Oakland, CA - O.co Coliseum

Monster Jam
O.co Coliseum
Oakland, CA
February 23, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Sat 7pm: Max D

Sat 7pm: Lucas Oil Crusader

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Charlie Pauken, Team Hot Wheels Firestorm driven by Scott Buetow, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, The Patriot driven by Dan Rodoni, Tropical Thunder driven by Mike Pappas, Titan driven by Donald Epidendio, Time Flys driven by Kelvin Ramer, Detour driven by Garrett Ladelle, Devastator driven by Mark Schroeder, Destroyer driven by Roger Stidell, Obsession driven by Jim Lehnertz, Obsessed driven by Rick Swanson and Shocker driven by Pat Gerber!!


Sat 7pm

Tonight, a capacity crowd set the stage for an incredible Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Monster Jam Qualifying showed the fans just how fast this track was going to be. In the very first pairing, Max D recorded a time of 22.75, which held as the fastest until the second to last pair. Lucas Oil Crusader had a flawless run and took over the top spot with a time of 22.13. Grave Digger was unable to qualify due to problems with the oil pump and the rear-steer.

The “SoCal Style” track design begins with two trucks starting side by side, before navigating both left and right turns on the course. At the end, they come together again off the final turn and cross the finish line side by side. The most dramatic run of the night was in Round 1 when Linsey Weenk came off a turn, bicycled his truck up on two tires before saving it, recovering, and going on to win that race over Digger. It was Charlie Pauken’s first time on the track -- not having his run during qualifying to get a feel for the track. In another dramatic moment, after Time Flys crossed the finished line in front of him, Shocker came through and violently rolled two times well after the finish. Max D had a difficult night of work meeting both Titan and Dalmatian en route to the finals. In the UTI Championship Round, Neil had to take on his teammate Toro. Neil got off to a large lead early, but had to stay perfect at the end as Werner closed the margin.

Fast Qualifier: Lucas oil Crusader

Monster Jam Racing Round 1
El Toro Loco def Devastator, Shocker def Tropical Thunder, Time Flys def Destroyer, Titan def Obsession, The Patriot def Team Hot Wheels Firestorm, Monster Mutt Dalmatian def Obsessed, Max-D℠ def Detour, Lucas Oil Crusader def Grave Digger®

Monster Jam Racing Round 2
El Toro Loco def Lucas Oil Crusader, Time Flys def Shocker, Titan def The Patriot, Max-D℠ def Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Monster Jam Racing Round Semi Finals
El Toro Loco def Time Flys, Max-D℠ def Titan

UTI Championship Round of Monster Jam Racing
Max-D℠ def El Toro Loco

Quad Wars featured the showdown between Team Mexico and Team USA. Mexico took the win in the first Heat, but it was all USA in the second. Team Mexico took the final round by a razor thin margin to earn the championship.

Tonight’s ‘Service is our Best Part’ Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Freestyle Competition got off to a fast start as Detour went sky high for a great score that kept him in the Hot Seat for quite some time. Scott Buetow had trouble in Racing, and vowed to the fans that he would “burn it up”, and leave nothing left during freestyle. He did just exactly that, as he cartwheeled Firestorm off the top of the tabletop obstacle to compete his run. Neil knew that he’d need to do something spectacular to take over the lead. He was on track before he then cartwheeled off a different side of the tabletop. Lucas Oil Crusader’s Weenk had the edge tonight in the competition. He continuously put up huge air, while twice pulling off miraculous saves. To conclude, Linsey took one last hit of the tabletop, and then rolled over onto his lid. His run earned the high score with only one truck remaining. Digger’s run was incredible, and yet another high-flying show for the fans to watch in amazement. But again, it just didn’t have that same “edge” that Weenk possessed.

Detour: 21 +1 = 22
Obsession : 16 +1 = 17
Devastator : 17 +1 = 18
Tropical Thunder: 17 +1 = 18
Shocker: --
Destroyer: 12
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm: 21 +4 = 25
Obsessed : 19
Monster Mutt Dalmatian: 21 +3 = 24
Titan: 15
El Toro Loco : 21 +2 = 23
Time Flys: 19 +2 = 21
The Patriot: 23+2 = 25
Max-D℠: 24 +3 = 27
Grave Digger®: 25 +3 = 28

Lucas Oil Crusader: 26 +3 = 29

By Michael C. Williams