Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre

MTS Centre
Winnipeg, MB
February 23-24, 2013
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Racing Winner
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Saturday 2 P.M.: Grave Digger
Saturday 7 P.M.: Grave Digger
Sunday 2 P.M.: Grave Digger

Saturday 2 P.M.: Metal Mulisha
Saturday 7 P.M.: Northern Nightmare
Sunday 2 P.M.: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Jon Zimmer, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, Metal Mulisha driven by Todd Leduc, Batman™ driven by Norm Miller, Just Get 'Er Done driven by Mitch Tulachka and Robo Machine driven by Shane Phreed!!


Saturday 2 P.M.

(Winnipeg, MB) The level of interest in Maple Leaf Monster Jam could easily be measured here at MTS Centre as fans poured in for the morning Pit Party. The Pit Party event was completely sold out, and there was no doubt that the drivers were pumped up and ready to go as they signed autographs for the enormous crowd.

Rolling into MTS Centre for event number one of Maple Leaf Monster Jam were Robo Machine (Shane Phreed), Just Get ‘Er Done (Mitch Tulachka), Metal Mulisha (Todd Leduc), Batman (Norm Miller), Grave Digger (Jon Zimmer), and Northern Nightmare, driven by Canada’s own Cam McQueen.

The day started off in a big way for Canadian Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare. His perfect 30 score in the Wheelie Competition put him on top and gave him the win. Metal Mulisha scored 27 points, Just Get ‘Er Done had 25, Grave Digger and Robo Machine ended up with 22 points each, and Batman scored 20.

MTS Centre is unique in the fact that it is the only arena in Canada that boasts the track space capable of running Chicago-Style Racing. This would be a big change for many of the Maple Leaf competitors, including Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger. Keep in mind that Zimmer has been on an unbelievable winning streak of late here in Canada, winning six of his last six UTI Championship Rounds.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Round One saw Batman defeat Robo Machine, Metal Mulisha score victory over Northern Nightmare, and Grave Digger advance past Just Get ‘Er Done.

In the Semi Final, Northern Nightmare returned as Fast Loser but was unable to defeat the hard charging Norm Miller in Batman. Similarly, Grave Digger stopped Metal Mulisha short in a truly amazing race.

The UTI Championship Round was full of suspense as Batman rolled to the starting line against Grave Digger. With two World Racing Championships to their credit, the Batman team could have easily been considered the favourite today. But 'favourite" can often be an inaccurate term. And fans were about to find out exactly what that meant.

The Chicago-style course was huge and fast, and Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger was the driver who took full advantage of it. Zimmer powered the legendary Grave Digger around the course and was first to the finish line. And although no one is ever considered unbeatable in Monster Jam Racing, Grave Digger now has to be considered as close as anybody has ever been before.

With three World Championship teams in the building, Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyle Competition was sure to please. Robo Machine and Just Get ‘Er Done rolled out first and second respectively and gave Winnipeg fans some smooth and fluid performances. Norm Miller in Batman was equally impressive as he sailed the big bat high over Mount Manitoba. Grave Digger had a great run, while Northern Nightmare had the makings of a World Championship-type performance before breaking off the right front champagne glass.

Without question, however, it was Todd Leduc in Metal Mulisha that stole the show here this afternooon. Leduc piloted his ten thousand pound Monster Jam Truck with a level of precision and timing rarely seen in Monster Jam Freestyle Competition. Metal Mulisha left the track in a state of total destruction and left his competitors wondering how they are going to beat him at the next two shows.

The drivers earned the following Freestyle scores:

Robo Machine: 18
Just Get ‘Er Done: 17
Metal Mulisha: 26
Northern Nightmare: 16
Batman: 23
Grave Digger: 25

In other motor sports action, Team USA stole the Quad Wars Final victory with a last lap pass over Team Canada. In Freestyle Motocross action, Teddy Culbertson, Keith Sayers, and Cody Kavanaugh looked spectacular in hucking two Back Flips during their hair-raising performance.

The second event of the weekend is just hours away with a 7 P.M. scheduled start time. Don’t miss one minute of the action as the stars of Monster Jam return for a Saturday night performance that is sure to impress.

We will see you soon!

By Darren Pallen

Saturday 7 P.M.

(Winnipeg, MB) The second show of the 2013 Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour in Winnipeg kicked off at 7 P.M. sharp at MTS Centre. With all six trucks and drivers ready for competition, the night promised to be a magical one.

The Wheelie Competition was a relatively low scoring event but certainly the scores were very, very close throughout. Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare came out on top with a score of 23 points, much to the delight of the Canadian fans. Grave Digger ended up in second place with 22, while a 19 point tie ensued between Batman, Metal Mulisha, and Just Get ‘Er Done. Robo Machine rounded out scoring with a 16 point effort.

Monster Jam Racing Round One paired Grave Digger against Metal Mulisha, with Grave Digger taking the victory after Metal Mulisha driver Todd Leduc found himself on his roof. Northern Nightmare stormed past Get ‘Er Done, and Batman defeated Robo Machine. Overall, it was a very fast and competitive Round One.

Semi Final Racing action paired Fast Loser Just Get ‘Er Done against Grave Digger. And although Mitch Tulachka in Just Get ‘Er Done put up a strong fight, the team from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina put yet another victory in the win column. In the other race, it was Northern Nightmare over Batman in a photo finish.

Everyone following Maple Leaf Monster Jam in 2013 is aware of the dominance enjoyed by Team Grave Digger in the UTI Championship Round. Going into the big race tonight, John Zimmer in Grave Digger had won the last seven consecutive UTI Championship Rounds. And try as he might, Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare was powerless to stop Grave Digger’s streak tonight at MTS Centre. Zimmer pushed McQueen hard throughout the race and the pressure was just enough to make it an eighth straight win for Grave Digger. Unbelievable.

In Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyle Competition, the drivers smashed and crashed their way around the huge MTS Centre track. Entering this afternoon’s show, Northern Nightmare had won his last six Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyles, finally getting stopped by Metal Mulisha. But tonight, Canada’s national hero returned to World Championship form as he flew Northern Nightmare to unheard of heights in MTS Centre. McQueen’s efforts were tremendous, and so was his score. The Pizza Pizza Judges presented the Canadian star with 28 points, good enough for the victory.

The drivers earned the following Freestyle scores:

Robo Machine 22
Just Get ‘Er Done 23
Metal Mulisha 21
Batman 25
Grave Digger 27
Northern Nightmare 28

As we prepare for the third and final Maple Leaf Monster Jam of the weekend on Sunday, Manitoba Maple Leaf Monster Jam fans are curious to find out if Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger can make it nine UTI Championship Racing Round victories in a row. It is hard to remember the last time another driver in Canada hoisted the big trophy, and that is just fine with Jon Zimmer.

We’ll see you Sunday at 11:30 A.M. for the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Party in the Pits!

By Darren Pallen

Sunday 2 P.M.

(Winnipeg, MB) Following a high energy Pit Party, the stars of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam were ready to get down to business on the second and final day of action here at MTS Centre. This event saw the highest fan attendance of the weekend, and everyone that was seated was quickly back up on their feet.

Returning to MTS Centre for car-crushing action were Robo Machine (Shane Phreed), Just Get ‘Er Done (Mitch Tulachka), Metal Mulisha (Todd Leduc), Batman (Norm Miller), Grave Digger (Jon Zimmer), and Northern Nightmare, driven by Canada’s own Cam McQueen. Before the event, the Canadian World Champion’s crew discovered some engine trouble. But lots of hard work and plenty of luck remedied the problem before the Wheelie Competition.

Northern Nightmare driver Cam McQueen was simply unbelievable as he stood his strong-running truck up on its rear bumper. McQueen’s efforts were good enough for a score of 29 points and the Wheelie Competition win. Metal Mulisha was a close second at 28 points, while Just Get ‘Er Done scored 25. Batman earned 24, Grave Digger 23, and Robo Machine rounded things out with a score of 20 points.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Round One saw Northern Nightmare defeat Robo Machine, Grave Digger defeat Just Get ‘Er Done, and Batman soar past Metal Mulisha.

Semi-Final Racing action brought back Mitch Tulachka in Just Get ‘Er Done as Fast Loser against Northern Nightmare. And this time, the job truly got done for the Wisconsin native. Just Get ‘Er Done was silky smooth around the Chicago-style course as he took out Northern Nightmare. The other Semi witnessed Grave Digger roar past two-time World Racing Champion Batman and into his ninth straight UTI Championship Round.

The UTI Championship Round was a huge opportunity for Just Get ‘Er Done. For driver Mitch Tulachka, it would have been a sweet victory phone call home to Wisconsin had he been able to knock off Grave Digger. Unfortunately, that phone in Wisconsin would not ring today. John Zimmer in Grave Digger was textbook perfect as he took his ninth straight UTI Championship Round in Maple Leaf Monster Jam competition.

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyle Competition left Winnipeg fans with a permanent impression of World Champion Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare. Although McQueen stopped short of his allotted sixty-second time limit due to a rollover, it was what he did after that time that impressed the fans most. Track Officials did a great job of righting the ten thousand pound Northern Nightmare, paving the way for an unbelievable encore from the Canadian star. McQueen sailed his World Champion Northern Nightmare to record heights inside MTS Centre, much to the delight of the fans.

The drivers earned the following Freestyle scores:

Robo Machine: 19
Just Get ‘Er Done: 21
Metal Mulisha: 20
Northern Nightmare: 18
Batman: 23
Grave Digger: 24


In other motor sports action, Quad Wars saw Team Canada defeat Team USA with a valiant last-lap pass. Not to be outdone, the stars of Freestyle Motocross gave the crowd their usual high dose of intense aerial acrobatics.

As the Maple Leaf Monster Jam now takes a break until April, Canadian fans will have the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals to look forward to. There is no doubt that there will be a driver that Canadian fans will be cheering for. And that driver’s name is Cam McQueen.

On behalf of all Canadians, good luck to Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare as he takes a shot at his second consecutive Freestyle World Championship on March 23rd in Las Vegas. Everyone knows the competition will be tough. Canadians know that McQueen is up to the challenge.

We will see you in April in Hamilton!!!

By Darren Pallen