El Paso, TX - UTEP Sun Bowl Stadium

Monster Jam
UTEP Sun Bowl Stadium
El Paso, TX
March 2-3, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday, 7:00pm: Grave Digger The Legend
Sunday, 2:00pm: Monster Energy

Saturday, 7:00pm: Max-D
Sunday, 2:00pm: Grave Digger The Legend

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Charlie Pauken, Team Hot Wheels Firestorm driven by Scott Buetow, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, El Diablo driven by JPRuggeiro, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Grave Digger The Legend® driven by Adam Anderson, Captain America driven by Chad Fortune, King Krunch driven by David Smith, Nitro Hornet driven by Darron Basl, Devastator driven by Mark Schroeder, Titan driven by Donald Epidendio, Bounty Hunter driven by Darren Migues, Iron Outlaw driven by J.McFeerson, The Patriot driven by Dan Rodoni and Tropical Thunder driven by Andrew Peckham!!


Saturday, 7:00pm

We have finished with the first night of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in El Paso, Texas! One word describes the excitement and the great performances of all Monster Jam drivers tonight: Majestic!!!! It was been one of the most exciting nights I have ever seen. The excitement and the involvement of all Monster Jam drivers with the audience were incredible.
The Monster Jam fans did not only get great performances in Monster Jam Racing and Monster Jam Freestyle, but also they got a ton of free items from the Monster Jam drivers, almost after each competition there was a surprise coming on the way of El Paso fans!
Speaking of excitement, this is what we lived tonight in the Sun Bowl Stadium with a sold out attendance of about 48,000 fans cheering their favorite Monster Jam trucks.
Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Racing.
The first round of Monster Jam Racing was for Qualifying for brackets in Round one of Monster Jam Racing. Qualifying times were as follows.
Nitro Hornet 23.73
El Toro Loco 21.56
Bounty Hunter 21.85
Capt America 21.93
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 21.09
Devastator 22.66
Titan 20.87
El Diablo 22.85
Max D 20.717
Grave Digger 21.325
The Legend 19.951
Iron Outlaw 22.469
Lucas Oil Crusader 20.954
Team Hot Wheels Fire Storm 21.374
Monster Energy did not run due to motor issue and Tropical Thunder did not end his qualifying round. The fastest qualifier was the Legend.

Monster Jam Racing- Round One
El Toro Loco won over Bounty Hunter. Darren Migues ( Bounty Hunter) had a little bit of difficulty keeping the Monster Jam truck in control after turning at one corner.
Monster Jam Dalmatian lost against Devastator. Mark Schroeder came really strong and took advantage of Monster Mutt Dalmatian hitting an obstacle which subtracted valuable time going onto the last hit.
Lucas Oil Crusader won over El Diablo. Linsey Weenk driving Lucas Oil came out really strong, all in plan of keeping his incredible winning Monster Jam Racing streak. He has become number 2 with the most wins in racing in Stadiums nationwide.
Titan won over Nitro Hornet. These round faced two Young Guns qualifiers for Monster Jam World Finals.
Iron Outlaw was defeated by Grave Digger. Captain America lost against Hot Wheels. Adam Anderson in The Legend had a bye run due to mechanical problems of Monster Energy. Max D came out full throttle and defeated Tropical Thunder. Andrew Peckham got hooked with a crush car and lost all the momentum, Neil Elliot in Max D Capitalized on it.
Monster Jam Racing- Round 2
The Legend kept going fast and in control especially at the corners. This brought another round win against El Toro Loco. Lucas Oil Crusader kept his initiative of aiming to win another racing round and takes it away from Devastator. Grave Digger defeated Titan who had problems at one of the corners and got hooked with one of the crush cars. Max D repeated the win now against Team Hot Wheels Fire Storm.
Semi-Final Round
The Legend kept all the fans on their feet as he ran against another great contender Lucas Oil Crusader. Anderson kept it short at corners and maintained the speedy advantage and took the win to go to the final round of racing. Max-D in a very close call against Grave Digger won and went to confront The Legend in the UTI Championship round.
Two great Monster Jam trucks in the championship round. Max-D driven by Neil Elliot and The Legend driven by Adam Anderson. At almost the same time his father was running, Adam was ready to conquer yet another victory for the Anderson Family. The result was in favor of Kill Devil Hills, The Legend wins and takes the first Monster Jam Racing trophy and as a gesture of gratitude, Anderson gave it away to one lucky fan at the stands!!
Monster Jam Freestyle
The track at the Sun Bowl Stadium was ready for the most spectacular Monster Jam Free Style performances. Monster Jam World finals qualifiers and Young Guns provided a guarantee of great Monster Jam Free Style. We saw huge air, great combinations, Monster Jam donuts and wheelies and complete destruction on the track. Next you will see the score and some of the most impressive highlight of tonight’s Monster Jam Free Style.
Bounty Hunter 5 5 5 +1 Total 16
Devastator 5 4 4+1 Total 14
Nitro Hornet 5 5 6+1 Total 17
Iron Outlaw 4 5 4+1 Total 14
El Diablo 6 7 7 no bonus time due to a flat tire Total 20
Tropical Thunder 5 5 5 with no Bonus time Total 15
Titan 7 7 6+1 Total 21
Hot Wheels Firestorm 4 4 4 No bonus time due to mechanic failure Total 12
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7 6 6+2 Total 21
El Toro Loco 8 7 7+3 Total 25
Capt America 6 6 7+3 Total 22
The Patriot 6 6 6+2 Total 20
Lucas Oil Crusader 4 4 3 no bonus time due to a roll over. Did not finished regulation time either. Total 11
The Legend who came very close for a Double Down got 8 8 8+3 Total 27
Max-D 8 8 8+4 Total 28 points.
Team Grave Digger ran in Monster Free Style but did not want to compete for points and instead gave a great Monster Jam Free Style exhibition not only with one Grave Digger but with two driven by Carl Van Horn and Charlie Pauken.
The winner was Max D who performed outstanding air. Incredible high air over the stack and completed destruction of all crush cars. Jumping from one stack to another was incredible and roll over saves were repeated in a couple of time making of Neil Elliot’s (Max-D) performance the best for the absolute winner of the first night of Monster Jam Free Style in El Paso.
We still Have one more show Sunday, March 3. So, Monster Jam fans in El Paso get ready for more destruction. We’ll keep you up to date!

Sunday, 2:00pm

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam weekend in El Paso, TX is over but I am quite sure that the excitement will live for the remaining of the year until we come back to the Sun City in 2014.
It was a sold out UTEP Sun Bowl one more time to come and enjoy the greatest motor sport “Monster Jam”. Today, we have seen spectacular Monster Jam Racing and Monster Jam Free Style. The El Paso Monster Jam fans electrified the Sun Bowl Stadium with tremendous roaring heard all around the University area. The engines, the speed, the incredible skill from all the Monster Jam drivers were were just incredible and up to the expectations of all the fans from El Paso, Juarez, and Southwest New Mexico.
We started our Monster Jam Racing competition with Monster Jam Qualifying for the bracket positions in round one of Monster Jam Racing. Drivers were racing against the clock for the fastest qualifying times.
Team Hot Wheels Fire Storm 21.970
Devastator 22.430
Grave Digger 22.310
Captain America 28.84
El Diablo 22.280
Bounty Hunter 21.03
Lucas Oil Crusader 21.310
Titan 20.877
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 21.370
Max-D 20.530
Iron Outlaw 22.340
Tropical Thunder 20.87
Monster Energy 20.820
El Toro Loco 22.900
Nitro Hornet 21.090
The Legend had a mechanical problem and it did not make it for the Qualifying round.
Monster Jam Racing Round One
Grave Digger defeated Nitro Hornet. Darron Basl (Nitro Hornet) with some problems at the corners getting stuck with the crush cars, this giving the advantage to a superior speed of Grave Digger.
Bounty Hunter won over Iron Outlaw. Darren Migues (Bounty Hunter) came out stronger this time and he made it for the second round. Devastator lost against Tropical Thunder. Lucas Oil Crusader (Linsey Weenk) came to El Paso ranked number 2 with most wins in stadium racing and defeated El Diablo driven by JP Ruggiero who lost control before getting to the third hit and went off to hit a dirt stack. Monster Mutt Dalmatian lost against Team Hot Wheels Fire Storm. Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw who made back after having his Monster Jam engine worked overnight to be ready for today’s competition, he beat El Toro Loco with superior speed and better control in closing the corners. Max-D came to win over Titan driven by Donald Epidendio who also had problems right by the end zone getting entangled with some of the obstacles.
Round Two
Bounty Hunter lost against Grave Digger as he tried to advance to the Semifinal round. Monster Energy continued with more speed power every time, now defeating Hot Wheels Fire Storm. Lucas Oil Crusader advanced to the semifinal round by defeating Tropical Thunder. Titan came back as fast loser of round one and ran against Max-D once again getting defeated for the second time by Max-D .
Semifinal Round
Lucas Oil Crusader took a hard hit from Monster Energy who continued solidly with a repair engine and wins his place in the Championship round after defeating Lucas Oil. One of the greatest rivalries of Monster Jam took place one more time in the semifinal round when two world champions faced each other: Max-D and Grave Digger. Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger had a super fast start and the hitting of a couple of obstacles by Max-D gave this the advantage to Grave Digger advancing the Championship round.
Championship Round.
Two great drivers in two great Monster Jam Trucks, Grave Digger and Monster Energy. One more time Damon Bradshaw showed why he has been invited to the Monster Jam World Finals several times. A repair engine and full throttle gave the edge to win over a not easy contender Grave Digger. Monster Energy scores his first win in Monster Jam racing this weekend in El Paso!

Monster Jam Free Style.
The Monster Jam trucks just flew over high air in the Sun Bowl Stadium making of this contest one to remember by all the fans. We saw high air, massive body destruction and super combinations that had all El Pasoans at the edge of their seats. Below the scores first 3 numbers for regulation time of 90 seconds and the number followed by the plus sign is for Bonus time of 30 seconds.
Bounty Hunter 6 5 6+2 Total 19
Devastator 5 4 5+1 Total 15
Nitro Hornet 4 4 3 ( He did not complete his regulation time due to mechanical issues) Total 11
Iron Outlaw 5 5 4+1 Total 15
El Diablo 6 6 7 +2 Total 21
Tropical Thunder 3 4 4 Total 11. He was not able to complete his regulation time due to a flat tire.
Titan 6 6 8 +2 Total 22
Hot Wheels Fire Storm 6 6 6 Total 18
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7 6 6 +3 Total 22
El Toro Loco 7 7 8 +2 Total 24
Captain America 7 6 7 +3 Total 23
The Patriot 7 6 6 Total 19
Lucas Oil Crusader 8 8 6+4 Total 26
Monster Energy 8 7 7 Total 22 It did not run in bonus time.
The Legend 8 9 7 + 4 Total 29
Max-D 8 8 8 Total 24. He did not complete regulation time because it rolled over after a tremendous high air that made him just bounced and turn upside down.
Team Grave Digger two of these Monster Jam trucks came out again and ran in Monster Jam Freestyle not for scores but to give a great gift to all the fans in El Paso. Two great drivers in the Grave Diggers, Carl Vanhorn and Charlie Pauken. They did amazing high air, wheelies and great combinations over the stacks.
The crowned champion of Monster Jam Free Style was The Legend driven by Adam Anderson who kept a tremendous flow jumping from one stack to another achieving amazing air. Combination of hits, donuts and wheelies gave The legend the highest score of 29 to take home his second trophy to the fans. One in Monster Jam Racing and this last one today in Monster Jam Free Style. One more time all the Monster Jam drivers gave gifts to the fans making of this presentation one of the more spectacular ever. Monter Jam fans in El Paso remember that tickets for next year’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam go on sale starting this Monday, March 4 2013. Get your tickets as soon as you can for the best seats in the house.
Monster Jam fans in El Paso see you in Las Vegas for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals March 22-23. See you in El Paso next year! Hasta la vista!!

By Fernando Rubio