Halifax, NS - Scotia Speedworld

Scotia Speedworld
Halifax, NS
June 1-2, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 1 P.M.: Captain's Curse
Saturday 7 P.M.: Grave Digger
Sunday 1 P.M.: Captain's Curse

Saturday 1 P.M.: Grave Digger
Saturday 7 P.M.: Northern Nightmare
Sunday 1 P.M.: Grave Digger

Trucks: Maple Leaf Monster Jam® Trucks Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, Captain's Curse® driven by Alex Blackwell, Batman™ driven by Jon Zimmer, Storm Damage driven by Tim Mente and Hurricane Force driven by Steven Thompson!!


Saturday 1 P.M.

(Halifax, NS) This bustling city in Eastern Canada has enjoyed many positives of late. Recently, for example, the Halifax Mooseheads won their first ever championship in the Canadian Junior Hockey League. What better way to follow a Canadian hockey championship than with a Maple Leaf Monster Jam event? The stands were full, the drivers were ready, and Halifax was about to get rocked with an amazing show.

A total of six Maple Leaf Monster Jam stars took to the track this afternoon for four separate elements, which included a Wheelie Competition, Donut Competition, Monster Jam Racing, and Monster Jam Freestyle Competition. With two thirds of the attending teams holding World Championships to their credit, competition would prove to be at an all time high at Scotia Speedworld.

Canada’s own Cam McQueen got the wheels turning in the right direction early in the day, taking the win in the Wheelie Competition with a convincing score of 26. Randy Brown in Grave Digger, making his first Canadian appearance in 2013, took second place with 24. Batman and Captain’s Curse tied at 23 points each, while Hurricane Force garnered 17. Tim Mente in Storm Damage rounded out the competition with a score of 14.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Round One paired Captain’s Curse against Northern Nightmare, with Captain’s Curse taking victory. Grave Digger stopped Batman, while Storm Damage nullified Hurricane Force. The Semi Final brought Batman back as Fast Loser, but Captain’s Curse proved too strong for the Gotham City crew on route to another victory. In the other Semi Final race, Grave Digger calmed Storm Damage.

The UTI Championship Racing Round was a rather historical race. This final race marked the first time since January 2013 that John Zimmer would not be on the starting line. And although Zimmer would not make the final round in Batman, Randy Brown in Grave Digger would.

Regardless of who the competitor might have been today, however, Alex Blackwell in Captain’s Curse would show no fear. Blackwell’s performance was simply off the nautical charts as he skillfully steered Captain’s Curse to the convincing win. In only his second visit to Canada in 2013, Blackwell stood alone as the UTI Championship Race winner.

The Donut Competition would produce yet another winner in the stellar field of drivers. After losing in the UTI Championship Round race, Randy Brown in Grave Digger felt he had something to prove. And he did just that, taking top spot in the Donut Competition with a score of 26 points. Race winner Captain’s Curse scored 24, while Northern Nightmare and Batman tied at 23. Storm Damage rounded scoring out with 15 points, and Hurricane Force was unable to make the call due to mechanical difficulties.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyle Competition was a sight to behold. With Alex Blackwell in Captain’s Curse sailing for the coveted Double Down Award, the competitors knew they would have to be sharp to sink him. Captain’s Curse sat atop the field for some time with a score of 22 points, but it was not long after that John Zimmer in Batman raised the bar to 24 points. Northern Nightmare followed up by equaling Batman’s score of 24 points, while giving Nova Scotia fans plenty of action “after the whistle.”

Despite all the great Freestyle performances witnessed here today, one man stood way above the rest. In his first Scotia Speedworld performance since 2010, Randy Brown in Grave Digger gave the excited fans a performance to remember forever. Not one object was left untouched, not one second was wasted. Grave Digger took the Freestyle win with 25 points. Hurricane Force (18 points) and Storm Damage (16 points) rounded out Freestyle Competition scoring.

In other action, Team USA edged out Team Canada in Quad Wars.

With the second show of the weekend just hours away, the Maple Leaf Monster Jam crews are hastily preparing for what should be an amazing event tonight.

We look forward to seeing you at 7 P.M. in Halifax!

By Darren Pallen

Saturday 7 P.M.

(Halifax, NS) Given the high level of Maple Leaf Monster Jam talent present at Scotia Speedworld this weekend, it was expected that the winners of each element would change from show to show. When single points decide championships, you just know that the stakes are high. And that is what makes Monster Jam so addicting to watch.

The Saturday night event opened with the Wheelie Competition. Captain’s Curse and Batman tied at 26 points each, and it took careful analysis of each driver’s performance to determine the winner in a tiebreaker decision. In consideration of that fact that Alex Blackwell performed an awesome slap wheelie coming off the crush cars, the win was awarded to Captain’s Curse. Northern Nightmare scored 24 points while taking third place, while Grave Digger and Hurricane Force tied at 19. Tim Mente in Storm Damage rounded out the competition with a score of 15.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Round One saw Hurricane Force take the win over Captain’s Curse, Grave Digger bury Northern Nightmare, and Batman fly past Storm Damage. In the Semi Final, Northern Nightmare returned as Fast Loser to take on Hurricane Force, and this time the Canadian found his way to the Mopar Finish Line first. Similarly, Grave Digger continued his charge in taking out Batman.

The UTI Championship Racing Round saw Team Grave Digger return to the winner’s circle once again in Canada. But this time, it was veteran driver Randy Brown behind the wheel. It is no secret that Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger has been dominant in Canada in 2013, but this time Team Grave Digger proved that another Grave Digger driver could get the job done north of the 49th parallel. Having not visited Scotia Speedworld since 2010, Brown was thrilled with the victory.

The Donut Competition was a tire-smoking affair that saw serious revolutions combined with serious throttle movement. And true to the Saturday afternoon show, it would be Grave Digger in victory lane with a score of 27 points. Northern Nightmare scored 26 points, while Captain’s Curse scored 25. Batman was not far back with 24 points. Hurricane Force earned 17 points, and Storm Damage just 7.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyle was about as competitive as a Monster Jam element could ever be. Each driver gave it absolutely everything they had, yet only one driver could be crowned champion. And tonight, that driver was Canada’s own Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare. The 2012 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion was simply astounding as he wheeled his all-Canadian ride to a score of 26 points. The competitors earned the following final Freestyle scores:

Storm Damage: Did Not Start
Hurricane Force: 21
Captain’s Curse: 23
Grave Digger: 23
Batman: 24
Northern Nightmare: 26

In other action, Team Canada managed to fight back against Team USA and take the Quad Wars Main, evening the series at one win apiece on the weekend.

We look forward to seeing you at 10:30 A.M. on Sunday morning at the Pit Party, as we get ready for our third and final event of the weekend here in wonderful Nova Scotia!

By Darren Pallen

Sunday 1 P.M.

(Halifax, NS) Amidst a thick, dense fog, Sunday’s Maple Leaf Monster Jam began with a well-attended Pit Party. Nova Scotia fans enjoyed a great opportunity to meet with some of the sport’s very best while collecting official Maple Leaf Monster Jam merchandise. When the Pit Party ended, the fans and drivers were ready for a great day of motor sports at Scotia Speedworld.

The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the Freestyle work of Randy Brown in Grave Digger. It is often easy to say that a city has just witnessed its greatest Freestyle ever, but in this case it is entirely true. Despite the unforgiving asphalt surface, Brown gave it his all, never worrying once about a single part on his truck. His Long Jumps were without equal; his donuts were simply mind blowing. At times, he looked like he may end up in the center of the freeway rather than within the confines of Scotia Speedworld. Yet Brown kept in control, while remaining on the very edge of it.

If ever there was a crowd that was more excited about a Freestyle run than today, it would be interesting to speak to them. As the fans poured out of Scotia Speedworld this afternoon, there was an enormous buzz, plenty of smiles, and a great feeling about returning here in 2014.

In the UTI Championship Racing Round, Alex Blackwell in Captain’s Curse did not disappoint. Blackwell poured on the throttle and sailed Captain’s Curse to victory over a charging Northern Nightmare. It was a great victory for a driver who had been silky-smooth all weekend.

The individual Maple Leaf Monster Jam elements scored as follows:

Monster Jam Racing Round One

Northern Nightmare beat Hurricane Force
Captain’s Curse wiped out Storm Damage
Batman had the bye run as Grave Digger was unable to start

Monster Jam Racing Semi Final

Northern Nightmare defeated Storm Damage (Fast Loser)
Captain’s Curse defeated Batman

UTI Championship Round

Captain’s Curse beat Northern Nightmare

Wheelie Competition

Storm Damage 17
Hurricane Force 21
Captain’s Curse 24
Batman 25
Grave Digger 23
Northern Nightmare 27

Donut Competition

Storm Damage 21
Hurricane Force 16
Captain’s Curse 26
Batman 26
Grave Digger DNS
Northern Nightmare 27

Freestyle Competition

Storm Damage 17
Hurricane Force 20
Captain’s Curse 24
Batman DNS
Grave Digger 25
Northern Nightmare 24

In closing, we would like to thank Mopar, Money Mart, and Pizza Pizza for all their help in bringing Maple Leaf Monster Jam to Halifax. As is always the case, a great time was had by all in one of Canada’s friendliest provinces. We can’t wait return to Halifax in 2014 for more Maple Leaf Monster Jam action.

We will see you in Calgary in September!

By Darren Pallen