Cedar Park, TX - Cedar Park Center

Monster Jam
Cedar Park Center
Cedar Park, TX
August 3-4, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 2 p.m.: Grave DiggerSaturday night 7:30 p.m.: Grave Digger
Sunday 2 p.m.: Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Saturday 2 p.m.: Grave DiggerSaturday night 7:30 p.m.: Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Sunday 2 p.m.: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Pablo Huffaker, El Toro Loco® driven by Aaron Basl, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Lupe Soza, El Diablo℠ driven by JP, King Krunch driven by David Smith, Raminator driven by Mark Hall and Nitro Hornet driven by Darron Basl!!


Saturday 2 p.m.

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam was ready to continue thundering across Texas, fresh from a run two weeks ago in Corpus Christi. The stop this time was the Cedar Park Center near Austin which has been the scene of some great action in just a few short years. Top drivers in competition were a combination of returning veterans and drivers making their first appearances at the arena.
The action began with wheelies, giving each driver two shots to wow the crowd and the judges. Lupe Soza picked up his first of what could be many wins on the weekend. A pair of solid attacks on the crush cars resulted in the victory.
A new element called the Maniac Challenge put the drivers to the test in speeding down the floor and circling an obstacle. The timed competition was won by Mark Hall in Raminator.
Raminator earned the bye in the upcoming racing, which put the seven trucks on the line to go through the eliminations. Advance Auto Parts Grinder got the best of Nitro Hornet, El Toro Loco sidelined King Krunch and Grave Digger slid by El Diablo. The semi final saw Raminator continue the winning ways by topping Grinder with Grave Digger setting back El Toro Loco. The UTI Championship brought Grave Digger a racing win in a close contest over Raminator.
The donut action was a true crowd pleaser, but the Raminator crew wasn’t part of it, opting to work on the truck for further competition. Scores were close with Grave Digger nipping King Krunch by a single point to gather in the win.
The Advance Auto Parts Service is Our Best Part freestyle closed off the afternoon presentation. The top three trucks were packed in tight on the scoreboard, but none better than Grave Digger, who added a third win in the competition.
The action took a brief break as the competitors got ready for show two, a Saturday night affair expected to draw a good crowd.

Advance Auto Parts Grinder 8-8-7 = 23
Nitro Hornet 8-7-7 = 22
El Toro Loco 8-7-6 = 21
Grave Digger 7-7-6 = 20
El Diablo 6-6-6 = 18
King Krunch 5-5-6 = 16

Round one – Raminator bye, Grinder def. Nitro Hornet, El Toro Loco def. King Krunch, Grave Digger def. El Diablo
Semi Finals – Raminator def. Grinder, Grave Digger def. El Toro Loco
UTI Championship – Grave Digger def. Raminator

Grave Digger 8-8-9 = 25
King Krunch 8-8-8 = 24
Grinder 7-7-8 = 22
Nitro Hornet 7-7-6 = 20
El Toro Loco 6-6-7 = 19
El Diablo 5-5-6 = 16
Raminator – Did not compete

Advance Auto Parts Service is Our Best Part freestyle
Grave Digger 8-9-8 = 25
Grinder 8-8-8 = 24
King Krunch 8-6-8 = 22
El Diablo 8-6-7 = 21
El Toro Loco 6-7-7 = 20
Nitro Hornet 6-6-5 = 17
Raminator 4-5-5 = 14

By Larry Jewett

Saturday night 7:30 p.m.

The daily double of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action descended upon the Cedar Park Center near Austin, Texas, with one objective. The drivers know that they have to go bigger in Texas to claim any type of championship as five competitors have their homes in the Lone Star state.
The crowd had just settled in when the wheelie action started. It took a great effort on a pair of attempts to earn the scores to beat. When it was all said and done, the championship plaque was in the hands of Lupe Soza for the Advance Auto Parts Grinder team. It gave Soza a clean sweep of wheelies for the day.
The Maniac Challenge, a new wrinkle in Monster Jam competition that requires precision driving and speed saw Pablo Huffaker in Grave Digger scoring the fastest time in completing the course.
The wheelie win resulted in a racing bye for Grinder. First round action included Grave Digger over Nitro Hornet, El Diablo defeating El Toro Loco and Raminator taking the win over King Krunch. Semi-finals races would boost to two trucks to the UTI Championship round and those two would be Grave Digger and El Diablo. Grave Digger earned the spot by beating Grinder, leaving Elk Diablo to take care of Raminator. The UTI Champion for the night was Pablo Huffaker with Grave Digger.
Donuts greeted the fans after intermission as six trucks were able to answer the call. El Diablo’s crew opted out to deal with a water temperature issue. Raminator’s 25 looked strong, but it served as a mark for Grave Digger to shoot for and Grave Digger was able to slip past by just a point. This earned the third element win of the night.
The final competition of the night came with the Advance Auto Parts Service is Our Best Part freestyle. The scoring reflected one point between positions with the Grinder results being the top of the heap.

Advance Auto Parts Grinder 9-9-8 = 26
Grave Digger 8-8-9 = 25
El Toro Loco 8-8-7 = 23
Raminator 7-7-7 = 21
King Krunch 6-6-7 = 19
El Diablo 5-5-6 = 16
Nitro Hornet Did Not Compete

Round one - Grinder bye, Grave Digger def. Nitro Hornet, El Diablo def. El Toro Loco, Raminator def. King Krunch
Semi Finals – Grave Digger def. Grinder, El Diablo def. Raminator
UTI Championship Round – Grave Digger def. El Diablo

Grave Digger 9-9-8 = 26
Raminator 8-8-9 = 25
King Krunch 8-8-6 = 22
El Toro Loco 6-7-7 = 20
Grinder 6-6-7 = 19
Nitro Hornet 5-6-5 = 16
El Diablo – Did Not Compete

Advance Auto Parts Service is Our Best Part
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 8-8-7 = 23
Raminator 7-7-8 = 22
Grave Digger 7-7-7 = 21
El Diablo 6-6-8 = 20
El Toro Loco 6-6-7 = 19
King Krunch 7-6-5 = 18
Nitro Hornet 5-6-6 = 17

By Larry Jewett

Sunday 2 p.m.

A wild weekend in Texas came to a rousing conclusion on Sunday afternoon as the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam completed its run in Cedar Park. The drivers knew it was the last chance to gain glory in a tough field and the crowd sensed the desire.
The competition opened with wheelies, giving each driver a pair of opportunities to get vertical. Daron Basl got the message loud and clear as he set a high mark for the competitors to shoot for with a solid 21. Daron held the hot seat through a series of challenges, giving it up when Mark Hall and Raminator put an eye-opening wheelie in the right lane and backed it up with a vertical leap on the other side of the floor. That gave him the 22 that proved to be enough to claim the title in the competition. The winner came to the floor to talk to the fans, but understood that there was a lot of action going on in the pit area. The wheelies took a toll on the truck and Mark’s brother, Tim, was assessing the damage. As it turns out, there was more than one issue and the second issue made itself known after the truck attempted to return for intermission. What started as a good beginning didn’t translate through the rest of the day as Raminator was out of the remainder of competition. Looking on the bright side, Tim Hall said “We won everything we competed in today.”
The Monster Jam trucks were next faced with a unique competition that isn’t seen everywhere on the circuit. The Maniac Challenge is a combination of speed run and obstacle course where the object is to avoid hitting obstacles and completing the course in the shortest time. Drivers accelerated from a standing start to sweep around a stationary car, doing a complete 360 before powering down a backstretch and swinging around a set of corners to a finish line. It is essentially a small oval inside a larger one and tested the driver’s ability with the truck’s agility.
Nitro Hornet incurred a penalty on the opening round, leaving the opportunity open for El Diablo to take the lead. King Krunch nearly broke through the 20 second barrier and took the lead, keeping it until Pablo Huffaker hustled around the track at 19.97 seconds to claim the win.
El Toro Loco had been unable to complete the Maniac Challenge due to an apparent electrical issue. The problem kept him racing, leaving five trucks to compete. Grave Digger earned the bye run in the first round. Other match-ups saw El Diablo slip past Nitro Hornet and Advance Auto Parts Grinder took out King Krunch. The fastest truck in the field that didn’t score a first round win was King Krunch who came back for semi finals. El Diablo ended King Krunch’s run while Lupe Soza in Advance Auto Parts Grinder beat Pablo Huffaker for the first time in six meetings in 2013 he UTI Championship Round was one of the closets races in the history of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Grinder and El Diablo were neck and neck through the middle of the run and carried that to the Advance Auto Parts finish line. El Diablo began to teeter sideways and ended up on its side, not knowing if it was victory or defeat. It took several reviews before it was determined the Advance Auto Parts Grinder won by the slightest margin.
After a brief intermission, the action continued as donut competition took center stage. David Smith in King Krunch stole the show with a series of donuts that seemed unending, hyping the crowd in disbelief as they witnessed well over two minutes of cyclone action. The 24 stood through the competition and David told the crowd that the crew was looking into a situation at the rear end. Their work kept the truck in competition.
The final element was the Advance Auto Parts Service is Our Best Part freestyle, giving the drivers their final chance to score big. Repairs had been made to six trucks since all trucks experienced one problem or another throughout the afternoon. It was a tribute to the hard-working crews who kept the trucks competitive. Nitro Hornet opened up, but the truck slowed with 25 seconds to go, bringing an early end to the run. El Diablo took the lead by filling the full 60 seconds, only to see it slip away from a resurging El Toro Loco. King Krunch slipped in a point behind El Toro and Advance Auto Parts Grinder claimed third. The door was open for Maniac Challenge winner Pablo Huffaker to snatch another freestyle win on the year and he did with a run that included a backwards pass over the van stack.
Team Texas prevailed in the Quad Wars, winning the Australian Black Flag final after each team took a preliminary match.
Raminator 7-8-7 = 22
Nitro Hornet 6-8-7 = 21
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 7-7-6 = 20
King Krunch 7-6-6 = 19
El Toro Loco 6-6-6 = 18
El Diablo 6-6-5 = 17
Grave Digger 6-5-5 = 16

Maniac Challenge
Grave Digger 19.97
King Krunch 20.60
El Diablo 23.09
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 24.40
Nitro Hornet 29.56 (includes 5 second penalty)
El Toro Loco – did not compete
Raminator – did not compete

Round One – Grave Digger bye, El Diablo def. Nitro Hornet, Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. King Krunch (King Krunch returns as fast loser)
Semi Finals – Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. Grave Digger, El Diablo def. King Krunch
UTI Championship Round – Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. El Diablo

King Krunch 8-8-8 = 24
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 8-8-7 = 23
Grave Digger 7-7-8 = 22
Nitro Hornet 6-7-6 = 19
El Toro Loco 5-6-5 = 16
El Diablo 4-5-4 = 13
Raminator – Did not compete

Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part Freestyle
Grave Digger 8-8-8 = 24
El Toro Loco 7-6-7 = 20
King Krunch 6-7-6 = 19
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 6-6-6 = 18
El Diablo 6-6-5 = 17
Nitro Hornet 5-5-4 = 14

By Larry Jewett