Salinas, CA - Salinas Sports Complex

Monster Jam
Salinas Sports Complex
Salinas, CA
May 18-19, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 2:00pm: Titan

Saturday 2:00pm: Max-D

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Pablo Huffaker, El Toro Loco® driven by Aaron Basl, Max-D℠ driven by Tom Meents, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, El Diablo℠ driven by JP, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, The Patriot driven by Dan Rodoni, Time Fly's driven by Kelvin Ramer, Titan driven by Donald Epindendio and Devastator driven by Mark Schroder!!


Saturday 2:00pm

The last time I had the pleasure of announcing here in Salinas California was back in 2009. After four long years away from Salinas Sport Complex it was great to be back for what many call a Mini Vegas line up along with an awesome freestyle track. This show is unique from others that we do throughout the years we have an open Pit Party on the front lawn along Main street on Saturday before the Sunday show. We also have a small parade were the Monster Jam Trucks move from the pit party down main street before entering into the complex for the next day show. With all of that it's no wonder why the great fans always pack the huge facility year after year. This year was no exception as the tickets were sold out for the first time in the rich history to pack the place with over 18,000 Monster Jam fans.

Today started off with an added Wheelie competition as Max D. took the high flying contest to the limit with a high score of 23. El Toro Loco was second tied with Grave Digger followed by Devastator with a great finish of third. The sky wheelies were awesome as the track crew set up some great obstacles to work with and it would become more evident as freestyle would soon approach.

Racing was next and the Young Gun Competitor Titan would seal another Stadium Racing victory for 2013. Yes this show is considered a Stadium event due to the size of the floor and the number of fans it can hold. Donald Epindedio drove Titan to the Championship round with impressive wins over Time Fly's, The Patriot and Max D. before taking out Monster Energy in the UTI Championship race.

Freestyle could not have been better for the screaming Monster Jam fans and I can’t wait to see highlights on You Tube. There was so many wow moments that had the fans on their feet along with the judges scratching their heads on who was going to be crowned champion. In the end it was the eleven time World Finals Champion Tom Meents who would take home the trophy but only by one point over Grave Digger. Some things to mention would be the awesome performance of the entire group with kudos’s going out to Titan for a great save along with Lucas Oil Crusader and Monster Energy for the high flying action and superb roll over effects. But also to Devastator for the strong performance that set the Bar high as he was the first to go in today’s freestyle competition. And we can't forget about Grave Digger as Pablo again finished in second place with an awesome Digger freestyle.

Max-D 23
El Toro Loco 22
Grave Digger 22
Devastator 21
Titan 20
Monster Energy 19
El Diablo 18
The Patriot 17
Time Fly's 16
Lucas Oil Crusader 15

Racing Round one: Monster Energy def. El Diablo, The Patriot def. Devastator, Titan def. Time Fly's Crusader def. El Toro Loco and Max D. defeated Grave Digger.

Racing Round two: Monster Energy def. El Toro Loco (fast looser) Titan def. The Patriot, Max D. defeated Lucas oil Crusader.

Semi Finals: Monster Energy defeated El Toro Loco (fast looser) and Titan defeated Max D.

Finals: Titan Defeated Monster Energy.

Max-D 27
Grave Digger 26
Titan 25
Lucas Oil Crusader 24
The Patriot 23
El Diablo 22
Time Fly's 21
Monster Energy 17
Devastator 16
El Toro Loco 15

By Greg Whitacre