West Lebanon, NY - Lebanon Valley Speedway

Monster Jam
Lebanon Valley Speedway
West Lebanon, NY
July 14-17, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Sunday 8:00 p.m.: GRAVE DIGGER
Tuesday 8:00 p.m.: MAX-D
Wednesday 8:00 p.m.: GRAVE DIGGER THE LEGEND

Sunday 8:00 p.m.: MAX-D
Monday 8:00 p.m.: GRAVE DIGGER
Tuesday 8:00 p.m.: GRAVE DIGGER
Wednesday 8:00 p.m.: MAX-D

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger The Legend® driven by Adam Anderson, Max-D℠ driven by Tom Meents, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims and Hooked driven by Joey Parnell


Sunday 8:00 p.m.

Sunday 8:00 p.m. - The greatest rivalry in motorsports again lived up to its billing in front of a standing room only crowd at Lebanon Valley Speedway in New York with Dennis Anderson powering Grave Digger to the racing championship, then Tom Meents rocked the house in Max-D to win a tightly contested freestyle competition to open a four day run of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action Sunday night at the historic racetrack.

At a facility that has hosted popular Monster Jam events for decades the track was redesigned to create arguably the fastest straight line race course in the sport and the most exciting freestyle design in Lebanon Valley Speedway history which was a big hit with the huge crowd and the incredible line up at West Lebanon delivered with a night packed full of thrills. Starting the competition on top was reigning World Racing Championship Grave Digger the Legend as Adam Anderson set the fastest qualifying time.

Double-A continued to back up that fast time with wins to advance to the UTI Championship Round Race where he would square off against his father in Grave Digger. In a great photo finish battle Grave Digger edged The Legend and Dennis Anderson would thrill his huge crowd of long time Grave Digger fans there with another Lebanon Valley Speedway victory.

Onto freestyle where adding big stadium obstacles like the “jack rabbit” and the “jammer” allowed the superstars to provide some of the greatest thrills ever at the iconic speed plant. Meents showed the crowd why Max-D is the reigning World Freestyle Champion with an awesome performance that included a lengthy, amazing set of cyclones that had the crowd on its feet with a roaring standing ovation for the 10th anniversary Max-D machine. Anderson went huge in Grave Digger to try and top Max-D’s run but when Grave Digger flipped over before filling the clock, Max-D claimed the one point win over both Grave Digger and the Legend to take the win.
The popular Street Warrior competition brought 28 of the local competitors onto the track and after several rounds of competition Trevor Leja took home the top prize.


Fast qualifier – The Legend 6.32

1st Round – The Legend def. Lucas Oil Crusader; El Toro Loco def. Monster Energy; Stone
Crusher def. Max-D; Grave Digger def. Hooked

Semifinals - The Legend def. El Toro Loco; Grave Digger def. Stone Crusher



MAX-D 27
The Legend 26
Grave Digger 26
Monster Energy 23
Stone Crusher 22
El Toro Loco 18
Hooked 17

By Scott Douglass

Monday 8:00 p.m.

Night two of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action at Lebanon Valley Speedway in New York belonged to the Andersons as Adam Anderson powered Grave Digger the Legend to the racing championship followed by Dennis Anderson electrifying the capacity crowd with an incredible Grave Digger freestyle to claim that victory on Monday night.

The hot summer night in West Lebanon began with Grave Digger taking the number one seed for the racing bracket as the fastest qualifier with the Legend second quickest and the pair both worked their way in to the Championship Round Race, but Grave Digger suffered drive line problems that would not allow Dennis to compete for the racing championship he had won Sunday night. Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy, who had lost to Grave Digger in the semifinals, came back to challenge Adam and The Legend in the finale. It was Anderson and The Legend, Monster Jam’s current World Racing Champion who edged Monster Energy in a near photo finish to claim the night’s racing title.

Lebanon Valley Speedway has hosted popular Monster Jam events since the late 1980’s but with the addition of new freestyle obstacles that part of the competition was being called by many the best ever seen there with sensational performances start to finish. Monster Energy turned in a huge air performance that held the lead until the repaired Grave Digger came onto the track. As the repairs to the black and green wrecking machine were being completed Dennis Anderson promised the thousands of Grave Digger fans in attendance that he would rock the house in freestyle, and he absolutely lived up to that vow.

Anderson’s freestyle was on the ragged edge from the beginning and ended with an incredible wow moment as Anderson landed a huge leap , went right into a slap wheelie and then immediately hit the next jump at full throttle on just the back wheels which launched Grave Digger into an amazing jump than ended with the truck crashing hard onto its nose and the roaring crowd on its feet screaming in delight, a tribute to the superstar who has provided so many thrills for so many years to the fans at Lebanon Valley Speedway and Grave Digger was crowned the night’s freestyle champ.

Street Warrior competition was won by Massachusetts driver Mike Moreau.


Fast qualifier – Grave Digger 6.09

1st Round – Grave Digger def. Stone Crusher; Monster Energy def. Hooked; Max-D def. El Toro Loco; The Legend def. Lucas Oil Crusader

Semifinals - Grave Digger def. Monster Energy; The Legend def. Max-D (Monster Energy advanced due to Grave Digger’s mechanical problems)



Grave Digger 25
Monster Energy 24
The Legend 22
Lucas Oil Crusader 21
Max-D 20
El Toro Loco 17
Hooked 15
Stone Crusher 8

By Scott Douglass

Tuesday 8:00 p.m.

In their first head-to-head racing match-up since Grave Digger The Legend supplanted Max-D as the World Racing Champion Tom Meents powered his 10th Anniversary Max-D to victory in the Championship Round Race over current World Racing Champion Adam Anderson in Grave Digger the Legend , then Dennis Anderson thrilled his legions of Grave Digger fans at Lebanon Valley Speedway in New York to take the triumph in the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam freestyle competition in front of another huge crowd Tuesday night in the 3rd event of the four show run at the historic race track.

After opening the night by setting the fastest time in qualifying, Max-D took the top seed into the race bracket and Meents then drove to victory over first Steve Sims and Stone Crusher, then Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy to move into the Championship Round. In the other half of the bracket Adam Anderson took The Legend to wins over his father in Grave Digger and then Chuck Werner in El Toro Loco to set up the highly anticipated match-up of Monster Jam’s two most recent World Racing Champions. In a great photo finish race on the lightning fast straight line course Max-D edged The Legend by a matter of feet at the finish line for the victory. Three different teams have now won racing over the first three nights in this incredibly competitive racing battle amongst an incredible line-up of Monster Jam superstars during this trip to West Lebanon.

Freestyle again had the crowd thrilled start to finish, but the renewal of the greatest rivalry in motorsports, Anderson in Grave Digger vs. Meents in Max-D had the crowd on its feet for the final two performances. Meents threw down an amazing run but Anderson proved to be up to the challenge with the judges scoring Grave Digger two points better than Max-D for the night’s freestyle championship, Anderson’s second straight Lebanon Valley Speedway freestyle victory.

Street Warrior competition was won by Massachusetts driver Karl Barnes.


Fast qualifier – Max-D 6.13

1st Round – Max-D def. Stone Crusher; Monster Energy def. Hooked; The Legend def. Grave Digger; El Toro Loco def. Lucas Oil Crusader

Semifinals - Max-D def. Monster Energy; Grave Digger The Legend def. El Toro Loco



Grave Digger 27
Max-D 25
The Legend 23
Lucas Oil Crusader 22
Monster Energy 22
El Toro Loco 19
Stone Crusher 19
Hooked 7

By Scott Douglass

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

The wrap up of four epic nights of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam competition at Lebanon Valley Speedway mirrored the results from Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIV presented by NGK Spark Plugs last March in Las Vegas with World Champions Adam Anderson in Grave Digger The Legend taking the racing victory and Tom Meents in Max-D winning freestyle in front of yet another capacity crowd at the iconic race track Wednesday night.

The Legend had the super fast straight line race course handled from the start, setting the fastest qualifying time with quickest run seen the entire time in West Lebanon at 5.66 seconds. Anderson backed that up in his march to The Legend winning racing for the second time in the last four nights, Adam defeating his Dad in Grave Digger in the semifinals to setup a showdown with Max-D in the Championship Round race.

That battle produced a photo finish finale where it appeared Max-D had a slight edge when the pair of champs hit the final jump, but the nose of Max-D shot straight up into the air off the final jump while The Legend cut straight through to pull out the narrow win.

In freestyle The Legend took a huge run at winning the Double Down with an awesome freestyle that included completely shredding the blue and silver body off of the truck to the delight of the roaring crowd but the run ended with a broken wheel and time still remaining on the clock. Meents took advantage and filled the clock with a high flying performance that included another incredible set of cyclones to put Max-D into the lead with only Grave Digger left to perform. Dennis Anderson thrilled the crowd with a wild Grave Digger freestyle but the run ended with the truck flipping end over end just past the half way point of the allotted time and Max-D ended the amazing return to Lebanon Valley Speedway with the freestyle title.

Mike Moreau again claimed the victory in Street Warrior competition,


Fast qualifier – The Legend 5.66

1st Round –The Legend def. Stone Crusher; Grave Digger def. Monster Energy; El Toro Loco def. Lucas Oil Crusader; Max-D def. Hooked

Semifinals - The Legend def. Grave Digger; Max-D def. El Toro Loco



MAX-D 26
The Legend 25
Lucas Oil Crusader 24
Grave Digger 21
El Toro Loco 20
Monster Energy 20
Hooked 18
Stone Crusher 17

By Scott Douglass