New Weston, OH - Eldora Speedway

Monster Jam
Eldora Speedway
New Weston, OH
August 2-3, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday night: GRAVE DIGGER
Saturday Night: MAX-D

Friday night: SON-UVA DIGGER
Saturday Night: GRAVE DIGGER

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger The Legend® driven by Adam Anderson, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Max-D℠ driven by Tom Meents, Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner and Captain's Curse® driven by Alex Blackwell!!


Friday night

Friday 7:30 p.m. - The historic debut of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam at tradition rich Eldora Speedway was dominated by Team Grave Digger and the Anderson family with Dennis Anderson powering Grave Digger to victory in both the wheelie contest and in the racing competition then his son Ryan took top honors in freestyle driving Son-uva Digger Friday night.

With the excitement of a new chapter in Monster Jam beginning at the legendary Ohio speed plant obvious among both the fans and the superstar line-up on hand the competition was intense from the start, and Grave Digger gave the crowd even more to cheer about with an incredible wheelie that ended with the black and green wrecking machine planted on the tailgate, the truck stuck in that position until assistance from the track construction team got Grave Digger back on four wheels and Dennis Anderson had the honor of holding the first ever Monster Jam winner’s plaque as Grave Digger was the clear wheelie contest winner.

Crew Chief Daniel Crawford and the Grave Digger crew got busy to make some quick repairs from the spectacular Digger wheelie and it was mission accomplished when Grave Digger rolled to the line with seconds remaining on the one-minute clock after El Toro Loco had staged at the starting line. Grave Digger knocked off El Toro Loco in round one of racing, then Dennis would win a family competition by defeating his son Adam and The Legend in the semifinals, and then claiming Grave Digger’s second championship of the night by beating Son-uva Digger in the UTI Championship Round.

In the Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part Freestyle competition the huge track and big obstacles at Eldora allowed the world class line-up to go big and bigger, delighting the fans with an amazing battle. Son-uva Digger took the lead and withstood a high flying performance that included the save of the night from The Legend, and Ryan was in the hot seat as the leader when his Dad roared onto the track as Grave Digger went for the sweep of night one at Eldora. Grave Digger had the crowd on its feet with a ragged edge performance but the truck flipped over one minute into the run, leaving Son-uva Digger as the popular first ever Monster Jam freestyle winner at Eldora Speedway.


1st Round – The Legend def. Captain’s Curse; Grave Digger def. El Toro Loco; Max-D def. Monster Mutt Dalmatian; Son-uva Digger def. Lucas Oil Crusader

Semifinals – Grave Digger def. The Legend; Son-uva Digger def. Max-D



The Legend 23
Lucas Oil Crusader 21
Captain’s Curse 19
El Toro Loco 19
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 18
Grave Digger 18


Son-uva Digger 25
The Legend 25
Captain’s Curse 18
Max-D 18
El Toro Loco 17
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 14

By Scott Douglass

Saturday Night

Saturday 7:30 P. M. - In front of a huge crowd of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans on hand for the sport’s first weekend of competition ever at Eldora Speedway both 2013 Monster Jam World Champion drivers grabbed victories, but not in the categories they won at this year’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals presented by NGK Spark Plus in Las Vegas. Reigning freestyle champ Tom Meents won the Eldora racing bracket in his 10th anniversary Max-D, then the current world racing title holder Adam Anderson filled in for his father, who was feeling under the weather, and turned in an amazing freestyle performance in Grave Digger to earn both a long standing ovation from the roaring crowd and the freestyle triumph Saturday night.

The night started with Dennis Anderson in the cockpit and Grave Digger winning the wheelie competition for the second straight night to start the action at the famous dirt track.

The racing competition on a long J-hook course provided thrilling finishes all night and the crowd was buzzing when the eliminations brought a battle in the semifinals between the two most recent World Racing Champions, Adam Anderson in The Legend, this year’s titlist, versus Tom Meents in Max-D who won the previous two world racing crowns in 2011 and 2012 as part of Meents’ record 11 Monster Jam World Finals Championships. The pair showed the huge crowd their championship pedigree and the race was a barn burner with Max-D winning to advance to the Championship Round Race where the opposition would come from Adam’s brother Ryan and Son-uva Digger. That scintillating finale was even closer, an absolute photo finish, and the margin of victory in the range of six inches as Max-D defeated Son-uva Digger.

Getting ready for the Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part Freestyle competition Team Grave Digger made driver adjustments to give the fans the best performances with Dennis Anderson feeling ill. Alex Blackwell did double duty first opening the competition with a strong freestyle in Captain’s Curse and then later getting behind the wheel of The Legend to let Adam Anderson get strapped into Grave Digger, and the veteran Blackwell rocked the house in the silver and blue ride for the Grave Digger team. For the second straight night an awesome performance from Ryan Anderson had Son-uva Digger in the lead, but this night he would not hold on for the win because his big brother was up to the challenge. Adam would later tell the appreciative fans that even though his Dad was not feeling well, Dennis told him to get the black and green wrecking machine on the track and thrill the thousands of Grave Digger fans on hand. Adam responded to that pressure big time. His incredible performance, one which many long time observers called the best they’ve ever seen from the 2008 World Freestyle Champion, put Grave Digger in the lead and even though Max-D closed the night with a rocking performance, Meents’ trucked rolled over just as bonus time started and Adam Anderson ended the night in the stands with the fans celebrating Grave Digger’s freestyle victory at Eldora Speedway.


1st Round – Son-uva Digger def. Monster Mutt Dalmatian; Captain’s Curse bye run; Max-D def. Lucas Oil Crusader; The Legend def. El Toro Loco

Semifinals – Son-uva Digger def. Captain’s Curse; Max-D def. The Legend



GRAVE DIGGER 30 (26 + 4 bonus points)
Son-uva Digger 26 (22 + 4)
The Legend 23 (20 + 3)
Max-D 22
Captain’s Curse 21 (29 + 2)
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 20 (17 + 3)
El Toro Loco 18 (17 + 1)
Lucas Oil Crusader 12


Son-uva Digger 26
The Legend 25
Captain’s Curse 22
Max-D 19
El Toro Loco 18
Lucas Oil Crusader 15
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 14

By Scott Douglass