King Krunch

Grave Digger(winner) def Mechanical Mischief

Mechanical Mischief-7-7-7=21
Nitro Hornet-7-8-7=22
King Krunch-8-8-8=24
Monster Mutt-6-6-6=18
Grave Digger-7-8-7=22
Rolling Thunder-9-9-9=27(winner)

Mechanical Mischief-5-5-4=14
Nitro Hornet-broke
Rolling Thunder-7-7-6=20
Monster Mutt-7-7-7=21
Grave Digger-7-7-7=21
King Krunch-8-8-7=23(winner)

By Jody Donnelly