Mobile, AL - Mobile Civic Center

Monster Jam
Mobile Civic Center
Mobile, AL
July 26-27, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Zombie
Saturday Night: Batman

Friday Night: Grave Digger
Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, Zombie℠ driven by Sean Duhon, Batman™driven by John Seasock, Full Boar driven by Ed Eckert and Strait Jacket driven by Kevin King!!


Friday Night

It was Old School vs. New Rule at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® event in Mobile, AL tonight and they split the night. Sean Duhon and Zombie won the first half of the night while Gary Porter and Grave Digger won the second half. Duhon and Zombie dominated the wheelie contest then raced his way to the UTI Championship Round of Racing and came out victorious. Porter and Grave Digger laid down a wicked donut for his first win and then out shined teammate Whit Tarlton in Monster Mutt for the freestyle win.

John Seasock worked his hardest for the fans all night long as was show cased by his repeated attempts at a donut while the truck was rocking precariously up on 2 wheels. John risked rolling over, to the delight of the crowd, every time he tried to get the truck to break loose.
Ed Eckert, driving Full Boar, was a front runner in the donut contest, and came close to getting a racing round win. Kevin King and Straight Jacket was a front runner in the wheelie contest and the '79 Ford is super cool.

Wheelie Scores:
Straight Jacket 14
Full Boar 14
Batman 17
Zombie 21 **WINNER**
Monster Mutt 20
Grave Digger 20

Donut Scores:
Straight Jacket DNS
Zombie 11
Full Boar 19
Batman 13
Monster Mutt 22
Grave Digger 27 **WINNER**

Racing Brackets
Round 1
Batman beat Straight Jacket
Grave Digger beat Full Boar
Zombie beat Monster Mutt

Semi Final
Monster Mutt returns as fast loser and beat Batman
Zombie beat Grave Digger

UTI Championship
Zombie beat Monster Mutt

Freestyle Scores:
Full Boar DNS
Straight Jacket 13
Batman 15
Zombie 16
Monster Mutt 19
Grave Digger 26 **WINNER**

By Scott Heaton

Saturday Night

The question of Old School vs. New Rule may have been answered tonight at Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam....sort of. Sean Duhon and Zombie did get a win on Saturday night after splitting the wins with Grave Digger last night, but for the most part it was Old School.
John Seasock wound Batman up and let it loose in racing to take round win after win and then to go on to the UTI Championship round and LAUNCHED all the way to the finish line in the heads up drag race. Gary Porter and Grave Digger went on to win the rest of the night. Donuts and Freestyle were Diggers, but he had to work tremendously hard to overcome teammate Whit Tarlton and Monster Mutt. Whit and the floppy eared dog laid down a killer donut and then blasted the arena in freestyle. Porter sat in Digger and watched all happen and then just stepped it up a notch to go to victory lane.

Wheelie Scores:
Straight Jacket 20
Full Boar 21
Batman 23
Zombie 26
Monster Mutt 25
Grave Digger 22

Donuts Scores:
Zombie 19
Full Boar 22
Batman 17
Monster Mutt 24
Grave Digger 25

Racing Brackets
Round 1
Batman beat Straight Jacket
Grave Digger beat Full Boar
Monster Mutt beat Zombie

Semi Final
Batman beat fast loser Full Boar
Grave Digger beat Monster Mutt

Batman beat Grave Digger

Freestyle Scores:
Straight Jacket 17
Batman 22
Zombie 18
Monster Mutt 24
Grave Digger 26

By Scott Heaton