Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center

Monster Jam
Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center
Tallahassee, FL
February 22-23, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 7pm: Fullboar
Saturday 7pm: Backdraft

Saturday 7pm: Backdraft
Saturday 7pm: Predator

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Eradicator driven by Andy Slifko, Backdraft driven by Jeremy Slifko, Predator driven by Alan Pezo, Prowler driven by Lenny Kuilder, Full Boar driven by Ed Eckert and Fatal Attraction driven by Jeff Murphy as well as FMX!!


Saturday 7pm

Night one is in the books from Tallahassee! The excitement would start with Team Georgia winning the Quad Wars Challenge in front of the Sunshine State fateful.
Wheelies would see great runs put forth from Fullboar and Backdraft scoring a 17 and 19 respectively. In the end it would be a vicious Hemi powered wheelie from Predator and Alan Pezo claiming the prize with a score of 21!

Prowler- 14
Fatal Attraction- 13
Fullboar- 17
Backdraft- 19
Predator- 21*
Eradicator- 20

In Racing the field would be whittled down to four meeting in the semis with Fullboar taking on the fast looser Eradicator and Predator facing off against Backdraft. Great runs from Fullboad and Backdreaft would set the UTI Racing Championship pair. When staging Backdraft would be unable to re-fire and Fullboar would get the win with an unchallenged run to the gold!

Fullboar def. Prowler
Predator def. Eradicator
Backdraft def. Fatal Attraction

Fullboar def. Eradicator (FL)
Backdraft def. Predator

Fullboar def. Backdraft (Backdraft could not fire)

Monster Jam Donuts had the entire field running and tearing down the Leon County Civic Center! Prowler would set the bar at 18, only to see it fall to Eradicator with a 20. But in the end it was cyclone donuts from Backdraft to get the win!

Prowler- 18
Fatal Attraction- 14
Fullboar- 21
Backdraft- 25*
Predator- 22
Eradicator- 20

Freestyle was fast and furious from these Monster Jam Trucks! Speed and aggression was the call and the winner was crowned with a huge jump over the van stack that brought the crowd to its feet! Jeremy Slifko was crowned for the second event in a row to finish this great first night in Tallahassee, Florida!

Prowler- 19
Fatal Attraction- 13
Fullboar- 18
Backdraft- 22*
Predator- 21
Eradicator- 17

By Ken Navitsky

Saturday 7pm

Tallahassee Florida and the great Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans packed the house to the rafters!
The night started with TEAM FLORIDA knocking off TEAM GEORGIA in the Quad Wars! From there Monster Jam Wheelies would get the crowd warmed up and set the tempo for the night!
Wheelies saw Prowler come out and set the bar at a 22 and that would hold until Backdraft time! Jeremy Slifco would come out and hang a 23 on the board for the first win of the night!


Prowler- 22
Fatal Attraction-14
Fullboar- 13
Backdrafft- 23*
Predator- 18
Eradicator- 20

Monster Jam Racing would see the field run strong all the way through, but by the end it would see Backdraft take out Fatal Attraction by inches for the trophy, the second for Jeremy Slifco on the night! Fullboar was unable to race due to transmission issues. Backdraft came back as fast looser.


Predator def. Backdraft
Eradicator def. Prowler
Fatal Attraction bye run


Backdraft (FL) def. Predator
Fatal Attraction def. Eradicator

Backdraft def. Fatal Attraction

In the donuts segment all five of the remaining trucks would come out and give it a shot. In the end the Monster Jam Truck that would prevail was none other than Backdraft setting up a possible 4 event sweep on the night!

Prowler- 16
Fatal Attraction- 23
Eradicator- 20
Backdraft- 25*
Predator- 21
Fullboar UA

In the end it was all about Monster Jam Freestyle, and Tallahasse was ready to let it all out! Truck after Monster Jam Truck would come out and give their best, but Predator would hang a score of 22 on the board with one Monster Jam Truck remaining. Jeremy Slifco would come out and attempt to do the impossible, win a complete four event show. Hitting the crush cars from all angles and attacking the monster jam track with force would only see his score reach as high as a 21. Backdraft would have rear steer issues and not be able to finish the way they would have liked! This gave the victory to the 30 year Monster Jam Truck veteran Alan Pezo in Predator, a well deserved win as he was flawless in his run!


Fatal Attraction- 16
Prowler- 20
Fullboar- UA
Eradicator- 18
Predator- 22*
Backdraft- 21

By Ken Navitsky